Shameless Rant: Clothing Industry Hates Short Men

The Vast Majority of Clothing Retailers Completely Ignore Men Under 5'8″

I know this headline is a little ridiculous, but I wanted to get your attention. I apologize in advance for this rant…

Men who don't have average builds need to work a lot harder to dress well. Short men, in particular, have a hard time finding clothes that fit properly off the rack. That's why I started this blog – to help men who are below average height dress better by getting into clothes that fit well.

Now, I try to maintain a positive attitude. Sure, us smaller gents have to put in more effort when it comes to clothing. We often spend more money on alterations or custom clothing than our taller counterparts. But, in general, I try not to get frustrated or dwell on these unfortunate facts of life.

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Sometimes, though, I can't ignore the fact men under 5'8″ are blatantly underserved by the retail clothing industry. It's both mind-boggling and infuriating when you really think about it.

I went to the mall the other day. Didn't really need anything particular, just felt like trying on some new clothes. I left three hours later, angry and very disappointed in major retailers (even some of my favorite stores). Nothing fit. Most places didn't even stock small sizes – some didn't even have mediums left on the racks – and the small sizes that were available were too big.

J Crew Extra Small Shirt

J. Crew XS Button Up

For example, this “extra small” J. Crew slim fit washed shirt is at least three inches too long when it's worn untucked (as it's meant to be worn). It didn't look good tucked, either.

Hmm…let's try another store. How about one of my favorites (for pants, that is), Banana Republic?

Well, it's better than J. Crew, but still not good. While the polo almost fits, it's still a bit too long. The button up and sweater are too big all around:

Banana Republic Small Shirts

Banana Republic Polo, Button Up and Sweater

They do make extra small sizes, but many are sold exclusively online, so I could only try on smalls.

What about the department stores? Well, it took awhile to even find a small shirt at Lord & Taylor:

Department Store Shirt Rack

No, this is not the big and tall section.

Ok, found some small shirts from Calvin Klein, Ben Sherman and Ralph Lauren. Fingers crossed:

Calvin Klein Small Shirt

Shame on you, Calvin Klein.

Ben Sherman Small Polo

Ben Sherman Small Polo

What's funny about this Ben Sherman polo shirt is that it fits very snug in the arms and chest.

I'm no fitness model, but I'm relatively built for my size, and this shirt is tight on me, but WAY too long. So who would this shirt fit? A very thin 5'10” man.

Why is Ben Sherman making shirts for such a specific body type but ignoring the millions of men below average height? Ralph Lauren is no better:

Ralph Lauren Small Polo Shirt

Ralph Lauren Small Polo Shirt

Oh, what the hell, let's go to Target:

Target Small Shirts

Button up, Henley and V-Neck from Target

Most of these shirts would fit perfectly if I were two or three inches taller, and there are plenty of guys who are shorter than me. I mean, this is crazy. “Small” and “medium” clothes don't fit small and medium men. You know who they do fit? 6 foot 2 models:

Model in size medium shirt

Is it unreasonable to think that a size medium should fit the average adult male, who is roughly 5'9″ and 180 lbs., rather than a 6'2″ guy with a model's build? Wouldn't it make more sense for a someone who is five inches above average height to wear a large, or even an extra large?

If medium sized clothes fit 6'2″ males, and small clothes fit average males, then what about small males? The bottom line is:

If you're below average height, you will be hard-pressed to find anything that fits properly off the rack in the vast majority of American clothing stores.

It boggles my mind that millions of men (in the U.S. alone) remain completely underserved by major clothing suppliers. Even my favorite stores, like Banana Republic, are ignoring us:

Banana Republic clothes


Just look at their departments: men, large men, women, large women, small women. What's missing? Just one group:

Banana Republic customers

What's worse is the fact that many companies are claiming to make clothes for short men and even advertising this:

Google search

These companies are lying to us. Go ahead: search Google for “clothes for short men” and click on these ads. I guarantee you will be disappointed. In fact, in this list of search results, I only see one store that I can recommend (Peter Manning NYC).

But, if you search for “clothes for tall men”, you get a ton of great choices:

Clothes for tall men

There are Big & Tall stores or departments everywhere!

Big and Tall Shops

Pretty ridiculous, huh?

Phew…okay… Rant = over.

Let's talk about solutions. We have to get clothes somewhere, and I've found these four tips very helpful:

1. Only go to the stores that cater to smaller men

It will almost never be the case that one store is good for everything you need, and it will often be the case that a store isn't worth your time. Stay away from stores that don't carry extra small sizes. Stay away from department stores, in general (we don't have time to sift through racks of XL shirts).

Try new stores, and remember when they carry something that works for you. For me right now, this is Zara (jackets), Express (jeans, sweaters, jackets), Banana Republic (chinos, trousers), H&M (sweaters, shorts), Peter Manning (button ups, polos, jeans), REISS (trousers), American Apparel (t-shirts), among a few others.

2. Shop online

BR XS SizesAs you can see from the photos above, malls and department stores are terrible places to find clothes for small men. Only a handful of stores regularly stock small and extra small sizes, but you can usually find these sizes online. In fact, many stores (like Banana Republic) sell XS items exclusively online. These usually sell out first, so stay on top of it and be patient.

3. Go custom or made-to-measure

If you budget allows, find a suit maker and get a few bespoke shirts. Or, go the online made-to-measure route. It's full of a whole different set of hurdles, but with patience the results can be great. In my experience, the easiest companies to work with are Deo Veritas and Blank Label (Ratio Clothing is also solid).

4. Adopt a tailor

This is crucial. Use or ask around, and find a local tailor who understands the look you're going for. Make sure they have a great reputation. Make sure they listen to you. If you like more of a traditional look, find a more traditional tailor. If you prefer a modern cut, go with someone who gets that (when in doubt, find an Italian). Take garments back for multiple alterations until you love the way they fit.

Finally, don't ever settle, and don't get discouraged. Hit me up if you want feedback on an outfit or have questions. Leave comments on articles that you read so other guys can share their advice. Upgrading your style is a never-ending process, so try your best to have fun with it!

Speak up! If you feel my pain, leave a comment below, and share this post on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

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  1. This rant essentially sums up how I’ve felt about clothes shopping for stylish male clothing for the longest. And thanks for the links and the advice. Thankfully, I live in a pretty good area with bespoke shoppes who can at least give me a push in the right direction. I still try stores like Ross and Burlington from time to time because there’s a marginal chance for success.

    • Yeah, I try stores like that every now and then too. It’s hard not to be hopeful that you’ll find that hidden gem somewhere in the racks, but it barely ever happens.

      If you can afford bespoke, that’s definitely the way to go!


      • I am 5’9 with broad shoulder. Most shirt are too long for me as I have to use L or XL.

        Recently I have known several Japanese raw denim. They also make shirt and their length is just perfect. The cons are that they are pricey and more on the casual side. But quality build is overdesigned and color last long. Some of my fav brands: the flat head, studio d artisan.

