Summer Style Tips: How to Stay Cool, Fresh and Stylish

There comes a time in every man's life where he has to stop what he's doing, take a good hard look at his closet and ask himself, "Am I ready for summer?". Continue Reading

Men’s Swim Trunks Guide (How They Should Fit and Where to Buy)

This post is all about how men's swim trunks should fit, and where to buy a great pair for your body type. Continue Reading

Top 25 Small Automatic Watches (Under 38mm)

If you have small hands and thin wrists, this list of the 25 best small automatic watches (38mm or less) is for you! Continue Reading

Black Lapel Review (Fit Challenge, Round 2)

ATTENTION: All MTM/custom suit brands are invited to participate in this challenge. If you're game, get in touch for more details. Continue Reading

Stantt Shirts Review for 2017

This is my second Stantt review. Read on to learn how this innovative shirt company has changed since 2015. Continue Reading

2 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Business Casual Style

Style is all about the small details that can make or break your outfit. This post reveals two ways to upgrade your style without buying any new clothes. Continue Reading

Old Man Style: Tips for Short Men Over 40 Years Old

If you're a short, mature man who wants to dress well, this post is for you! Continue Reading

Can (and Should) Short Men Wear Chelsea Boots?

Chelsea boots are super cool, and they happen to be really "in style" right now. But are they a good choice for shorter men? Read on to find out... Continue Reading

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