Why You Need a Slim Wallet, and Which One to Buy

How often do you carry a wallet? What do you keep in it? Of everything you keep in your wallet, what do you use every day? Is your wallet in your pocket right now? Can you feel it wedged between you and your seat?

Most men carry their wallets all day, every day. And most men carry too much wallet. The thing is, you don't actually need that heavy duty trifold with the extra flap for photo ID and zip up change pouch.

At least I don't! But then again, I'm somewhat of a minimalist. Which is why I'm going to try to convince you to trade in your oversized, George Costanza wallet for a sleek, modern, slim alternative.

Slim Wallets

There are so many great slim wallets to choose from, and I'm going to show you three of my personal favorites. But first, why go with a minimalist wallet? Here are three compelling reasons:

1. Slim wallets are good for your back.

You see, sitting with a thick wallet in one of your back pockets throws off your posture. I'm not going to go into the physiology behind this, mostly because I don't know it, but research shows that, over time, sitting lopsided can cause sciatica, which is basically pain in your lower back.

This means that thick, bulky wallets are literally a pain in the ass.

(Someone should probably Tweet that.)

2. They're more convenient.

Ever run into this situation? You're shuffling through a crowded line, maybe at the grocery store or the subway station. Things are busy but moving until someone throws a wrench in the whole system because they can't find their ID, credit card or fare card.

We've all been there. Maybe you've even been that person. I know I have, and it's not a good feeling.

Minimalist Wallets

Slim wallets only allow to you carry the essentials, so you never have to dig through them to find what you need.

3. Slim wallets are safer.

You can keep a slim wallet in your front pocket, which makes it much harder to steal. Granted, most of us don't have to worry about pickpocketing on a daily basis, but it is a concern while traveling or in certain areas, and it's good to know that you can move your wallet into a front pocket without sacrificing comfort.

Plus, when is the last time something fell out of your front pocket? Exactly.

If these three reasons don't convince you to switch to a slim, minimalist wallet, then I don't know what will…

Well, maybe more photos will do the trick!

My Favorite Slim Wallets

I've tried a bunch of minimalist wallets over the past few years. There are so many great options to choose from, so it's hard to know which one to buy.

These are three of my current favorites (in order from lower to higher price):

Dopp Regatta 88 Series

This is an amazing wallet for the price. Of all the wallets I've used, it's got the best layout. Three card slots in the front, a space for your photo ID in the back, a middle section for cash, and an extra slot for that other stuff (health insurance card, etc.).

Dopp Regatta 88 Series Wallet

Dopp Regatta 88 Series Wallet

My only problem with this wallet is the construction quality. After a couple of years of heavy use, it will start to fall apart. But at less than $20, I really can't complain about that.

Linjer Vertical Wallet

Linjer makes some awesome leather goods. I reviewed one of their slim briefcases a while back and was really impressed with its style and quality.

Their vertical wallets are perfect if you want a slim wallet, but you don't want to sacrifice the storage capacity of a bifold.

Linjer Vertical Wallet Closed

This vertical bifold is slim enough to fit in your front pocket or even your shirt pocket. I keep it in my back pocket, and I barely even feel it there.

Linjer Vertical Wallet Open

Unlike the Dopp Regatta, this thing is built to last, but it's still priced pretty affordably compared to other premium leather wallets.

This Linjer wallet comes in several amazing colors, including navy blue, which is very unique. They're currently available for pre-order right here.

Jay Butler Card Case

This card case is even classier than it is slim, and that's saying something. It's a bit stiff when you first start using it, but it breaks in nicely over time, and I get the impression that it will last forever.

This one is a deep burgundy color, a refreshing alternative to the standard dark brown leather wallet.

Jay Butler Card Case

If you want a slim wallet that people will notice, this crocodile card case is for you. I mean, how often do you someone pull out a wallet made from genuine crocodile leather?

Jay Butler Card Case

It's more expensive than the Dopp or Linjer wallets, so it's definitely more of a luxury item (i.e., not for everyone).

But then again…crocodile leather. Check it out right here.

Summing Up

Regardless of which one you choose, I hope you consider buying a minimalist wallet. I can say with confidence that I will never go back to a traditional bifold or trifold.

