Black Friday 2014 Deals for Short Men (updated daily)

Black Friday 2014

IMPORTANT: This post will be updated continuously (at least once per day) throughout the week and weekend. Gentlemen, it's that time again. Black Friday is upon us. For me, this means avoiding stores and malls at all costs. I'll do my shopping from the safety and comfort of my living room, and I recommend you do the same. Many online stores, including Amazon, have started their Black Friday sales. In no particular order, here are my picks for short men: Dragon Continue Reading

Linjer Review: Affordable, High-Quality Leather Bags

Linjer black briefcase

A while back, I wrote a post for one of my favorite blogs, Dappered. It was all about shopping for shorter gents, and it generated a bunch of comments and questions. One of these questions came in via email from a man named Roman Khan. We ended up emailing back and forth about chinos and sweaters, talking shop about various brands and sizes. Turns out that Roman, who happens to be 5'6", owns a leather goods company called Linjer. He told me that that him and his partner, Jenn, are on a Continue Reading

Guidomaggi Review: Luxury Italian-Made Elevator Shoes

Guidomaggi Madrid closeup 2

Elevator shoes - also called "height increasing shoes" or "tall shoes" - are shoes that make you look taller. In the same way that high heels make women appear taller, heightening shoes add a couple of inches to a man's height. Tall shoes aren't for everyone, and I'm not recommending that all short men should wear them. More on that here: Should Short Men Wear Elevator Shoes? But if you are going to wear height increasing shoes, you have to make sure they're stylish. Unfortunately, many Continue Reading

Should Short Men Wear Elevator Shoes?

Elevator shoes

I'm just gonna say it: Elevator shoes are the push-up bras of menswear. No offense to anyone who wears them, but it's true. Wearing shoes that make you look taller than you really are is false advertising, plain and simple. That's why I've always stayed away from heightening shoes (a.k.a., "risers" or "elevator shoes" or "tall shoes"). I've always thought that it's better to accept your height and own it, rather than try and mask it or trick people into thinking you are taller. Plus, Continue Reading

Dress Tall Rule #2: Get Your Clothes Tailored

Get clothes tailored

Unless you have a completely average body type (around 5'9" and slightly overweight), your clothes probably don't fit properly. If you're a shorter man, the vast majority of pants you find in stores and online are too long. Most shirt and jacket sleeves are also too long. And if you're slim, most button up shirts will be too baggy. They will billow out at the sides like some sort of puffy shirt. On the other hand, if you're a heavy or muscular guy, it's hard to find clothes that fit Continue Reading