Peter Manning Lambskin Leather Jacket Review

Have you ever tried on a leather jacket that fit perfectly, right off the rack? Me neither, until I got my hands on the Peter Manning Lambskin Leather Jacket.

Peter Manning leather jacket review

Shorter men have a hard time finding leather jackets that fit properly. The biggest problem is that the sleeves are usually too long.

Peter Manning logoNote: Big thanks to Peter Manning for making this post possible! Peter Manning makes classic American clothing for men 5'8″ and under. Check out their Lambskin Leather Jacket (a.k.a., my new favorite fall coat) today.

This is especially true if you're a heavier or stockier guy who needs to size up in order to find a jacket that fits across the shoulders and chest.

If you're 5'5″ wearing a size L or XL, the sleeves will be way too long.

Short and skinny men don't have it any easier. Even an XS is often too baggy and long for our modest frames.

Because it's so hard to find a leather jacket that fits well, many short men simply don't wear them.

And that sucks, because a nice leather jacket can be an important wardrobe staple (not to mention one of your most loved and worn pieces of outerwear).

Peter Manning lambskin jacket

jacket | shirt

That's why I was thrilled when Peter Manning – a clothing brand for not-so-tall men – created a leather jacket specifically for men 5'8″ and under.

They sent me one in brown (size 1) to try on, and it's quickly become my go-to lightweight jacket – perfect for the fall season.

PMNYC leather jacket

With leather jackets, you typically get what you pay for. Like any high quality leather jacket, this one is an investment piece.

Here are the specs:

  • High quality New Zealand lambskin
  • Knit bomber style collar
  • Quilted chambray lining
  • Double button cuffs
  • Two exterior zip pockets
  • Two interior pockets (one zip, one button)
  • Available in brown or black

The leather feels soft like it's already broken in. It's substantial but not too bulky – just the right amount of “heft” to it.

I got a the brown version, and it's a dark brown without too much red in it. It's a very versatile color, although black might be a better choice for you, depending on what colors you like to wear.

Peter Manning leather jacket in brown

But the fit is really what makes this jacket special and sets it apart from any other leather jacket you can buy.

The length of the jacket is perfect. The sleeves don't need to be shortened (and I have short arms for a 5'5″ guy).

Brown leather jacket

cuff bracelet

Plus, all of the little details, from the size of the cuffs to the height of the collar, are scaled down to flatter the shorter build.

Just look at that collar…perfection.

Leather jacket for short men


If you've been reading The Modest Man for a while, you know that I'm a big fan of Peter Manning NYC. I've been supporting them since they launched (just as they've been supporting me).

Although some of their products (like the Tribeca field jacket and James polo) have earned permanent spots in my wardrobe, I don't wear or promote everything they sell.

But let me tell you, my friend: Peter Manning has hit home run with this leather jacket.

Brown lambskin leather jacket

jeans (similar) | boots

If you've never been able to find a leather jacket that actually fit, I think you should try this one on for size.

If you have any questions or thoughts about this jacket, leave a comment below!

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  1. Love the jacket. I wish I could afford one.

    • DITTO! Living on the East Coast, I have difficulty justifying $500 for a jacket I could only comfortably wear during the “shoulder” seasons of fall/spring.

  2. DL Renollet says:

    love it. I have a small black Armani Exchange i picked up second hand on ebay, but the sleeves were way long. Much to my shock, my tailor WAS able to tackle the sleeve shortening, but there are so many variables, I think i just got lucky. This brown PMNYC one would be TOTALLY worth saving up for. Thanks for the review Brock.

  3. Brock, I purchased a size 1 black jacket a couple of weeks ago from Peter Manning. I love it. I may get a brown one in the future. It fits great!

  4. Ryan Rosario says:

    Bought it on the weekend and it’s coming in today. I’m so excited to receive it especially after reading this review. I can see this being my favorite jacket ever. My girl is so going to dig this haha.

    Thanks for the read, Brock!

  5. Stephen Dunleavy says:

    This looks like such a handsome jacket, I had to order one in brown. I was just remembering this morning how my old leather jackets were way too big. Your review was right on time for me today. Thanks Brock!

  6. Dayat Ahmad says:

    I love it jacket. I literally just got this jacket yesterday (after having some troubles with local delivery for a week) and I’m glad I did because I couldn’t find a detailed review until you posted this today!

  7. I’m thinking maybe a Christmas gift for my husband. Would probably be great to wear all winter here in FL!

  8. I was just wondering, here you say you’re 5’5″ but elsewhere I’ve seen 5’6″ ?

  9. Hey Brock, just want to say that your youtube videos and website are awesome; really help me a lot. I am wondering about the size guide from Peter Manning. According to the spec, and according to your height, you should wear size 2 or 3. So is size 1 of this leather jacket too tight for you or just right? I am the same height as yours and weigh 130lb; struggling which size i should go for. thanks, Chris

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