        • I’ve found Japanese outlets or stores with Japanese lines very good. I suppose it’s because their population in general seem more on the small-frame side, so they have to give thought to staying in business! But generally it stands to reason that if manufacturers/outlets cater for average size (which is a movable target anyway) up, they are missing a trick since men on the below-average part of the curve must be as numerous as the above-average. So they are losing a lot of business from people who live in the real world, not the catwalks.

          • like Uniqlo

          • Uniqlo only fits short guys who are EXTREMELY THIN AS WELL. Not every guy who is under 5 feet 8 has a 28 inch waist. We have 34 36 38 40 inch waists too, and we don’t want to wear skin tight clothing. It’s uncomfortable and impossible to sit down in.

          • I find Untuckit to be excellent. The shirts are created to be worn untucked so they are shorter torso size.

          • Untuckit shirts are nice but I’m 5′ 8″ and they still fall near the bottom of my fly.

    • For me a 5’4″ guy it is particularly difficult to find sweaters (pull overs, cardigans, v-necks) that aren’t too long. “Small sizes” don’t fit in length. Target slim fits are the best I can do, but even so they are still too long. What’s a guy to do?

      • Yeah… knits are tough. You can get them tailored, but not all tailors can do it, and it’s usually expensive. Peter Manning sweaters fit great in terms of length. You can also cuff the sleeves or roll/pull them up.

        As far as hem length goes, certain brands work better (H&M, Express).

        • Paul C. says:

          I am the same size, and have recently found J-Crew XS sweaters to work well. This is surprising to me given that J-Crew XS clothes are usually much too big.

      • I’m 5’4 ft 132lb, need some hoodie from h&m and aeropostale. What size fits for me? S or XS? Need your help guys. Thanks from indonesia.

  2. Amen, and three cheers for this. Luckily, I have an excellent tailor that helps me with fit, but finding polos (which I generally can’t tailor) or casual, throw-on items is almost impossible.

    • I hear ya, brother. Most guys can make MTM dress shirts work, plus button ups and trousers can almost always be altered. But tees, shorts, polos… these are tough to find.


      • Hey Brock,
        Why can’t tees and polos be altered? I assume the key alteration is length, so why can’t a tailor chop off inches and re-hem? Am I missing something? BTW, fantastic article. As a short-ass, I share your pain. Here in Aus, we have a brand called Country Road and I swear their shirts are modeled on orangutans.

        • Hey Gary,

          They can be altered. Usually it’s a question of cost-benefit. A suit, for example, is expensive and needs to look perfect. A t-shirt might cost more to alter than it would to buy.

          But if you just need length adjusted, talk to your tailor (or buy a sewing machine!).

          Your orangutan comment reminds of trying on this GAP shirt the other day. I don’t know what has arms that long, but it’s certainly not human.


  3. Completely agree with you. 100% I hate it. One company I’ve had good luck with is Uniqlo. Their polos fit great. The dress shirts and trousers fit with some minor alterations.
    Where do you get decent socks? One size fits all is a scam.

    • Uniqlo seems to be a good choice for smaller guys…thanks for the tip. Socks, now that’s a dilemma. I don’t get the one-size thing. It’s crazy! I’ve had luck with Happy Socks and Original Penguin, but they’re still too big. I try to shrink them with their first wash, which usually helps.


      • In general, It seems that Asian brands (such as Uniqlo) have smaller “averages” for their patterns compared to European and American brands. European ones tend to have the slimness down, but then I feel like they are basing their patterns off of long legged viking.

        • Agreed, although it seems that brands like Uniqlo inevitably adapt their North American lines to our sizes (i.e. overweight and average height).

  4. I just noticed that my XS shoe trees might be too big for my size-6 dress shoes that I suspected they stretch my dress shoes. Yeah, it’s a pain.

    The only time I go to brick-and-mortar stores is when I need to return items. (And, oh, to buy pocket squares.)

  5. Brock – I love love love reading your blog. Everything you post hits home. I’ve have some of the same exact challenges when I shop and it can get really frustrating when I want a particular piece of clothing and they don’t have my size!

    Your photos are the best too. It helps to know that I’m not the only one cursing the retailers while I’m in those dressing rooms. It’s SO hard to find the perfect fitting shirts that aren’t too long. I know they’re out there. I see other guys wearing shirts that just end perfectly past the waistline. Maybe it’s because they’re taller. 🙁

    Keep your articles coming…. I look forward to them and they keep me inspired to up my style and know how to do it. 🙂

    – Ian

    • Ian,

      Thanks for the feedback! I will try to do more “what I wore” type posts in the future. Shirts that are too long (in the sleeves and torso) are the number one complaint I’ve heard from readers. Those taller guys you see with shirts that end perfectly at the waistline are wearing small and medium sizes (like the model in the ASOS shirt above). That’s the problem.

      I will certainly keep the articles coming.


  6. Perhaps we should start a database of companies and the sizes in inches? That first purchase from a company you’ve never dealt with is always difficult. What is their small, x-small, medium, etc. Is it worth purchasing only to find out it’s not going to look good even after some altering? If we had a reader created list that could be cool. I could take a polo from Uniqlo for instance and get all the pertinent measurements, upload it and there you go.

    • Zach,

      That’s a really good idea. I think a Google doc would work well for this….something where we could all contribute. Give me a few days to mull it over and set something up. I’ll keep you updated.


      • I recently window-shopped at and I used the instant-chat thing to inquire the leg opening; the rep gave me the measurement immediately.

        This is definitely a good idea to compile more detailed measurements per store. I’m looking to buy my first sweater/cardigan, so hurry up and make it happen! 🙂

        • Will do! Btw, I’m doing a sweater giveaway wit Peter Manning NYC in November, so make sure to check back in then.

          Also, did you buy anything from Bonobos? I haven’t had luck with them so far (found the slim pants to be too baggy), so I’d love to hear about your experience.


          • I’ve been fitted at Bonobos in NYC and was disappointed. The suits are nice, but their slim pants are anything but. I got the impression Bonobos is more for the clueless pleated panted banker’s weekend than the young set that already has an idea. That’s why you can’t try anything on without a ‘guide.’

          • Yeah, I felt the same way about the pants. The so-called “slim” are pretty baggy. My ideal amount of slim and taper is in the Express Rocco pants and the Banana Republic Aiden slim-fit chino. Have you tried either of these?


        • Almost forgot… if you don’t want to wait for Peter Manning sweaters, try Express merino Small and Extra Small. They are always on sale, usually a buy-one-get-one 50% off deal. Very nice fit, high quality sweaters.

          For a similar fit but more affordable option, go with H&M (noticeably cheaper, though).

          • No, I haven’t shopped bonobos yet.

            Thanks for recommendation for Express; I’ll try it. I went to H&M, but, yeah the quality looks low.

