Threadmason Review: Your New Favorite T-Shirts

Yup. T-shirts. Because if you’re under 5’8″, even basic wardrobe staples don’t fit properly. I bet you have the same problem with all of your tees:

They’re too long.

A t-shirt that fits properly will go 1-3 inches past your belt, no further than halfway down your fly.

But even small and extra small tees are several inches too long for most short men. Many go all the way down to the bottom of your fly.

Unacceptable. Plus there are other problems with the way t-shirts fit:

  • Maybe you’re a muscular guy, and any t-shirt that fits your shoulders and chest is way too wide around the waist.
  • Maybe you’re super thin, and even “slim fit” tees are too big. They make your arms look smaller than they really are.
  • Maybe you’re a heavier guy, and t-shirts that fit your mid-section are way too long and baggy everywhere else.

Well, my friend, I have good news. A better t-shirt has arrived. It’s called the Threadmason Tailored Tee (a.k.a. my new favorite t-shirt):

Threadmason review

Ever since I started getting into custom clothing, like made-to-measure shirts, I’ve wondered: Why doesn’t anyone make better-fitting casual clothes?

Maybe men just don’t care about t-shirts as much as they care about dressier clothes. Or maybe men who aren’t short don’t have problems with how t-shirts fit.

Whatever the reason, no company has focused on t-shirts.

Until now.

Threadmason was founded by two regular guys who were sick of t-shirts that didn’t fit. After all, men don’t come in three sizes, so why should our t-shirts?

They created a proprietary sizing system that incorporates your height, weight, body type, waist size and fit preference. So instead of just picking small, medium or large, you use their Size Finder to get your individual size.

For example, I’m a Threadmason S1A (small/slim/short).

Threadmason S1A

The shirt fits great in the shoulders, chest and arms. It’s fitted but not tight, so it doesn’t ride up into my armpits (good for comfort and avoiding stains).

But the best part is the length. Finally, a t-shirt that isn’t too long.

No more tucking the front of my shirt behind my belt. No more hoping new tees magically shrink down to the perfect length in the dryer.

Plus, the shirts are made in the USA, and you can feel the quality craftsmanship in the details – rib trim, no loose threads, pre-washed to eliminate shrinkage.

Threadmason made in USA v2


Threadmason USA label

Right now, they’re available black, navy blue and natural white (which looks like undyed cotton, as opposed to bright bleached white). All three colors come in crew neck or v-neck. I have two crew necks (navy and white).

They aren’t the cheapest t-shirts you can find, but I think they’re worth the price. They fit great and will last longer than most other t-shirts.

If you’re fed up with t-shirts that are too long, too baggy, or just don’t fit, give Threadmason a shot.

Go find your size, then let me know what it is in the comments section.

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