Fitbay: An App That Helps You Find Clothes That Fit

For short men, the hardest part about dressing well is finding clothes that fit. If you’re like me, trips to the mall usually end in frustration. It’s almost as if the clothing industry hates short men

Online shopping is just as bad. Unless you know exactly what you’re buying, it’s always a gamble. You have to wait days or even weeks to try something on, and often times it doesn’t fit.

Fitbay logoSure, online stores post photos of men modeling their clothes. But you want to know how something will fit you, not some 6’2″ model who’s built like a Greek god.

And yes, sometimes you can read reviews from other guys who already own whatever you’re looking at , but this isn’t very helpful either. You don’t know what kind of body type do the reviewer has. Are they built like you?

Probably not.

A while back, I was reading reviews for this jacket I wanted to buy, and I remember thinking:

It would be great if every review included included the person’s height and body type.

Now that would be helpful, don’t you think?

Introducing Fitbay

Well, someone else had the same thought, and they ran with it. I’d like to introduce Fitbay, an free tool that helps you find clothes that actually fit.


I was skeptical when I first heard about Fitbay, but I’ve been using it for a couple of months now, and let me tell you: it’s a game changer for us modest men.

It’s free, and it’s very easy to use. When you sign up, you enter in some basic info about your body type. Things like height, weight, shape, etc. It’s all anonymous unless you choose to make it public.

I made my stats public so anyone can see. Check out my profile:

Brock's Fitbay profile

Follow me to see all of my best-fitting clothes.

Creating your profile takes less than two minutes. There’s no measuring involved. You just answer five simple questions about your body type.

Then you can tell Fitbay which brands and sizes you like. It can be anything – Banana Republic 30×30 chinos, Levi’s 28×30 jeans, J. Crew XS jackets – whatever.

If you want, you can upload your own photo for each item, or you can let Fitbay find a picture from the internet. I like using my own photos so people can see how my clothes actually fit on a regular person, rather than some professional model.

Finding your body doubles

After you create your profile, Fitbay uses some algorithmic wizardry to match you up with your body doubles, people who are built like you. For example, my body doubles are short, slim men with normal shaped torsos.

Some of my body doubles also have shorter arms, which means they have the same problem with shirtsleeves always being too long.

Body doubles

Based on what brands and sizes you and your body doubles like, Fitbay recommends clothing that will probably fit your build.

You can browse recommendations by brand, size or garment type (i.e. jackets):

Fitbay Recommendations

It’s pretty accurate, so you will probably see some things that you already own. But if you see something you like, you can save it:

I want it

So you can use Fitbay to keep a list of clothes you’d like to try on. This is a great way to remember new brands that you haven’t tried yet.

You can use Fitbay on your computer or phone

Fitbay has a mobile app, so you can use it on your phone (which is great for shopping). It has most of same features as the full website version, and its design makes it fun to use.

Fitbay iOS App

I prefer the desktop version because I do most of my clothes shopping online, but the your profile syncs with the app automatically, so you can switch off anytime.

You should sign up now (it’s free)

Here’s the thing about Fitbay: it relies on users like you.

The more of us that sign up, the better it will be.

That’s why I want every Modest Man reader to create a Fitbay profile so that we can learn from each other. It’s free, and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it.

Go sign up, then leave a comment with a link to your profile so I can follow you.

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