            Have you tried sweaters from jcrew factory? They seems to be highly recommended everywhere I read. But I tried their sport coat once and it was too long.

          • I just ordered a couple of items from JC Factory (no v-neck sweaters, although they are available in XS). I don’t like J. Crew, for the most part, because they don’t cater very well to shorter men, but right now everything at Factory is 50% off, so this is a great time to try out their XS stuff. I’ll let you know how it works out.


        • Thanks for the Rocco and Aiden tips, I’ll take a look at those. I’ve been on a quest for a slimmer chino. Gap Slim Tailored would be perfect if it was 1/4″ to 1/2″ smaller at the leg. Peter Manning is a good slim but the waist is off–too big in size 30 (fits like 31) but the rest of the leg is perfect. I’d definitely contribute to a Google Spreadsheet of preferred retailers!

  7. Great post, exactly my experience at 5’6″. Length is a big problem even when the rest fits. Gap S comes to mind. Are there that many >5’8″ smalls and xsmalls??? Where are all these weak tall people?

    Try Uniqlo for great polos in S and XS. Benetton and Urban Outfitters can be good too. Have to be careful not to dress like you’re 20 at these spots though.

    • Hey Andrew,

      Thanks for the recommendations. That’s a problem worth talking about – the stores that regularly carry S and XS sizes (and that tend to have slimmer fits) are catering to a younger crowd. So it’s usually cheaper (which is great because it’s affordable, but it falls apart, like H&M), and it’s got details that aren’t appropriate for adults – graphics, distressed looks, etc.

      I don’t have much experience with Benetton, but I’ll definitely check ’em out.


  8. Came across your site from realmenrealstyle – what an excellent article that sums up the woes of the short(er) man! I think for guys below 5’8″ (I’m 5’7″), you do get somewhat better luck from Asian brands like Uniqlo since the average height of men over here is around 5’8″ anyway. But even then, it’s not a sure thing. One other label I’ve discovered that fits me well (for tops only, I’ve not tried their pants and shorts) is H.E. by Mango. It’s my new favourite. 🙂

    • Hey Dave,

      RMRS is a great site. Antonio has been very generous in sharing his knowledge with me, not only about style but also about blogging. He’s the man!

      I’ll check out H.E. by Mango. Thanks for the tip.


  9. Damn straight, man. The last two times I went to the mall, I couldn’t find anything. Pants either fit around the waist and were too long, or had the right length but fit too tight around the waist. I’m 5’8 and almost all the shirts I tried on were too long. Brock- I’m pretty set on summer clothes but I only have a couple long sleeves and couldn’t use a general “fall guide” now that it’s getting colder. Hoping to see something like this soon if it’s not out there already. Great article, thanks.

  10. Interesting blog. I may be looking it again, but do you limit it to the smaller guys, or just the shorter guys. Some of us are short but built like tanks [‘m 5’8″ and 225 #s – and it ain’t all pudge( well some of it is : ( . ]

    • Hi Beau,

      This site is mostly focused on height, rather than build. After all, shorter guys come in all shapes and sizes. But some of my advice (especially when it comes to clothes I’m wearing) will work better for men who are small in general.

      That said, I try to keep the “tanks” and the heftier guys in mind by offering some alternatives.


      • Jamie Biddix says:

        I did not realize all this was a problem until I lost 30 pounds. Now I wear pretty much the smallest clothes you can find. At 5’7″ it is difficult to find anything. Shoes for me are just as bad. I do not have wide feet or narrow feet but my feet are very thin and most shoes wallow around on my size 9 foot and require an insole or spacer for the vertical depth.

  11. Probably the best article you have wrote on the topic that concerns the men under 5’8″. This needs to be published to a local newspaper. Thanks for speaking up for us! Bravo!!!

  12. I’m 5’3, 105 lbs, 30″ chest. I frequently find NOTHING in menswear. I tend to shop in kids’ depts because they fit me better than adult XS options. This works for basic shirts, pants, etc., but coats & jackets are near-impossible. Most every jacket is a 3-button polyester blend (never flattering on short guys), and the only kids coats I can find are parkas or fleece hoodies. I occasionally stumble across something well-fitting while thrifting, but I frequently have to compromise.

    Anyone have any places or sites to suggest?

    • Hi Scott,

      For blazers, etc., you could try Uniqlo. I’ve heard their jackets are better for smaller guys, although I don’t own any. My go-to jacket is from Indochino. For casual jackets, Express and Zara are my favorites (especially Zara).


    • My husband is about 5 10 and he shops kohls medium fits perfect. He does have a muscular build though that does helps. Love kohls and always big selection.

    • Paul C. says:

      Hi Scott,

      I am about the same size, and I too spend a lot of time searching the racks at thrift stores, or awkwardly searching in various boys departments (generally with no luck expect with button ups). Blazers and jackets have always been the hardest. I’ve gotten lucky at Urban Outfitters with a blazer once. It fit well all around, expect for the sleeves, which I had shortened. Another blazer/jacket that I love came from Arcteryx Veilance. Rather pricey, and still had to shorten the sleeves, but for whatever reason their stuff is very slim fitting and works well for small guys (i.e,. 5’3” / 5’4”).

  13. How short are we talking about. I’m 5’1” and fully grown. I can’t find anything that fits… T.T

    • In the broadest sense, I define short as 5’8″ and below (which is below average in America). But plenty of Modes Man readers are 5’1″, 5’2″, etc. I’m just under 5’6″ and about 130 lbs.


    • I’m 5’0″, I feel your pain. Children’s clothes are one of the few options off the rack that actually fit, but the options tend to be very childish and not good quality.

      • I’m in the same boat as Ennis and Scoot. I’m 5’1″ at 135 lbs at 48. All my life so far, I have looked all over for a store that would possibly cater to the smaller man. I normally buy my casual clothes at Old Navy (t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, sweaters), jeans and dress pants I get altered, which cost me even more money. Work shirts(mostly Ralph Lauren) I buy on Ebay. I’m glad I found this blog so I now have additional choices in stores to choose from. I am going to check out Uniulo for a blazer because I looked EVERYWHERE! My dress clothes are non existent and sneakers/shoes are the same, unless you want Spider-man on them.

        Keep up the good work Brock and chin up everyone!

        • 5 2″ 125 ish built…
          i wanna be fashionable but it is hard to find the right size for us short guys…
          here are some of my go to brands
          amani exchange xs is fantastic
          also try size two for lacoste
          john varvatos xs
          adidas 14-16
          well anything 14-16 but most of the it time looks bad
          coach xs
          fred perry xs… slim fit
          also asian brands in amazon are charm… get a prime and some trial and error for the sizes because some of them can get really small

  14. Walked through Nordstrom and apparently they carried Topman. I tried on this a skinny pea coat size XS and I couldn’t button it LOL. I tried on size S and it fitted comfortably to me, except the sleeves were too long.

