Brock McGoffMy name is Brock, and I started this blog because I believe that a man should dress for the occasion and always look his best. To look your best, your clothes need to fit, and they need to fit well.

Often times, men of modest height have trouble finding clothes that fit well off the rack. We end up settling for ill-fitting garments or paying the tailor tax. If you're reading this, you've probably experienced:

  • Pants that fit around the waist but are way too long
  • Dress shirts with sleeves that go several inches past your wrists
  • Shirts that billow out around your waist
  • Suit jackets that make you look like a kid who got into his father's closet

I feel your pain, and as a 5'6″ guy, I've learned a few things over the years about:

  • What stores have the best clothes for a shorter build
  • How to get great deals on custom made attire
  • Cheap, simple alterations and DIY “clothing hacks” that can do wonders for your wardrobe

Why is this stuff important?

Because, whether we like it or not, our physical appearance affects how we are perceived and treated by others. Our color, shape, size, clothing, style, body language and hygiene all impact what people think about us – and what we think about ourselves.

Fortunately, we can control most of these things. We can choose what clothes we wear. We can cultivate and refine our personal style. We can practice friendly, open body language and keep ourselves nicely groomed. We can choose to stay in shape by making fitness a priority in our lives.

Of course, there are certain inescapable limitations when it comes to the way we look. You can get a tan, but you can’t actually change the color of your skin. You can lose weight and build muscle (and you should), but you can’t fundamentally alter your body type.

And, alas, we cannot make ourselves taller.

We can send humans into space and transform men into women, but we cannot make people grow taller. Like most other physical attributes, height is genetically determined, and we must live with the hand that we are dealt.

So what are us short gents to do?

Are we to spend our lives wishing we were taller? Should we settle for ill-fitting clothing and a seemingly never-ending supply of XL shirts? Are we to actually believe that our taller counterparts will be more successful than us in business and romance?

No way! Instead, we will do everything we can to level the playing field and live our lives to the fullest. We will work to abandon any lingering notions of height as a handicap. We will respond to ignorance and quell prejudice by living impressive, fulfilling lives.

And we will look good doing it.

This website was created for all of the short guys out there. All of your questions about fashion, style and fit will be answered here. And if you just want some inspiration, I've got you covered.




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