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Kennedy and Coleman Collins are certified fitness pros who work in tech and who help ambitious professionals with their health and productivity. Their blog, The Road Warrior, helps business travelers stay healthy and sane on the road.

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    • Coleman Collins says

      October 27, 2017 at 10:16 pm

      Great question!

      The list does not include the clothes that I wear when I fly. You could certainly get away with slightly less by wearing one of the outfits onto the plane (especially if you’re going straight to the office from your flight), but I prefer to have a specific ‘travel uniform’ that I wear whenever i’m in airports. I literally only wear it while in transit (to and from, wash on the weekend), and because of that, it doesn’t count towards suitcase space nor does it count as something I wear to work while I’m on site.

      Having a travel uniform is a comfort and consistency thing for me — I like to travel on as close to full autopilot as possible, and that means routine, routine, routine.

      Wearing the same clothes every time removes one more choice that I have to make, helps me get into an “I am traveling” mindset, and sets me up for a more comfortable, consistent travel experience. There are plenty of other things that can go wrong while I travel, I don’t need to make uncomfortable or unfamiliar clothes one of them.

      My specific travel uniform: black t-shirt, jeans, mid-weight unstructured blazer, desert boots or boat shoes. I don’t look out of place in a first-class lounge, but I also don’t look like a CEO. I’ll sometimes sneak the blazer or boots into the week’s rotation, but having a consistent travel uniform is more important to me than using what I wear on the flight as ‘bonus clothes,’ so it’s not my first priority.

      Hope that helps!

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