    Topman doesn’t have good reviews on their quality, but I might shop there for waistcoats. I couldn’t find my size anywhere else (except H&M, but they only have gray and black waistcoats).

    • If you find one that fits in the shoulders and body and really like the style I think you should consider having it altered by a tailor. I, before moving, had a wonderful semi-retired tailor whose number I kept in my cell phone for just such occasions. There was a top coat in Banana Republic that I loved but like you, it was too long in the arms which means it was too long in the body as well. I stepped outside, called him with the details, describing the material, buttons, how much excess and the type of liner. He assured me that he could alter the coat and gave me an estimate on it’s cost. It worked great and because of that I tend to include alteration costs in my purchasing decisions now.

      • No, I didn’t like that pea coat; I’ve seen better one somewhere else on the web.

        Speaking of alteration, just found out from my tailor that he can’t alter a basic merino wool sweater. He said the machine cost $100,000. 🙁

  15. Volvatic pHERMOGLAG says:

    (Corrected version)

    Thanks for the excellent article. Very useful.

    The one thing stopping me from having my tailor create m-t-m shirts for me is finding the correct fabric(s). I still have no idea what I’m doing in that regard; any tips or links would be appreciated.

  16. I’m a 5’7 male. I’ve got a slim build and proportionately average arms and legs or my height. Large is my given size in t-shirts, shirts and short seleves. In pants, 36×30 works well for me. But I cannot find an off-the-rack suit that works for me. My tops aren’t perfectly proportioned but then again there aren’t too many good fitting options for short guys – at least under recently.

  17. Hey Brock, your post is just what I was looking for! I’ve tried J. Crew and have had terrible results. I just started shopping at Topman because they have XS & XXS sizes. Do you recommend them?
    Thanks for reading.

    • Hey Steve,

      I haven’t bought anything from Topman yet. I think it’s pretty similar to H&M, in that they carry small sizes and tend to make more fitted clothing. But the quality is also pretty low. Might be good for seasonal items (like a pair of chinos that you wear the crap out of for a few months, then put in the junk pile), but I wouldn’t buy a suit there.

      If you try them out, please let me know how it goes.


  18. Nice rant. Finding clothes that fit a short man is really quite difficult, especially if you are shorter than usual. I am under 5 feet tall in socks and you can imagine how difficult it is to buy clothes at any regular store. In TO, we do have a specialty store that caters to the short man 5’8 and under but to find clothes for someone who is 5 feet is even more difficult than normal. Lucky custom made shirts can be bought online (or you can go to there store and get measured) and it only costs around 60-75 dollars. Custom made suits run from 600 and up but it is custom made so they are expensive. If you have the cash, then custom made shirts and pants are probably the easiest way to get a wardrobe that fits properly and looks stylish.

    • Mike Newman says:

      I’m in the process of having my first suit custom made for me. I’m currently 4’11”. The shorter I get the harder it is to get the right fit. I finally gave in have begun getting my clothes custom made.

  19. Lee douglas says:

    Great blog! Always enjoy reading your stuff and just stumbled on this. I also really wish I were as tall as the average adult man. Thanks and I look forward to reading your future blog on those pesky urinals being too high!

  20. Philip Price says:

    Hi Brock,

    I’ve been reading your through some articles on your site and stumbled upon this one. This article hit home for me in so many many ways. I’ve always been frustrated and most of the time depressed after trying to shop for myself for clothes and walking out with either subpar clothing, or nothing at all. Just within the past month, I’ve been wanting to step up my style; of course, me being 5’4″, at a weight of 180 lbs, presents quite a challenge. Here I thought M and L sizes were the rule of thumb and that’s what I was stuck with. There’s quite a bit I need to learn, I see. Hell, I’ve never even been to a tailor! Anyways, thank you so much for this article, other articles, and everything you do, Brock.

    • Philip,

      Glad you found the blog! It’s never to late, so good for you for deciding to start dressing better. The single most important thing you can do right now is find a good tailor. Go through your closet and put everything into three piles:

      1. Stuff you like and wear regularly
      2. Stuff that could be altered for a better fit
      3. Stuff you haven’t worn in over a year

      Take everything in pile #2 to a neighborhood tailor to see what can be done. Give away or sell everything in pile #3.

      Don’t buy anything new until you know what you’re looking for. Hit me up if you want to chat about this.


  21. Nice article that touches on the whole problem of the clothing industry. I am not a short ass, but I am muscular, particularly in my legs and butt which gives me the problem of finding it enormously hard to find anything that fits properly. The slim pants won’t go on my legs, and the “loose” fits are too baggy around my lower legs or waist. Shirts are better, but often too tight around my shoulders and arms. It is just so crazy that retailers can’t provide more specific choices for different body shapes: Ie why have say 10 options for the skinny tall (average) build and no options for anything else (eg short or solid body shapes); as per the usual retail store? Do skinny/average framed people need 10 times more clothes? (or are there 10 times as many of these people around; possibly but I doubt it just looking around at all the badly dressed people in the mall who probably can’t also buy clothes that fit). Anyway not sure how the economics are meant to work for the fashion industry – but the reality is that I do love to buy nice clothes that look good on me and when I spend all day in a mall and find I can’t find a pair of trousers that fit – let alone having choices between different styles, surely that is a lost business opportunity for my spending money. There must be so much more that can be done – after all women seem to have way more options in the retail shops based on floor space devoted to them, so it seems there is room in the industry for clever ways to help men be able to dress better! Come on retailers – here is a great business opportunity it seems!

  22. This is a real problem, and it is getting worse. This is also an entrepreneur’s dream, but nobody has stepped up to the plate. There are big and tall men’s stores everywhere, but you never see short and fit stores. I was trying to buy some t-shirts and button down shirts today. I am 5’10″/5’11” and 160 lbs. All of the shirts from two different stores fits me in the chest, went way past my zipper (sometimes even to my shorts line), and were incredibly baggy in the stomach. It does not pay to be fit. When it comes to clothing, it is much better to be large or fat. The only shirts that have fit me nice have come from stores overseas.

    • The big and tall stores are for “big AND tall.” The short and fit, or short but still big are S— outta luck. Try finding an affordable suit with a jacket that fits if you are 5’8″ but need a 50″ jacket with 38/28 pants.

  23. francis says:

    I am an short asian, i totally support what your opinion!!! i have been tortured by this for ages. thanks for your suggestion and help!!! i thought only me who fell this way and got disappointed, but now i feel better~ great blog! 😉

  24. I am 5′ 7″ tall. I find nice fitting clothes at J.C.Penney’s.

    When I go to Macy’s I like Cubavera shirts, I have to purchase the Small, not medium size shirts. Forget about Express, the quality of their goods is an “F.”

    I have found casual shirts at Walmart “OP” ocean pacific brand fit, and I have found the finest fitting and wear jeans for me to be $20.00 wranglers.