In other words, #slimwallets4life

What kind of wallet do you own? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I use a money clip and keep it in my front pocket!

  2. I bought the Saddleback Leather Co front pocket wallet about a year ago (http://www.saddlebackleather.com/frontpocketidwallet) and I LOVE it. Beforehand I had used a normal bifold and I’m pretty sure I can attribute a few years of back pain to that thing. I was a bit hesitant to pare down what I carried every day to the small wallet, but it was a worthy time investment. Great article!

  3. I made my own :3

  4. You are writing this when I’m actually confused between a minimalist wallet and a money clip. But yeah, anything less bulky is definitely less pain in the ass!

  5. I sort of have two wallets. My real wallet is a rather large bi fold leather wallet I got from Etsy. It holds most of my credit cards, cash, and my Field Notes note book. It does fit in my back pocket but I generally carry it in my sports coat inner pocket or sometimes just leave it at home depending on the occasion. My every day carry “wallet” is my cell phone case from HEX, which has two slots, one for my go to credit card and one for my license. This is always on me and is the only thing I carry when I want to “slim down”



  6. Brian Cerasuolo says:

    I really like the Architects wallet from formfunctionform. It’s a really high quality chromexel leather that will last forever if cared for. For me it’s a no brainer because I always carry a small notebook with me anyways to jot down new ideas and tasks as they come up.

    This wallet merges the two in a way that is very convienet for everyday carry. So while the price is a little high at first, when you consider that the notebookpack and pen are included, those would be about 45$ bought separately. It’s a great value for a “buy it for life” item.


  7. The 88 series is by far my favorite. I carry a fossil trifold wallet that was a gift from my wife. I love the wallet, but it is to bulky and too much wallet for what little I keep in it. I will be buying one of these wallets, more than likely the 88 series!

  8. Larry Bivens says:

    Brock, Nice article I’ve been using a Kyono slimmy for about 4 years love it, its about time for a new one. These wallets will definitely make you pare down what you carry.

  9. I use the Gustin slim card case. Works great for me. I am looking for a nice money clip that is slim and small as well.

  10. I like that you have the Modest Man business cards because it proves you actually tried all of these wallets instead of just pulling pictures from online like so many other fashion bloggers.

  11. I use an Exentri wallet that I bought from their website. It took a while to get to the states but it’s a great front pocket wallet!

  12. Great run-down on slim wallets, Brock! I need my menswear clients to read this! A slim wallet makes such a big difference in the way clothes look on the body – especially trimmer styles. It is always a shame to me that a man would buy a suit coat that is larger in the chest to accomodate a larger wallet. And who needs more padding on their behind?!? Good article!

  13. I’ll second the recommendation on the Dopp. Great layout, it has enough slots for a few credit cards, ID window for when you need to flash it, a slot of for cash, and wider open slot which I use for stuff like receipts. The price makes it a no brainer.

  14. kavimelb says:

    This amazing card case from Finland is what I use daily to carry important cards complimented by a money clip.
    After a couple of days, I realised that 90% of what I used to carry in my wallet only got used on very rare occasions.

  15. My favorite slim wallet is a bi-fold by Big Skinny. It’s made of a microfiber synthetic that might not be as impressive as leather, but performs even better. It’s small enough to fit in my front pocket, even with skinny jeans.
    Their website is bigskinny.net
    Priced around $25

  16. I have a leather fossil bi-fold wallet with a built in money clip. I love it. Looks sophisticated and bad ass at the same time. Carries all my cash, my license, debit card, credit card, and health insurance card comfortably. Would recommend a bi-fold wallet with build in money clip anytime of the day.

  17. James Donabed says:

    On your advice, I ordered the Dopp 88. Its available in variety of colors.

  18. Note one to usually carry a wallet, thanks to the fact that I’m usually carrying a pouch, or a backpack, but when I do just carry around a wallet, it’s definitely a slim one. Nothing more unattractive then a large lump in someone’s back pocket.

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

    • No just unattractive – possibly dangerous. A friend of mine took a tumble and landed on his butt. Actually, he landed on his left butt cheek – and his wallet. He herniated a disc at L5/S1 and has had to use a standing desk since then – over a year ago.

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