Celebrity Spring Style: Steal These Looks

3 Different Outfits from 3 Famous Short Men (and how to get 'em on the cheap)

Donald Glover – 5'8″

Donald Glover Spring LookRapper, comedian, writer, actor…this guy does it all. And he does it in style. Glover is usually dressed down, but he pulls off the casual look effortlessly.

I wanted to include this particular photo because lots of people will tell you that you should always be dressed up. No sneakers, sandals or hoodies, and shorts only for the beach.

I disagree. Especially in the warmer months, there's nothing wrong with t-shirts, shorts and even casual footwear when appropriate.

You just have to remember that the same rules apply for casual clothing – fit is paramount, and you need to pay attention to proportion.

hoodie | t-shirt | shorts | sneakers

Aziz Ansari – 5'6″

Aziz Ansari Spring LookAziz is well known for his massively successful comedy and acting career, but he's also one of the best-dressed young stars out there, and he knows what he's talking about when it comes to style. (Seriously, check him out discussing the versatility of shawl collars with GQ.)

He plays a luxury-obsessed wannabe playboy on the hit series Parks & Recreation, and you can't help but wonder how much overlap there is between his fictional character and real life Aziz.

In this photo shoot for PaperMag.com, Ansari looks like he's ready to bike to work on a drizzling spring morning. He's rocking some expensive threads, but you can find the same stuff for reasonable prices online (see links below).

coat | shirt | tie | pants | shades (cheaper here)

Elijah Wood – 5'6″

Elijah Wood Spring LookOne of my favorite stylish modest men, Elijah Wood has the nerdy-but-well-dressed look down pat. What makes this particular outfit a good spring look is its color scheme.

You can't go wrong with blues and greens during springtime.

Also, notice how well his clothes fit. Little details like the width of your belt (hint: thinner is better) can go a long way.

If you are going to layer up like this in the spring or summer, make sure you're choosing lighter fabrics (like 100% cotton instead of blends). Otherwise, you may overheat or sweat underneath your clothes.

sweater | shirt | tie (cheaper here) | pants | belt (similar) | boots

Key Lessons
  1. Layer up, but go with light materials, and remember to wear an undershirt (I like these).
  2. Be ready for rain. Always bring a rain coat or umbrella with you.
  3. Branch out with lighter, paler colors. Shades of blue and green are always safe bets.
  4. Dress down. When appropriate, don't be afraid to wear shorts, sandals and t-shirts. Just make sure they fit properly!

What do you think about these celebrity looks? Share your opinion by leaving a comment!

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