    I don’t like wearing the Ralph Lauren POLO, I don’t like the rear tail, it gives me and lets me look short, I can’t wear their mediums, they make me look shorter and their smalls are too small around my arms.

    With pants, I have found all the majors to fit well, when I can find my waist size of 31″. I have thought about opening a store for men 5’8″ and under in Center City Philadelphia, Anyone interested in becoming an investor.


  25. Matthew K says:

    Fortunately it´s not a huge problem in Europe. 🙂
    I´m 5’7″ (173 cm), which is considered average or medium here.

  26. Very true! hard to find clothing for myself that gives a perfect fit being 5’6 that isn’t big in length

  27. Try on !, the best XS sizes! (and there exist XXS too!)

    • Hi Camilo,

      I actually haven’t had success with Topman. Their shirts and jackets were too long for me. How tall are you? Maybe I need to give them another chance…


  28. Thanks for some good info! Lands’ End amazingly enough recently started carrying just 3 slim fit mens’ pants (dress twills, corduroys and dry clean wool blend). I bought the first two kinds and they fit great plus they hem them to my inseam free Legs are pretty damn slim, so not for those with bigger width legs, but perfect for me.

    And ebay’s good for vintage 1960s sport coats with skinny lapels, but you need to measure a jacket you already have that fits for shoulder width and length Don’t go for a full 60s suit though, unless you want to wear your pants pulled up way high like the style was then.

    . Stores never have zipper jackets with sleeves short enough to fit me well so I was happy to snag a vintage Brooks Bros. suede jacket there with perfect sleeve length

  29. Wanted to add a bit of tall problem perspective here : I am a tall man (6ft7) but that doesn’t mean I can wear big and tall cloths. I don’t have a very wide build so I usually end up buying L and XL, which fit in the shoulders but then is short in the arms or body. Trousers are a problem too, most places don’t even go over 34 length! Many shoes stop at size 11 or they 12/13 is out of stock because there was only 1 pair available in the first place. Like you small men I am often forced to buy in expensive stores or at least pay extra for alterations. It’s the opposite problem of the one you raise in your blog but it still comes down to the same principle, the fashion industry goes buy the law of averages!!

  30. Luftschiff says:

    I just found this Blog and I am going to start following you, you´ve already been bookmarked. I am about 5´2 and I can never find anything that fits me. I don’t own a single pair of pants that’s not altered and shirts are no different. I just recently started to dress better and its really tough (especially if you’re on a budget).

  31. Hi Brock,

    Great website you have here, I just discovered it while randomly surfing the web lol
    The struggle is real also on the other side of the Atlantic pond, I live in France fortunately in Paris where I have more choices (compared to other smaller French cities)
    I am 5″1 so even more challenging. For sports outfits and shoes, it’s easy, I go to the teenagers section. What’s more difficult like you point out is the adult clothing with somewhat good quality and good classic look. An advantage here in Europe is the people tend to have fitted clothes.

    For business clothing like suits, I can find fitted suits without problem 34 or 36 but I always have to alter the length of the arms and trousers. For business shirts, I just buy them custom made from internet like tailorstore. For casual clothes, I get them from Zara or Monoprix a French supermarket (equivalent of Target in the US) that sell affordable stylish, good quality clothes (best quality/price ratio for their made in Italy cashmere sweaters $130). What’s troublesome is is the overall length and the arms length for jackets and coats. I spent quite a lot of money altering clothes. My new “hobby” is sewing, I just bought myself last week a sewing machine. Will learn how to alter easier stuff fist and hopefully will make myself one day my own shirt, trousers and jacket from scratch.


  32. I thought I was alone in my woes of finding stuff that fits. Reading about your troubles and reading through a lot of the comments has made me appreciate that I have it better than others. I’m 5’9″ and 140 lbs. and have such trouble finding good, fashionable clothing that fits. Usually if I stick to the slim section and brands, I’m okay. Heaven forbid I try to shop at LL Bean or Orvis. Thankfully, menswear these days are swinging more toward the slim silhouette.

    I bought $250-worth of sweaters from Tommy Hilfiger only to discover that their smallest size in sweaters, S, is too big. Had to go out of my way to get XS in Banana Republic polos. Their are a few brands I can depend on, like J Crew and Uniqlo, but it always seems to be a case of sacrificing money for quality or vice versa. One brand that has surprised me though, which seems to strike a perfect balance between the 2 is Frank and Oak. I’m pretty sure they make XS and 28 waist.

    Though I may have it better in the clothing department, shoes and accessories are increasingly difficult as I have a size 7 foot, thin wrists, and small head. Most good shoe brands cut off at size 8, and most men’s watches, bracelets, sunglasses, and hats look almost comical when I wear them.

  33. As a 5’1″ tall 17-year-old guy all I got to say is that X-small clothes perfectly fit you guys over 5’4″… I have some X-small tops and they barely fit me. Now, the realest issue for all of us is how all the retail shops don’t even sell XS sizes, like what?? I went to the mall last time and went into every store possible, even into Zumiez (supposing it was more a youngsters store type). I checked the Small sizes jackets and they fit me like a monster! I asked this 4’10” clerk lady to hook me some Xsmall jackets and she said “nope sorry we dont manage xsmall”, so I got pretty disappointed and just left the store. Wow it is so surprising that even stores that are dedicated to youth culture don’t even have XSMALL sizss! Now the only clothes that barely fit me well are Xsmall jackets and shirts, especially the shirts. While small clothing may fit me only if I was bulked up (thing that I am surely not).

    • 5’0″, pretty much given up trying to find clothing that fits in the adult or even older youth section. I fit into a kids size 12 almost perfectly most of the time. If you’re not a lot wider I would recommend looking at the basics in the kids section, it fits far better than even the XXS men’s size which still assumes you’re 5’6″. Sucks, but the only alternative is made to measure which is a lot more expensive. J.Crew has some nice stuff, but their jacket’s shoulders are a bit narrow. I found Hickey Freeman’s to fit better and look nicer. If you live in America you can actually go in and try their stuff on, which is a lot better than here in Australia where I have to order it online and basically just hope it fits.

    • I feel your pain. But XS definitely does not fit all men over 5’4″. I’m about 5’6″ and most XS are still too long for me.

  34. Dude thanks! Every clothes i put on was always 2-3 inch to long I even got depressed over it. I will definitely check out the stores you recommended. This article is over a year old, would they still fit for some one 5 ft 5 ? And are there any other stores that you would recommend? Thanks again for this article, it cheered me up!

  35. This literally sums up my life! Im a 5’3″ senior going into college and looking for clothes as I try to “dress up” my waredrobe is one of the most miserable and embarrassing things I have to do. Some days I feel like I’d be better off shopping at Babies R Us, thanks for the great website!

