Best Places to Buy Clothes for Short Men

This is a collection of all of the best places to find clothes for short(er) men.

Clothes for Short MenThis list doesn't include major apparel brands who happen to carry a few items that work for shorter gents.

Instead, the brands listed on this page specialize in clothing for men who are below average height.

Some of them have actual brick and mortar stores, some operate online, and some do both.

This list will be updated as new companies are founded.

If you know of any brands that aren't listed on this page, please mention them in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

If I've had the chance to review any of these brands, I'll include a link to that review in the table below.

Here's a legend for the price point column:

  • $ = Many items less than $25
  • $$ = Many items less than $75
  • $$$ = Many items less than $100
  • $$$$ = Most items over $100
NameSummaryPrice PointYear FoundedRetail LocationReviewOnline Store (Y/N)
Peter ManningClassic American clothing for "not so tall" men$$$2011Brooklyn, NYCPeter Manning reviewYes
Jax EverettPremium clothes tailored to fit men 5'9" and under$$$$2014n/aJax Everett reviewYes
Silas JacksonButton up shirts and polos designed for men 5'8" and under$$2015n/aSilas Jackson reviewYes
Ash & ErieEveryday clothes designed for guys 5'8" and below$$2015n/aAsh & Anvil reviewYes
ShorteesT-shirts created to fit men 5'8" and under$2007n/aShortees reviewYes
Jaden LamLuxury clothing line for men 5'9" and under$$$$2014n/an/aYes
For the FitClothes designed for tall men and short men$2005n/an/aYes
Jimmy Au'sThe original short men's clothing store$$$$1982Beverly Hills, CAn/aNo
Sharp CasualwearCasual shirts for men 5'8" and under$$2015n/aSharp Casualwear reviewYes
Robbie BrownClothing for men up to 5'8"???2016Toronto, Canadan/aNo

If you know of any other brands that specifically make clothes for shorter men, please send me a Tweet or email (brock at themodestman dot com), and I'll add it to the list.

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  1. Great list! I would add “Express” to this list, especially for a good selection of conservative dress apparel.

  2. Ross is a great place to stop by maybe once a month, I usually find a gem or two each time I go.

    • Nice. Yeah, I stop by Nordstrom Rack every now and then. Usually good for a couple of tees, sometimes outerwear or even shoes.

  3. mpimpinella says:

    My concern is where to fing shirts the right length for a man 5’7″….. Id like it to be a reasonable price also….

    • If you have a smaller waist, I’d recommend going to the boys section. Not only are they a bit shorter, but they’re cheaper too. Old Navy is pretty good since their sizes go up to size 18 which is about a 32-34 inch waist. Another option I’d say would be to shop online. Often online says what size of inseam the shorts are. Either that or you could get your shorts hemmed shorter or even ask someone to see you a pair so they fit you perfectly. I sew my own shorts sometimes and it works for me. I hope these tips helped.

  4. Although the style at American Eagle is typically a bit too young for me, they have great fitting jeans, khakis, and shorts all at very reasonable prices. Im 5’6″ with an athletic build and I find the slim straight jeans fit very good. They have a couple of dark washes that you can wear to the office.

    Also, I find that Brooks Brothers dress shirts in the slim or extra slim fit pretty well. They’re pricey but the quality is great and they are most definitely non-iron.

    Definitely Pac-Sun for your next bathing suit. Super modern fits in that store nowadays.

  5. None of you sound to short to me. My husband is 5’1. We have a terrible time finding slacks or any kind of pant. Do you know?

    • I am 5’2″ / 127lbs and have had pretty good luck with getting pants / jeans at the Gap (online). There are so many options (ex: slim, regular, tailored, etc…) so I will go into the store and try them on to figure out the right fit for waist, rise and cut. Then I go online and order them in my length since they normally do not have them in the store.

    • I’m 5’3″, I understand the pants struggle.

  6. Ummm absolutely nothing in Pacsun fits me. Their small was like a dress on me.

  7. LordAwesome says:

    You should check Zara man they have smaller sizes and fit very well. Also, very stylish!

  8. My biggest challenge at 5’4″ and 165 is pants and jeans, who makes a 32 waist and 28 inseam. When you buy a longer pant and tailor it down the legs look like stove pipes, short stumpy stove pipes

  9. Thaku’s Mens Wear. They’re selection is diverse and stylish. Just spreading awareness…

  10. Jay Selberg says:

    Very few short sleeve shirts from this group. Some polos and tee-shirts, but I am looking for some casual short sleeve button up shirts, camp shirts, shirts that can be worn untucked. Everyone sells long sleeves. I don’t wear long sleeves in the summer and am looking for some nice shirts The ones I buy in stores I have to pay to have hemmed.

    • Jim Duffy says:

      Amen,I’m in S Florida,growing shorter with age and my untucked shirts are looking like dresses. I have a closet full of great shirts that my wife says look ridiculous but I refuse to tuck and belt.

