The Best No Show Socks for Men (Updated for 2017)

Are you looking for the best no show socks money can buy? Look no further. This post has the answers you need.

Best no show socks review

UPDATE (March 2017): This post was originally written in August 2015. Reading it now, my recommendations below haven't changed. But I have found a few other loafer socks options that are worth checking out.

You can use the table below to see all of the best no show socks brands I know of, including the three I recommended back in 2015.

FalkeS, M, L$18-20My favorite no show socks
Stomper JoeS, M, L, XL$10-14Price varies with size and color
StanceS, L$9-18Price varies with size and color
Sheec7-16$10-22Price varies with size and color
Ninja SoxS, M, L$6Heard great things about these socks on Reddit MFA
Mack WeldonOne size$16.50Price includes a 2-pack of socks
SmartwoolM, L, XL,$14Available through Amazon Prime
UniqloOne size$3.90One of the cheapest options

We all want to go sockless when it's hot out. It's a laid back, cool look, and it feels refreshing. That is, until your feet start sweating, blisters start forming and your feet start to smell.

Sure, there are ways to combat this unpleasantness. You can avoid wearing the same shoes two days in a row, wash your feet each night, use shoe trees and odor-absorbing foot powder, etc.

But this is just treating the symptoms. The underlying problem is having your bare foot inside a canvas or leather shoe for hours at a time.

Even if your feet are immaculate and your shoes are pristine, going sockless leads to sweat and odor.

Plus, let's be honest: no matter how many times you see some model going sockless in double monks for a GQ photoshoot, wearing shoes without socks is often very uncomfortable.

It can even be painful and bad for your skin.

So what's the stylish man to do when the weather turns hot? Wear socks, of course! But not just any old socks. You don't want to look like this:

White socks with sneakers

NEVER a good look!

Instead, you'll want to wear no show socks. Also called loafer socks, they provide just enough coverage for your feet without being seen above your shoe line.

Falk invisible step socks

MUCH better!

Unfortunately, the majority of no show socks leave something to be desired. They usually end up slipping off of your feet after just a few minutes of walking around.

Or they come up too high, which kind of defeats the purpose.

There are, however, some solid sockless solutions out there, and I've taken it upon myself to hunt them down and test them out.

I did hundreds of minutes of research to identify the best no show socks on the market. Then I bought a pair of each and wore them around for a few weeks.

It came down to three top brands – Falke, Stomper Joe and Stance.

Best no show socks compared

Keep in mind, I looked at TONS of socks – way more than these three brands. I even looked at some non-sock options.

On Effortless Gent's recommendation, I bought some Pedag washable insoles, but they started slipping and bunching in my shoe after a few hours of wear, so they didn't make the cut.

There were several other brands that actually looked promising, but they only sold “one size fits all” socks. I wear a size 7 (US) shoe, and one-size socks are almost always too big.

So for this competition, any sock companies that only make one size were automatically disqualified. How am I supposed to evaluate socks that don't even fit?

With that in mind, this was my criteria for brands that made the cut:

  1. No show (no ankle socks allowed)
  2. Available in smaller sizes (no one size fits all)
  3. Sold online (no leaving my apartment)

Each brand was evaluated on:

  • Effectiveness (comfort, invisibility, slippage, etc.)
  • Durability (integrity after multiple wearings and washes)
  • Value (quality for price)

Using the scientific method and complex statistical analysis, I was able to form some very clear conclusions and recommendations for you.

Excited yet? Let's do this!

Falke Step Invisible Socks

Price = $11-16 per pair

Falke no show socks

2017 Update: These are still my favorite no show socks. They're super thin, but they never slip off my foot. Plus, they've held up wonderfully through many washer cycles.

These bad boys aren't cheap. You can find them from $11-16 each at places like Mr. Porter and Amazon, which is expensive for a pair of socks.

But they're the best no show socks I could find, period. They're durable, which means they keep their shape after multiple wears and washes.

They're comfortable, and they stay on your feet throughout the day with the help of built in rubber heel grips.

Plus, even though most no show socks are slightly visible beyond your shoe line, these Falke socks are virtually invisible.

You get buy them right here.

Stomper Joe (formerly called Jay's Barely There)

Price = $10 for 3 pairs

Stomper Joe no show socks

2017 Update: These are still my recommendation for cheap no show socks, especially if you need smaller sizes. These do stretch out more than the Falke socks, but they're way cheaper, so you get what you pay for.

I found these on Amazon selling at $10 for three pairs, which is really cheap. Needless to say, I expected them to suck.

But they didn't! They're almost invisible (not quite as invisible as Falke). They stay on pretty well, as they also have the heel grips built in.

I should mention that they did feel a bit loose with certain shoes, but they never actually slipped off of my feet.

My Stomper Joe socks have held up after multiple washes, but they haven't kept their shape as well as the more expensive options.

But, for the price, you can't beat them. If you're working with a limited sock budget, Stomper Joe is for you.

Buy them right here.