  36. Good read! At 5’2″ and 130lbs, clothes just aren’t made to fit me. Being overseas i left the fitting room long ago. My only option is to stick to the stores i know and pray that things fit when i find something elsewhere. I find American Eagle to be the best store for me in terms of length, fit, and price. Their XS can be a little long, but after a wash they fit much better. i’m not as lucky with their button ups ( i assume they come pre shrunk). Hey, but their jeans fit great!

    my question: can i expect to be just as satisfied with j.crew? any advice is greatly appreciated!

  37. What’s worse is being short and having a bodybuilder type physique. I’m 5’5 and 155-160, smalls fit too tight, and mediums can still be too tight and be too long as well. You were spot on with the stores. Express is pretty good with their sizing, I found that I can fit into medium shirts pretty well with minor tailoring, and depending on pants and jeans, they’re pretty good with their length. For Zara and H&M, my bodytype forces me to size up to a large. Which isn’t too much of a problem, as their lengths are pretty manageable. I absolutely agree with the advice on tailoring. When in doubt, size up and take it to a professional tailor. It costs a little extra in the end, but if they know what they’re doing you’ll look and feel great.

  38. As others have said, it is at least nice to not be alone in the struggle. For the past few years it has finally donned on me that I really am in a horrid size range for fashion (5’6″, 130). Like others, I went through the phase of trying kids clothing and just living with the bagginess and long length of smalls and even many extra smalls. In the past year or so I’ve begun to find more success with certain extra smalls from American Eagle, 21men and Gap. By no means the best quality but at least they offer many staples along with the more youth oriented/gross-trendy stuff. I’ve finally gotten my first order from H&M and am quite happy with the sizes and especially the length on a flannel shirt I got. I think I’m going to try order a few more casual button-ups from there since I’m graduating from college in a week and will hopefully ending working somewhere where they will be needed! (Would also love to hear if I probably need stick with slim fit shirts or if the regular fit wouldn’t be too horrible)

  39. Thank you for this article. At 5’5″ I’d say your “rant” it is spot on. I wear mostly jeans and t-shirts and it is still impossible to find clothes that fit. When is the last time you’ve seen jeans with a 28″ inseam in the stores? Medium t-shirts fit me comfortably but un-tucked it looks like I’m wearing a dress. Most long sleeve t-shirts have sleeves that are about 6″ too long for me. Any suggestions on wear to find casual jeans and t-shirts. Again, thank you for this blog.

  40. I’m with Rey on this – I’m 5’4″, a former competing bodybuilder and at my good weight, I was right in there at 155lbs. (I’m older and flabbier now, but taking care of it…) Point is, I haven’t worn a medium shirt since I was in the 9th grade. My shirts have almost always been L or XL. Pants were and still are generally my biggest challenge, but finding a suit which can be successfully tailored to fit is another big challenge. My clothes have always been altered or tailored. It’s never been a choice. I’m hoping to find some resources and guidance from other short guys.

  41. syed kabir says:

    Hi brock. This is syed. I’m only 5feet 3 inches. Too short. I really wants to wear chinos. Please tell me can i wear chinos? And which type of jeans i can wear. Please let me know if possible thanks.

  42. Wow – Nice to find this place out. I am 5’5 – 200lbs – Perfect weight for my size and build is 180lbs. My neck is 18 1/2 but sleeve length is 32/33. Every shirt I find I can fit 2 or 3 of me in them but the neck is very
    comfortable. My pants: I am a 36/37 waist – 29 length. I obviously am short and broad. I am so tired of retailers not having anything for me.

  43. angela carter says:

    im from liverpool in uk iv been trying to buy my hubby a nice named pair of fleece jogging bottoms hes 34 inch waist and 29 inch leg omg its impossible the only ones i can see are crappy unisex wich i know he wont like HELP!!!

  44. Wow! I just stumbled on this and found your website and it’s great! I’m 5’4″ and shopping is incredibly frustrating. I rarely attempt to dress well because nothing fits! When I was younger I easily got away with clothing from athletic stores (sweats, hoodies, basic t-shirts) but now I’m a young professional and looking that way is next to impossible! I love the suggestions that you have and can’t wait to try them out. I’ve had some luck at H&M and Express which I see you mentioned on your site but it seems like express has turned their back on us short men! I use to get by with 30X30 that were just a little bit to long but they changed their sizing recently on jeans and are just like everyone else now. Their way too long!!

  45. I HATE trying to find clothes that fit. I’m around 4′ 10″ , and any pants or jeans I buy are either too short and too tight, or too long. They always need to be hemmed.

    And trying to find something to wear for running during the winter here in California? Ha, yeah right. I spent more than an hour in Sports Authority trying to find a hoodie, but all were too long. Hell, I didn’t even SEE a kid’s section in the store.

    At least I got some okay running shoes (they do feel nice..can’t wait to actually trying running in them), but stores hardly ever have ones in my size….and the kids shoes are uuuuu-gly! (Or at least stupid looking) Lol

    Being a short guy sucks . Why did I have to be short AND born with Cystic Fibrosis (which sucks about as much as being short)?

  46. I’m 5’6″ with a medium build and I’ve never really encountered this. I buy clothing from practically whatever store and only occasionally have the smalls been too long. Even jeans are fairly easy to find. I can usually walk into any store that sells 30″ length and they’ll fit fine.

  47. Buy online from or go to Japan or South Korea. All men’s clothing they sell there are for short thin guys. You will be in heaven.

    • Best advice.
      I’m 5ft 5in and regularly find I am a Japanese size medium. 80% of my jackets/tops are from Japan. UNIQLO in many countries is not bad; their Western XS is a good fit for me. Their Japanese S is perfect (but of course you have to go to Asia for that.)
      Of western brands, Steven Alan, J. Crew, Jack Spade & American Apparel all have passable ‘real’ smalls.

  48. allstarweekend says:

    I’m 6’5″ 230lbs and have the same problem if not worse. Clothes for the average build do not fit lengthwise, but sleeve length (short sleeve of course) ideal being that the length allows a little bicep to show. On the other hand, there are tall mens clothing stores, but patterns and styles are very limited and often designers assume that tall guys have a need for pockets, pockets, and more pockets. Long sleeves in tall stores are too often not long enough, short sleeve items’ sleeves fall below the elbow, shirt lengths are too long (about mid thigh) even for tall guys, and shirts are excessively loose. Pants! If you need a 36×36 in pants it’s assumed that you have a 56 inch waist. Overall tall clothes are made for 8′ 500 lb men. You may need to try custom fit. There’s a place online that offers three dress shirts for $99 dollars. Not bad compared to the cost of off the rack clothes that do not fit.