  11. Anyone know where to find pajama sets for short men?

  12. Short husband: 5′ 5″; 42 inch waist, 28 inch length for slacks, which I can find and alter. However, he needs size 20 inch neck because of a growth there, but only 34 inch sleeves. Absolutely is chubby in chest, but doesn’t need the Large and Tall shirts. Is professor, needs some reasonably priced shirts, long and short sleeved.

  13. Very hard when you are short and muscular. Jeans are the hardest when you have to buy a waist 4″ larger in order to get your legs to fit. This weekend I was talking forever in a dressing room trying to peel off pants that were stuck at my calves. I am in Canada if anyone has any online stores to suggest that will ship to Toronto area. There is Browns ( but their is not a lot of items for casual or for example you can only pickup sports shirt at the physical store. It is great for business wear.

  14. Thank you for this list! At 5’4, 137 pounds with an athletic build, it is almost impossible to find clothes that fit me well. For chain stores I have the most luck at Express as well. Sometimes their slim fit shirts will still be too long and bunch up weird, but it is better than most places where I might as well be wearing a giant garbage bag with their “small” shirts. Occasionally I will find a slim fit in JCpennys, that fits me ok, usually by JFferrar.

  15. Hi All! I’m Robbie Brown and have what I think is the best shop for short men in Canada. Check us out at and stop by next time you’re in Toronto, I would love to meet you. Join Brock in following us on instagram
    Hats off to The Modest Man for giving us a forum for conversation.

  16. The Gap has xs shirts and sweaters. Was gonna mention Brown’s in Toronto but Robbie brown beat me to it.

  17. My husband is 5’3 and 125lbs it’s so hard to find clothes that fits him, MEXX had a good fitting but they closed 2yrs ago, now we’re stuck with Gstar and their $$$ we sometimes find shirts at the gap and banana republic but very rare. The problem is always the length of the sleeves even it’s slim fit it’s still long. I was able to convince him to get jeans at American eagle they fit him very well. We live in montreal and jackets are a must during winter its so hard to find one with a good fit we’re going to the states soon and will check jcrew but from what i see online their also $$$ I wish there will be an affordable Canadian brand.

  18. Neil Korgaokar says:

    I’m 5’5″, 145. I went another route and found a good, reasonably priced, seamstress. That’s really the best option. I buy most of my clothes from Banana Republic on sale, and then have them altered. Many of these places that offer clothes for shorter men either have a very limited selection, or they’re high priced. I do find the 38 S, slim fit blazers fit me well at BR, but all of the shirt arm lengths are too long. If you’re wider, small sizes and slim fit won’t work. There’s nothing like having clothes that fit you well, not only for comfort, but it just looks a hundred times better.

  19. Herminio A. says:

    I’m 5’3″ 145 and use dress shirts for work every day. Once the Classix dress shirt with 32 inch sleeves with neck sizes (16.5 for me) were discontinued, I looked everywhere for replacements. My time cant be wasted. Rather than spend the excessive time to find a shirt with the same proportions and save a couple bucks, I went to an online custom shirt store that has a tailor that travels around the country. He measures, you go through the fabric swatches, and the shirt maker is in Hong Kong. Quality workmanship in the fabric/patterns/build details of your choice were well worth the $85-95 per shirt (they also have multi-shirt specials). They do jackets, suits, etc. as well. Now I’ve begun to notice if someone has tailored clothes. It’s the combination of fit, fabric, and details that make the difference. Anyone with smaller proportions knows what an effort it is to find something only to have to settle on less than what you want. This way you don’t compromise.

  20. Gary Friedman says:

    Nordstrom sell pants with a 7″ inseam.

  21. Gary Friedman says:

    Nordstrom shorts with 7″ inseam. In Scottsdale Az and perhaps online.

  22. Short swimwear is brutal to find also unless you are willing to drop $200 +. However it is super easy to find in Europe so stock up when you are there. For example, Quicksilver boardshorts are a style I like. State-side the inseams available start around 10″ (thats calf length for me!). However, in most European countries the same company also sells the exact same style and fabrics in 5″ and 6″ inseams, which is a perfect length for me.

  23. Oday Saleh says:

    I am 5’4″ and biggest struggle is finding jacket. I live in Germany among giant men, where even teens are taller than me. Can anyone recommend a good brand for Jackets for all seasons?

  24. richard says:

    I am 5’4″, 120lbs, and I have two issues: 1. I can’t seem to find neckties. Men’s are too long and there isn’t much selection in Boy’s, which are sometimes too short. 2. I have bought jeans in the Boy’s department, but I sometimes forget to check to make sure they have full size pockets. Any budget friendly suggestions would be appreciated.

  25. I am about 5’2″ and roughly 115 pounds; incredibly small (well, that’s because I’m trans, but whatever). Target and a lot of other big box stores don’t carry XS, and even then the sleeves are too long. I do sew my own clothes, but I wanted to find some reasonably priced button-up dress shirts and ties that didn’t need making or altering that also fit my style. I found the article very reassuring and helpful, and wondered if there were any other suggestions. Also looking for small size/boys’ shops in the Austin area specializing in formal wear.

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