3 Simple Grooming Upgrades Every Man Should Know About

3 Grooming Upgrades

Grooming and style go hand in hand. You can't really have one without the other. If you want to step up your grooming game, keep reading. Just imagine you're walking down the street, and you see a man wearing a perfectly tailored Italian suit. He's sporting an expensive silver watch, and his shiny black shoes look like they were just polished. But his hair is an unkempt, sloppy mess, and it looks as if he hasn't shaved in days. Kind of ruins his whole look, doesn't it? This is Continue Reading

My Favorite Outfits: Grey, Green and Blue

Vest outfit with loafers

Confession: I don't dress up very often. Most days, I'm wearing casual or business casual outfits. I'm talking about jeans, chinos, casual button up shirts, boots, vests. Two of my favorite casual wardrobe items are my grey J. Crew Factory Walker vest and my green ASOS long-sleeve polo shirt. Combine these with dark wash jeans and a smart pair of shoes, and you get a simple, fitted casual outfit. Perfect for mild spring or fall days. vest | shirt | jeans | shoes | bag This Walker Continue Reading

Dress Tall Rule #4: Color Combinations

Ben Stiller

Do you know what color clothes to wear? Do you know which color combinations work best for men under 5'8"? Read on to become a color matching pro. The Most A Very Important Aspect of Style One of the easiest ways to upgrade your style is to make sure your clothes fit. If your clothes don't fit, nothing else really matters. The best color combination in the world won't make ill-fitting clothes look good. But that doesn't mean color isn't important. In fact, it's one of the most important Continue Reading

Outerwear for Short Men

George gortex coat

Need Your Help: Take this 60 second multiple choice survey to help make this blog better in 2015. It's only three questions. Thanks in advance! Click here (opens in new tab). You need to stay warm, and you want to look good. But how? Winter coats aren't exactly tailor made for short men. Most cold weather coats are too long, too bulky or both, which makes you look smaller and shorter than you actually are! You know that fit is the most important aspect of style, so does that mean Continue Reading

Men of Modest Height: Rivers Cuomo

Rivers Cuomo

Rivers Cuomo is one of the great Gex X singer-songwriters. He's the guy behind Weezer, one of the most popular indie/rock/pop bands of the past couple decades. In a world of pop acts and YouTube stars that come and go in a matter of weeks, Weezer is one group that has managed to stay relevant. Despite what hardcore Weezer fans may think, they did it while staying true to their sound and without "selling out". I'm a huge fan of Weezer and Rivers Cuomo. He's obviously a brilliant guy, and he Continue Reading