  49. Thanks for writing about this. I have the hardest time with clothes. I end up going forever without buying anything because it’s so disappointing – always. I’m 5’4″‘ 125 lbs. Athletic, so I have a great shape, but nevertheless cannot find clothes. I recently hit a Buffalo Exchange while I was in Las Vegas. Found a pair of Diesel “Zathan” Jeans in 28/30. I bought them for $28 which is a bargain from their $190 price tag as listed on Amazon. Great jeans. Great denim. And Diesel seems to know how to design for men to look really good. And 30 length is usually a bit too long for me, but for some reason it seems okay in these jeans. I recommend them. However, even the 28s are a little too big in the waist for me. Luckily, Deisel makes them in 27. Unluckily, who really wants to drop $200 for a pair of jeans. I guess I’ll break down and get some eventually because I really need them. At least I actually found a style of jean that I like and know what size to actually get them in. Big step in my ongoing jean dilemma. As for shirts, I think I’m to start exploring what size my body correlates to in Asian sizing. And go that route – online. Maybe I’ll figure out my Asian size in jeans too. Again, thanks for writing this. I feel you guys and I’m right here with you all in this.

  50. As a 5 ft tall man, yes that’s right, 5′ 0″, this could not be truer. It its hard for short men to find proper fitting clothing, it is impossible to find any at my size. So my solution in progress is to learn to tailor my own clothing. Tough circumstances require tough solutions.

  51. Being 5’9″, I guess makes me short-average, but I’m on the slim side, so shopping at Buckle works for me. You might want to try them.

  52. I’m in the same boat, except that I’m tall and thin with long arms. Like you, shirt lengths are often too long, but finding shirts with sleeves that are long enough is an even more daunting task. Personally, I think the polo shirts fit you great, and while you may struggle to find sleeves that are short enough, I think that’s far better then struggling to find sleeves that are long enough, because you at least have the option to alter or roll up sleeves that are too long.

    Finding pants that fit well is probably even harder, although inseam lengths do seem more true to size nowadays, then 5 or so years ago. For a short span of years, I struggled to find pants sold anywhere that fell below my ankles, but it wasn’t because so much because my legs are so long, but rather because inseam lengths were never the length stated on the label. My inseam length isn’t even considered a tall size, but I couldn’t find pants that fit in tall or regular.

    So you may now be wondering why I couldn’t find pants in tall sizes. Well, that’s because tall sizing isn’t really for tall men, but rather for big men. If you need pants with a long inseam, then you’d better have a big waist, as well.

    Ironically, I shop at many of the same stores as you do, although I’m probably much older. My main reason for shopping at those stores is because they offer clothing that fits me. I’m thankful for all the stores offering slim fits and clothes that fit me, because I’ve had to settle for baggy fits that were too short for most of my life. But if you really want to blame someone, you should probably blame all the men who prefer to wear clothing that’s too big for them, because that’s who I think most general retailers are targeting.

    As I noted, I think those polo shirts fit you great. Tennis tails are meant to hang lower on your posterior, so you should stay away from tennis tails if you don’t like that. Not all polo shirts are made to fit the same, but my guess is that the polo shirts you tried on here were made to fit as they do on you. Similarly, you’re not a slim guy, so don’t expect slim fit shirts to fit you well. You should be able to find shirts that fit as you like them to fit without resorting to slim fits. Even though I’m very slim, I often size down and wear relaxed fit shirts, because the slim fit versions are made to fit someone bigger or are too long.

    I’ve often thought the same thing about men’s sizing and how women seem to have many more options. However, keep in mind that women’s clothing is typically more fitted, so they need more options. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more options for men, but just pointing out that there is a reason why you’ll find more for women.

    I’ll close by begging you to stop complaining about sleeve lengths being too short, because men with long arms like myself have zero options when sleeves are too long; at least when it comes to buying off the racks. You don’t know how jealous I am of men who are able to roll up their sleeves and still have them cover their wrists. Neither of us would have a problem buying a MTM shirt that fit great, but I promise you that OTR shirts with sleeves too long are better then OTR shirts with sleeves that are too short.

    • Btw, you should be stocking up this year, because almost every top I’ve purchased recently has had shorter sleeves. Even in brands I shop regularly, such as J.Crew, I’ve had to send everything back because the sleeves were too short. Seems like that’s been a trend for this year.

      When it comes to Uniqlo, the sleeves on some tops are great, while others are extremely short, in my experience. I’ll also note that I’ve also had problems in the shoulders and chest with Uniqlo tops, even though I rarely experience that problem with other brands.

      Speaking of which, I wonder how much your taste falls in line with younger clothing lines that are made to fit shorter (read too short), such as Hollister. Even though I have the same problem with shirt lengths that you do, I still find Hollister shirts to fit too short, but they’re made to fit too short. I actually don’t like anything about Hollister, but if you’re looking for really short shirts, then maybe you’re looking at the wrong brands? Penguin tops also seem to run short, so that’s another option.

  53. On the opposite side of the spectrum, I am a tall (6′ even) woman and even though clothing designers create their clothing to display on tall women, I can never find a shirt that even begins to be long enough for me, even in the X-large sizes, when would be totally too wide anyway. I grew up wearing mens pants and jeans because women’s dress pants and jeans will not fit me.

  54. Hi Brock! You can try to buy Polos from U.S. Polo Assn. It fits much better than another factories (i’ve 1,63m).

  55. Antony James says:

    I’ve found shirts are very long here even if you go for size “S” or “XS”.The worst place to buy pants are from old navy.I bought a 30″ pant which is 34″ when I measured it.Maybe it makes fat people think they are fit. A&F, and H&M are the only ones that run true to size.But A&F is for young adults, and H&M is inferior quality.

  56. I completely disagree with you that short women are catered to. I have the same struggles you do trying to find pants that fit as a 5’1 woman. I’m a healthy weight (average, not overweight and not “thin”) with a large chest and it’s almost impossible to find anything that fits me in the torso. Anything that fits my chest will be way too big everywhere else, and anything that fits my waist is way too tight for my shoulders (I’m also broad shouldered) and chest.

    As far as pants are concerned, I have to settle for something that fits in the waist, buy skinny jeans, and roll the cuff. But pants off the rack are a good two inches too long.

    Unlike men’s clothing, women’s pants only come in one length so whatever the manufacturer decided was legit is what you’re stuck with.

    There are some pants that will fit me, I sometimes have to go into petiets but this often involves buying 3-4 sizes bigger (women’s clothing also doesn’t have any kind of standardized sizing, petite sizes are for people who are both short and very thin) and these are often only sold online as well.

    I don’t want to come in here and be all “Okay your problems.. BUT LISTEN TO MY PROBLEMS.” I just think we need more short people solidarity, lol.

  57. Your typical asian says:

    Been living in Australia for 2 years now and nothing is more frustrating than shopping around and see all these clearance sale but is just pointless since nothing over there would fit me. Im around 5’4 and 140lbs and it’s really difficult to dress nice when there’s not a lot of option to look around. I’ve a friend in the US that is about the same body type as me he normally buys his stuff at H&M, problem is H&M is only in Melbourne and they dont do online store here.