Stance No Show Socks

Price = $8-10 per pair

Stance no show socks

2017 Update: These have held up nicely because they're pretty thick/durable. Because they're not as low cut as other loafer socks, I only wear them with certain shoes. They're great if you want to wear higher cut sneakers (think New Balance tennis shoes) but still go “sockless”.

I've heard great things about Stance, so my expectations were high. Unfortunately, these socks let me down.

Why? Because they're not truly no show socks. They're visible, especially in boat shoes and loafers.

Don't get me wrong – these are way better than regular ankle socks, but I'd prefer a true no show sock.

That said, they are durable and comfortable. They're thicker than the other loafer socks I tried, which is great if your shoes are kind of loose, and they keep their shape after multiple washes.

But, unless you prefer a thicker sock, I'd go with Stomper Joe or Falke over Stance.

Final Verdict

If you're still with me, congrats: you just read 900 words about socks. What a journey it's been!

If you skipped to the end, you missed a great read and lots of laughs, but hey…no hard feelings.

Here's the bottom line:

If you want the best no show socks, go with Falke. If you want a good, affordable alternative, go with Stomper Joe (use MODMAN 20 for 20% off).

Do you wear no show socks? Let me know in comments below!

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  1. No NinjaSox? I loved them…until my wife discovered them and stole them.

  2. Looks like the Stomper Joes are available in a few different colors, so you could match them more closely to the shoes you are going to wear.

    Less likely to be seen that way.

    Would probably use the “khaki” color with my Top Siders. (should either blend with my shoe, my skin tone, or both)

    Could use grey for the shoes in this post’s example pics.

  3. Joseph-Achowalogen Tullier says:

    Liners (such as Falke or Stomper Joe) work best for me. Timberland (especially if one want khaki) are great because they have nonslip bottoms. Also, Converse and Sperry Topsider have a great selection of color “liners.” Try to match shoe color as much as possible since I like the appear sockless, but I am not. Summer means feet “sweat”, and the odor is hard to “get out” . . . much easier to wash noshow or foot liners.

  4. I wear loafer socks about six days a week in the summer and IMHO, J. Crew makes, hands down, the best loafer socks I’ve ever worn. You can get 2 pair for 6.50 at the Factory outlet, and as far as I can tell, they are the same quality as those at the regular store, which retail for 16.50 / 2. Tommy John loafer socks are a close second for me and are priced to J. Crew retail.

  5. I’ll have to try those Falke socks out next summer. I have several pairs of Mack Weldons, and while I love them – I don’t think they’re making no shows anymore!

    Josh | The Kentucky Gent

  6. No Smartwool? Comparable in price with the Falke. Thin, high-quality, no itch wool’s temperature regulating, naturally odor-resistant qualities make these a very compelling offering.

  7. Best pair I have yet to try are from Muji. Far superior and cost about $6 a pair…

  8. I’ve only bought one brand of no-show socks and I haven’t found anything wrong with them, so I keep getting them. Brock, were these in your test group?

  9. I like everything about this post except for one single word: “never.” That’s what appears below the photo of a sneaker being worn with short ankle socks. The message is clear: ankle socks are for losers.

    I suggest rethinking this.

    What turns me off are lists of fashion dos and don’ts. I feel like I’m back around the Mean Girls in middle school, ready to freeze out anyone who commits a fashion faux pas. “OMG, can you believe he’s ankle socks. snigger.”

    The only “never” in matter of style is to never wear anything you do not feel comfortable in, physically or emotionally.

    And while I hate to play the short card here, I think I have to. As a matter of principle, there’s not much difference between prejudice against ankle socks (and the people who wear them) and prejudice against short men. I can say this because I am short.

    In fact, the Mean Girls who would ridicule someone for wearing ankle socks are probably the same women who tell the world they’d never date anyone less than six feet tall.

    Getting back to socks, what I see are a range of choices. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we commit the unpardonable sin of wearing socks with sandals. That’s who we are, and we’re not going to apologize or stop doing it because some fashionista in Manhattan hyperventilates at the very thought of it.

    From my perspective in Portland, the sockless look is an East Coast style.

    Whether you’re a sock-wearing sandal guy or a Manhattan sophisticate wearing bespoke brogues with so-show socks, what matters isn’t what’s on the list of fashion dos and don’ts but whether you are comfortable in your own skin.

    • Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I see your point, but I take issue with one part of it:

      There’s an inherent difference between prejudice against ankle socks (or any supposed fashion faux pas) and short men – the fact that you can control your socks but not your height.

      I would compare prejudice against short men to other types of prejudice against any other genetic factor, but not anything within someone’s control.

      For what it’s worth, I don’t think you should stop doing anything that you like doing because someone else says to (or that they don’t like it). But it’s important to know the “rules” if you’re going to break them.

      Also, I’d argue that understanding these little details (and getting them right) helps men feel more comfortable in their own skin.

  10. These seem great! I actually do like the no show socks look. There are some shoes that just don’t look as good if you can see socks poking out. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I actually really like Banana Republic’s version of loafer/no-show socks:

    They come in white, brown, and black and a couple of other colors and with the 40% off promtions they are always running, I think they are good for the price ($12.50 for 2 pairs full price). I’ve used them for everything to loafers, sneakers, and even lace-ups.

