Men of Modest Height: Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Jonathan Taylor Thomas Height - 5'5"

Jonathan Taylor Thomas – 5'5″

If you're anywhere around my age, you probably remember some of the classic 90s TV shows – Fresh Prince, Family Matters and one of my favorites, Home Improvement. If you didn't watch this one, you at least heard the girls at school wooing over JTT (a.k.a. Jonathan Taylor Thomas) and his awesome haircut.

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This child star/writer/director peaked in popularity when he was chosen for the voice of Simba in Disney's The Lion King. He was successful enough to walk away from acting and pursue higher education, a bold and respectable move for anyone, let alone a teenager. Do you think you could leave the fame and fortune behind?

Who knows, maybe we'll see JTT return to the screen soon!

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  1. I never knew JTT is 5’5″….He is my size. I need to find where he buy his clothes. LOL 😀

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