How to Wear a Burgundy Suit (Indochino Review)

I’m excited for this Indochino review for two reasons: first, Indochino is one of the most established made-to-measure suit makers out there.

And second, they were the first MTM brand I ever tried (back in 2012). Here are my thoughts about Indochino in 2016.

Indochino review

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Back in 2012 when I first discovered the relatively new world of online custom clothing, I ordered a MTM jacket from Indochino.

I was a total noob when it came to buying MTM clothes, and Indochino was the only brand I’d heard of at the time.

Even though the jacket had some problems (mostly due to my naivety with self measuring), I was hooked on the idea of buying custom clothes without visiting a bespoke tailor.

I just knew that online MTM was going to be a great way for a short man like myself to find dress clothes that actually fit well – without breaking the bank.

Fast forward to 2016, and I’ve become somewhat of an expert at buying MTM shirts and suits online.

At the same time, Indochino has grown to become one of the most well-known MTM brands in the world. This is obviously great for them, but it’s also great for us (the little guys, so to speak).

Why, you ask? Because they’ve accumulated a lot of data about body types over the past few years, and they use this data to cross-check your submitted measurements for accuracy.

I’m not saying Indochino can guarantee perfect fit every time. Nobody can, no matter what they tell you. But I can tell you about my most recent experience with them:

Indochino suit review

suit | tie | pocket square

First, let’s look at this suit:

  • Burgundy stretch wool (5% spandex)
  • 300 gsm, heavyweight fabric
  • Half canvassed construction
  • One button, two vent jacket
  • Slim notch lapels
  • Pick stitching
  • Functional sleeve buttonholes
  • Burgundy Bemberg lining
  • Flat front pants, no cuffs
  • Side adjusters (no belt loops)

Most of my suits are various shades of grey, blue or brown. I’ve never worn a suit on this side of the color wheel, and I have to say: I’m really enjoying it.

Indochino custom suit

Burgundy isn’t as versatile as grey, and it’s not a staple like the navy suit, but it’s surprisingly versatile. You can wear it with lighter or darker shirts, you can dress it up or down, and you have a variety of shoes to choose from.

It pairs perfectly with black accessories, like my shoes, tie, sunglasses and watch.

Custom burgundy suitBurgundy suit with black watch

sunglasses | watch

This is also my first suit made from a stretch fabric (95% wool, 5% spandex). As a guy who likes his suits to fit pretty snug, I really appreciate the extra comfort this fabric provides.

I could see this kind of fabric (wool with a tiny bit of stretch) becoming more mainstream over the next few years.

Indochino burgundy suit

Suit trousers partial break

shoes | socks

Now, this suit need a handful of small adjustments out of the box, which is to be expected. When you buy a made-to-measure suit online, chances are it’s going to need a visit to your local tailor.

The important thing is that it doesn’t have any problems that can’t be fixed. For example, if the jacket is too short, that can’t be fixed. The suit needs to be returned and remade.

This suit didn’t have any unfixable problems. It just needed a few adjustments, including:

  • Sleeves shortened very slightly (note: the shirt I’m wearing in the photos has very short sleeves)
  • Waist suppressed about an inch
  • Pants lengthened 1/2″ at the back

This isn’t deal breaker stuff, just small tweaks. It’s almost always worth it to have these adjustments made, especially since Indochino reimburses your tailoring expense up to $75.

You just send them your bill, and they send you a check. So if you buy an Indochino suit, and it needs some tailoring, I strongly recommend taking advantage of this policy.

My Recommendation

Indochino has come a long way since I first tried them out in 2012, and this suit exceeded my expectations. If you’re on the fence with Indochino, know that they have my endorsement.

And if you want to add some variety and color to your suit collection, consider burgundy for your next suit.

Reminder: Use the code MODESTMAN to get any premium suit for 50% off.

Would you wear a burgundy suit? Leave a comment below!


  1. The cut and the color look great. Wow they offer stretch wool. That changes everything!

  2. Looks amazing! Love the color.

  3. Paul Butler says:

    Very Smart…love the look!

  4. DL Renollet says:

    you are rockin the suit my friend. the tailor reimbursement makes the package all the more sweet. I will def consider Indochino for an online suit. The color is really cool, subtle and sharp. Cheers…..

  5. Hey Brock, beautiful suit! I’m really wanting a brown one like the light brown flannel suit you had made by Oliver Wicks. But your code for 50% off is almost too good to pass up. I’ll have to check what suits are available on Indochino. Also, you mentioned you need the sleeves shortened however they are functioning sleeves. How will your tailor do this? My tailor has to take in at the shoulders which is expensive. Much easier if the sleeves are non-functioning but the extra details to functioning sleeves is a very nice touch.

  6. I like my indochino suits and shirts. My main complaint is that the sewing strength of the buttons is terrible. I’ve had very few buttons fall of of dress shirts and other buttoned clothing. In the 6 or so months that I’ve had 2 suits and 8 shirts from Indochino, I’ve had 10-12 buttons fall off. It’s crazy. Once my slacks had a very loose button but the rest of the incidences involve their shirts.

  7. Hey Brock, may you let us know which one is better? indochino or Dragon Inside? Thanks.

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