Shoe Passion Review

You know what they say about men with small feet?

They have trouble finding high quality, handmade leather dress shoes that fit. (What did you think I was going to say?)

I'm always looking for shoemakers who make men's shoes in smaller sizes. I wear a size 7, and many brands simply ignore guys who wear anything below size 8. Some brands even charge an extra fee for smaller sizes. Not cool, I know.

German shoe manufacturer is not one of those companies. They make high quality men's dress shoes and boots that range in price from about $260 to $415 – which is pretty darn good for handcrafted, Goodyear-welted shoes.

Shoe Passion size chartQuick note: Not sure what “Goodyear-welted” means? It's a type of shoe construction, and you can learn all about it right here. If you don't really care, just remember that it's a sign of quality construction, and Goodyear-welted shoes typically last much longer than other, lower quality shoes.

Shoe Passion asked me if I'd like to review a pair of their shoes. I usually have to turn down these types of offers from shoe companies because they don't make small sizes, and I can't endorse any company who ignores men who need smaller sizes.

But Shoe Passion makes shoes down to size 6 (US), which is awesome. They use the UK size scale, called GB, so you may have to use their conversion chart to find your US or EU size.

Since sizes vary slightly from one shoemaker to the next, Shoe Passion recommends printing out their foot measure PDF. I used this method and ended up sizing down one half size, so it's definitely worth the extra effort.

I chose a pair of No. 561 – dark brown full-brogue Oxfords – in size 6.5 (US). They are beautiful shoes. The color and the details are eye-catching and classic. They pair nicely with all sorts of outfits, especially dark blue trousers like the ones I wore in the Gagliardi review post.

Shoe Passion_steps_1

These light grey socks are from Viccel. You can read all about them in my post about socks for small feet.

Like many good shoes, these Oxfords needed some breaking in. After the first full day of wear, my feet were pretty sore. But the shoes softened up quickly and started conforming to my feet.

Shoe Passion_steps_2

What's that? You want to see some more photos? I don't blame you. Feel free to turn the lights down low and cue up some sexy music, 'cause it's time for some good old fashioned shoe porn:

Shoe Passion birds eye view
Shoe Passion Shoes
Shoe Passion Oxford brogues
Shoe Passion broguing
Shoe Passion toe close up
Shoe Passion Close up
Shoe Passion Soles birds eye 2
Shoe Passion Heels close
Shoe Passion Soles birds eye
Shoe Passion Heels
Shoe Passion shoe on side
Shoe Passion Size
SP AE comparison 3
Shoe Passion AE comparison 1
SP AE comparison 2
Shoe Passion No 561


Notice that these Shoe Passion No. 561's in size 6.5 (US) are pretty much the same length as my size 7 Allen Edmonds Park Avenues, but they're a little wider. They also seem a bit softer and are already showing some creasing beneath the laces, but this will probably go away with more use and proper care.

My only problem with Shoe Passion is the fact that shipping took a while. In my case, a mistake was made with the mailing address, so the shoes were actually sent back to Germany. Then they got stuck in customs for a few days after being resent. I'm sure this isn't typical, but it's worth mentioning.

My Recommendation

I recommend Shoe Passion for three reasons. First, the price is very reasonable for high quality dress shoes. Second, there are plenty of beautiful styles to choose from. Finally (and most importantly) they carry smaller sizes. If you're looking for new dress shoes, you should consider

Do you have trouble finding shoes in your size? What do you think about these shoes? Leave a comment below.


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  1. For me, I don’t usually have trouble finding regular shoes in my size, but finding dress shoes? I abandon the thought. These shoes look amazing, and I love the fact that they have a wide variety of sizes. They have great styles, but to me, the price is insanely high. However, considering the materials they use to fashion the shoes and what they offer, I can see why you recommend them.

    For someone who makes top dollar (or someone willing to splurge), these would be great shoes to have.

    (Sidebar: I love the greyed out font that you used at the beginning of the post.)

  2. I just received my first pair, too and I’m pretty impressed. Definitely some of the nicest shoes I’ve ever owned.

    Just a quick note:
    “They use the German size scale, called GB, so you may have to use their conversion chart to find your US or EU size.”

    The German scale is the EU-scale, GB = Great Britain.

    • Hi Tobias,

      Glad you like the shoes! Thanks for the correction, although I think GB is the same as UK but not EU. At least according to Zappos and Shoe Passion size charts.


  3. I bought some wool-lined leather boots from them for my winter commute (North Yorkshire gets pretty wet in the winter!) and I was really pleased with them. They were comfortable right from the start and after two winters they don’t show any sign of wear. I wear a UK size 6, and the fit is great. I’m looking to buy some tan Derby’s and I’ll definitely be looking at Shoe Passion. Recommended!

  4. Travis Santelmann says:

    Wow, shoe passion looks great so far. I just spent $150+tax on a pair of Ecco Edinburgh’s slips in brown. Quality is great, but they are still rubber bottom shoes. It seems if I went through shoe passion, I could have gotten more shoe for my money. I will buy a whole cut oxford shoe from shoe passion next go around. Great review.

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