Review: Banana Republic Emerson Vintage Straight Chino

BR Emerson Chino

BR Emerson Vintage Straight Chino

Banana Republic has always been hit or miss for me, at least in terms of size. For the most part, their style is cool, if not a bit on the preppy side. But their pants have never fit me quite right (with the exception of their suit pants, after getting the legs hemmed).

They are usually too baggy or “relaxed”. Even their “modern” fit seems too wide through the leg. I've always enjoyed buying shirts, especially polos, from BR, but never pants. Until now.

Allow me to introduce the Emerson Vintage Straight Chino. I bought a dark grey pair of these a few weeks ago and actually went back to the store to grab a couple more in different colors.

They are quite possibly the most comfortable pants I've ever worn. Plus they look great and are super durable. I have worn these pants to work (on Fridays, of course), on dates, to the bar and just to lounge around.

The best thing about the Emerson Chinos are their fit. For a shorter guy like me, baggy pants won't do. They only make me look smaller. Skinny pants, however, are too extreme. Any man who says skinny jeans are comfortable is lying, and I'm pretty sure they will effect your ability to have children if worn too long.

Shorter guys need pants that are tapered evenly and modestly throughout the leg. These chinos are slim through the thigh with a straight leg opening. Also, if you order them online, you can get sizes down to 28×28.

I like the “Sharp grey” and “Brockton beige” (not just because of the name) colors, but definitely grab a few if you like the way they look and fit. Another great thing about these pants is that they look great with the legs rolled up.

If they are too long and you don't want to get them shortened, just roll them up a couple of time. This works especially well with loafers, boat shoes, sandals or bare feet.

Go try them on and buy a couple of pairs before they go away! You can see them online right here.


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  1. If you like these you need to check out Dockers D1 and Alpha lines. Dockers have really upped their game, slim fit and tapered legs. Plus they have inseams and waist sizes that go down to 28X28 or even lower.

    • Hey Ed,

      I’ve heard good things about the Alphas but haven’t bought a pair yet. Will definitely try them out soon. Thanks for the tip!


  2. Hi Brock,
    Does these chinos shrink after washing and drying in the dryer? I have got two pairs of these with 30 inches inseam and its at the exact length. Should I get 31 inches inseam instead? Please advise.

  3. Hi Brock,
    I’m hesitating between getting the Emerson and Aiden fits. Our measurements are almost identical, and I was wondering if you’d tried the Aiden.


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