Trunk Club Review: Part 3

Never heard of Trunk Club? Check out parts one and two of this review series, then come back and read part three.

In the first part of my Trunk Club review, I explained what the company does and expressed concern over whether the system would work for shorter, smaller guys. Based on reviews from other bloggers and the fact that the clothing industry hates doesn't cater to short men, I had very little hope for Trunk Club.

Part two of the series showcased the clothes from the first trunk, which were generally too big and baggy for me. But I said I'd give Trunk Club at least two chances, and that's what I did.

After reviewing my feedback, Lisa (my Trunk Club personal stylist) packed up a second trunk and sent it my way. I had requested more button up shirts (in different colors and slimmer fits) and spring jackets. I figured pants were a lost cause since all Trunk Club pants have a 34″ inseam, which is way too long for any man 5'8″ or under.

Unfortunately, Lisa couldn't find any jackets in stock that would work for me, so she packed the second trunk with three button up shirts, one polo and a sweatshirt. Let's take a look at how everything fit:

Gant button up

Much to my surprise, this extra small Gant button up fits well. But I'm not keeping it because it still needs alterations to fit perfectly. As with most off the rack shirts, the sleeves need to be shortened. This wouldn't be a big deal if I found this at a secondhand store or bought it at a discount off eBay.

But just on principle alone, I won't pay the tailor tax on a $125 shirt. I can get a custom shirt for less.

Let's take a look at the next shirt:

J Press button up shirt

This is pink Oxford is a J. Press extra small. It's a nice shirt. It feels great and is obviously well made, but it's billowy on me, especially in the back. For that reason, I'm putting it back in the trunk.

Next up, we have a Jack Spade gingham button up shirt:

Jack Spade

I really like the colors and pattern, and the fit is okay. The sleeves are cut a bit full for my tastes (maybe I need to hit the gym?), and there's a bigger problem: the neck is too wide.

According to the Jack Spade size chart, their XS shirts have a 14″ neck, which should be perfect for me. But I feel like a turtle in this thing (not in a cool, Raphael sort of way…more like a box turtle).

Finally, we have a Theory polo shirt and a Life After Denim sweatshirt:

LAD Theory

One of these fits well. Can you tell which?

Just kidding. Of course you can! The navy polo shirt from Theory is cut nice and slim. Ideally, it would be hemmed an inch or two shorter, but that's not a deal breaker. The deal breaker is the price: $95. I can get high quality polos from Peter Manning or Lacoste for considerably less money.

The Life After Denim sweatshirt is too big all around. If this is their “small” I could use their large as a sleeping bag.


This brings my Trunk Club review series to an end. I want to give Lisa credit for calibrating my size and preferences after receiving feedback on the first trunk. It's not easy to figure out what clothes will work for someone you haven't actually met in person, and the second round was definitely better than the first one. So kudos to her for honing in on my fit.

That said, Trunk Club is not good for short men. Trunk Club is geared toward men with average builds, plenty of cash and a lack of interest in shopping. I'd say that if you're under 5'8″, picky about what you wear, or don't have at least $300/month to spend on clothes, Trunk Club is not for you.

 Are you surprised that Trunk Club didn't work out? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Haha, nice review! You’re definitely a better man than I am in giving them a second chance.

    Btw, I hadn’t heard of Peter Manning before, but will definitely check them out!

  2. No surprise. We all know what’s available out there in the market.

  3. Good to know, figured they wouldn’t be able to get it perfect.

    For average sized guys, is trunk club a good company in general? Were they easy to work with? Worth the money in terms of convenience?

    Are there any companies using a similar model that cater to short guys like us?


    • I think it’s a good company (as in well run, talented staff, etc.). But I have a hard time liking/supporting any company who ignores me and people like me as potential customers, you know?

      I want to like Trunk Club. Just wish they wanted me back. Basically it’s like high school love: unrequited.

  4. This series was a cool learning experience for us and for the company itself. Thank you for doing this, Brock.

  5. Jesse A says:

    Brock, what’s the brand (and style) of the jeans you were wearing?

  6. Too bad it didn’t work out for you. At least, it give me an idea that this concept will not work for me. Thanks for doing your homework for us.

  7. Dude… I noticed 2 things after reading your 3 Trunk Club reviews: You’re too picky and you’re cheap. Marry a tailor!

    The Gingham shirt… the neck was too big?! Oh please ..

    Do you have other examples of items you do like?!

  8. I am not impressed with the look at all,

    Its too basic and shabby

  9. You really should check out Fabulous fit for slim smaller guys. and they have a custom fit feature as of this year. Company growing exponentially.

  10. Trunk Club reminds me of the 100,000 failed dot-coms of 1999-2000. If you have enough money to buy a “trunk” with $3500 worth of duds, and 100% full retail pricing plus – you have plenty enough to just hire a local shopper for yourself. I see Trunk Club as a solution without a problem.

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