    Just my two cents.

  12. Thanks for the breakdown of the no-show socks. The biggest thing is the socks staying on the heel or not slipping. Even with the heel grip patch applied there is still a chance of slipping down. Also I like to wash any socks in hot water over a cold wash. Hot water diminishes the heel tab grip. I still prefer not to wear any socks because of this on my canvas and all leather lace up footwear.

  13. I often wear exactly the “never a good look” ankle socks, with shorts, but never white, I pair them depending on the colors of my outfits. With loafers, it depends sometimes I still wear them sometimes I’m just sockless, as with lighter shoes it’s much more feasible, plus any no-show socks would still show in such low cut shoes, so if I wear socks I do it with style and never pretend I don’t. That’s me, though and anyone is different.
    About comfort and hygiene, if you pass me the compariso, if women can safely wear light shoes actually with no socks so can us. But yeah low cut socks can come handy with high top shoes and shorts.

  14. How were the Stomper Joes in Sperrys?

  15. Just now seeing this. Surprised you didn’t have a good experience w/ the Pedags. I love mine. Owned ’em a few years now. Wash them regularly, dry them flat, never had a problem at all.

    • For some reason they won’t stay in place. Might be because I wear a smaller shoe. Love the idea but they didn’t work out for me.

  16. After reading this article and a few others and looking for some more brands I’ve settled on these ones and I also have a thicker pair that could be good for winter but I can’t find the brand name. Probably J. Crew. One shoe I think some people don’t think of wearing them with is a nice, lightweight running sneaker. I almost always wear my Nike Free Runs with mocc socks now and it’s a great look for running or working out. I’m sure some no show socks aren’t suited for a full run or workout but if you can find a good brand that stays on your foot you’ll be blister free. Good article though, thanks.

  17. YourSoundMan says:

    What is the sin of socks showing above your shoes
    in this confounded century?? Are folks really that
    vain in the 2010s?

    I really don’t care how much sock is showing above
    my shoe uppers: none, half an inch, or even eight
    inches. It’s not a game changer or life changer for

    • So…why are you reading a post about the best no show socks?

      • YourSoundMan says:


        Because I’m passing through and noticed how socks
        get lower with each passing decade. I can’t believe
        even 6-figure lawers want the sockless look with their
        $200-per-hour Cole-Haans!

        • I agree that the sickles look had gone too far and isn’t appropriate with most dress shoes (aside from loafers worn casually), but no show socks definitely have a place in every man’s wardrobe. They make boat shoes, for example, so much more comfortable.

  18. I prefer to go barefoot whenever possible, at home, backyard, park, beach, etc. and wearing flip flops or sandals for casual occasions. Guys aren’t as lucky as girls to wear sandals to work, so the no show socks are a great alternative to relax loafers or boat shoes. I have tried several brands including Bass, which have the rubber no-slip heels but the one-size-fits-all sock still slips off with my size 9 feet. Thanks for the advise on brands with sizes.

    Maybe if guys keep wearing no show socks and bearing their ankles that will lead to freeing their feet and getting to wear sandals at work.

  19. Brock this is a great, thoroughl piece. No show socks are the best. Ankle socks shorten our legs and “no socks” make them look longer. A plus!

  20. Have you tried Converse Chuck liners? If you have, what are your thoughts?

  21. I’ll have to try those Falke no shows! While we’re on the topic of socks, what do you recommend for dress socks?

    • I’d personally suggest cotton socks, avoid thick training socks. Preferably up to your knees, matching either your shoes, pants or button shirt, though you can have different colors as long as they blend well, even patterns, but avoid “novelty”.
      Hope to help :).

  22. On the Stomper Joe’s, you mention you are a size 7 shoe, but the link to amazon’s site shows size small is for a US Shoe size 9.5-11. Did you use a size small in their socks (amazon’s size chart is incorrect)? Or did you go with an XS?

    • I got XS.

    • After reading this article I ordered some Women’s Small Stomper Joe’s from Amazon. I wear a size 7 men’s shoe. I walked up some steep hills to brunch, sauntered through a farmer’s market and did yard work for 2 hours – no slipping!

      I normally opt for no socks but this will keep the funk at bay. Thanks Brock.

  23. Craig Freeman says:

    Found this post after I recently tried Mack Weldon’s no show socks. So everyone knows, they are gargantuan. Not recommended for anyone below a size 9. Even then, they come up to just under the ankle which is not practical for, say, boat shoes or espadrilles. I would like to suggest Unsimply Stitched, which is the brand I’ve been using. They have fun designs, which some people might like. Personally, I’d rather just have solid-colored no-shows since most people aren’t going to see them anyway. I’m now going to buy a few of the brands you suggest here. Thanks for the help!

  24. Jose Ponce says:

    Have you tried top brands for no show socks? For instance, Marcoliani, Bresciani or Dore Dore which is a french brand that I have heard make pretty good no show socks

  25. Great review of no show socks, Brock. Congratulations! I wear US size 7.5 shoes. What size of Falke invisible shoeliners do you recommend I get?

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