    Anyone from the land down under that could point me to the right direction on what brand clothes that best suits me (pun intended), I will highly appreciate it

    • There’s a H&M in Brisbane now, I think a few more are opening. I’m shorter and smaller than you and I’ve found that boys clothing can fit rather well, I would recommend going into David Jones or Myer and seeing if anything in a size 16 fits. It’s not ideal but it’s better than nothing, plus kids clothes can be cheaper. Just make sure that the quality is reasonable, I’ve found that Industrie is quite good, but unfortunately here all kids’ suits seem to be made from polyester. You can also try ebay if you know your size. Even if you don’t you can message sellers and ask for measurements to compare against items you own that fit.
      Oh, just remembered a couple of brick and mortar store that might have your size. y.d. goes down to a XXXS and sells suits and dress shirts. JayJays is a sort of teen-orientated store but you can just avoid the trendier items, they sell jeans down to 26 waist and shirts down to XXS or XXXS.

  58. Carlos Alva says:

    Have anybody tried the XS in Banana republic tailored slim fit. It is their slimmest fit up to date. I am 5’2 and usually it fits me fine on the shoulders but the length kills me. Any ideas ??

    • At this point, I’ve tried and just got a shirt in. I ordered a small slim fit–while it is not as short as I would like, the tail is shorter than average (it is made to wear untucked on normal guys–so it is not super long). It looks ok.

      Problem is they are very expensive–$70-$100 per shirt.

  59. Jimmy Smity says:

    I’m 5’7″ and the smalls don’t fit me. It’s pretty absurd. I didn’t know so many others felt the same way.

  60. Hi Brock, Just found your rant… I’m 5’3″ & so much ring true with me, I would also like to know if nobody else has to issue with trousers being to baggy at the crotch ? I assume that this is due to the fact that the distance between the waist & the crotch is standard for all waist sizes & leg lengths. Also if the trousers have a tapered leg once it has been taken up the bottom’s are to wide ! (straight fit & jeans are fine)

    I guess the worlds Hobbits will have to wait a bit longer for fashion industry to realize that there are still a lot of people that don’t fit there ideal template.

  61. 5’4 and 140lbs here in the land down unda and stores here are like hell on earth for us short guys. I live in Adelaide which doesn’t say much about shopping and there’s no point going out to shop for clothes as I always go home empty handed since there is nothing that will fit me. Kmart’s XS is my only solace but very limited choices. Shopping overseas, the shipping is just too expensive, more expensive than the items. It is depressing when I really really really want to dress nicely(reasonable price in mind) so I would feel good about myself, instead I have to settle wearing clothes that is essentially not my size and along with my confidence going south.

    Oh, the worst part is when stores are going massive clearance sales and you can only wish your lucky stars that you can even at least buy a pair of socks that goddamn fits. Nowadays everything cost too much and being a short guy cost even more money in order to look presentable. #injustice

    Suggestions on where to buy/what clothing brand here in Australia to look for is HIGHLY appreciated.


    • hinikutensai says: There’s already been advice. I’d add that though it’s all online, ASOS can be quite good, and if you order $40 or over of stuff shipping is free.

      • Have you tried ordering from them? and what size do you recommend I should go for? Should I go for the S or XS from this brand considering my height and built (140lbs/63kgs)? It’s a bit weird coz with cotton on it’s hit and miss with their S and XS, sometimes XS could be too small and S is just a wee bit bigger but good enough. I hate my life lol


        • hinikutensai says:

          I have, but I’m not really your size so can’t say with any confidence. I think the short sizes in pants should be good for you, shirts and jackets all I can say is that I tend to get the smallest possible size but at 5’0″, they’re too long for me. Sizing also depends on whether you’re getting their in-house ASOS brand, or something from a different brand still listed on the site. You could either gamble it now, or wait until one of their unconditional free shipping promotions and buy a cheap shirt to see the fit.

  62. Yep. Lately I’ve been buying XL Shawn White shirts from the boys section of Target. I just got back from a trip to REI, and have eliminated any shirt made by any brand they carry. Which is incredibly frustrating, as I need lightweight hiking clothes.

    Shirts, sweaters, and jackets all seem to be the toughest to locate for me. especially when you don’t want to spend $60 on a shirt.

  63. My dress shirts are always altered. I would buy off the rack. How the fuck is it slim fit if I still have to bring it in to make it slimmer? American designers are using tall chubby men for their slim fits. I have found that using English labels such as Superdry and Steel&Jelly is the way to go. I have been buying off the rack their medium and I don’t need to have the sleeves thinner or chest smaller. I used to like English Laundry but Chris Wicks have been feeding his models an American diet and it’s no better than Ralph, Tommy, Kenneth, ect.

    • BTW 156lbs, 5’7″ and medium build. My favorite pants are Levis 511 slim straight trousers. They fit well and doesn’t make you look like a dwarf as other labels. The Kenneth Cole slim fit trousers still looks like you have wide, short legs for being marketed as slim fits. The Vineyard Vines label also fits well.

  64. Someone else has notice, I’m 5′ 6″ and my biggest problem is shirts. Non of the damn things fit, all of them are far too long. I have also found your tight fitting problem, I am quite slim, but even I struggle to fit into some of the ridiculous sizes that come off the shelf. They are made for children not adults.

  65. Well, not gonna lie here : I am a weak 5’9″, very skinny with bad proportions (short torso; long legs) but it’s not bad for me. I wouldn’t blame my height for the fact, that my tops are too long, but my proportions and my weight itself. If I had a little bit more fat on my body, just like most other men (know these very skinny 6’2″ guys? Ever seen these guys with too short tops? I haven’t. Mostly, these guys wear baggy tops – just because they have no choice. I doubt they all love that look), I wouldn’t have these problems. I am from Germany and never been to America, but consider that German people are A LOT taller than Americans. For me, I would say, here, the realistic average height for men is about 1.85m and for women 1.73m. A lot of people are even taller than that – so it shouldn’t make much difference.
    TL;DR : I’m not tall either and haven’t really had clothing problems because of my height. Well, I had, but that’s because I am a major perfectionist, lol.

  66. FramingHammer says:

    Thank you for this blog. I’m a 5-5, 147-lb 45 year old professional and I don’t want to hit the boys section and look like my 10 year old son. Banana Republic and J Crew have usually been OK for sweaters but recently their S is too baggy and too long. I did get some decent fitting shirts from Uniqlo the other night and they look good but I’m unsure about quality so far. I’ve had some luck finding khakis at Gap with a 29 or 30 waist and 29 inseam but it’s rare. I hate going online because I like to try things on first.

  67. Hi great article! Definitely feel your pain when it comes to shopping sometimes. I’m 5’5″ and weigh 112lbs so finding clothes that work for me took a very long time. Im mostly a T-Shirt and Jeans kinda guy so it hasn’t been too much of a struggle for me.

    I usually shop online at these three places:,, and

    Nudie Jeans has some nice basics tees that fit well (extra small) on me and their jeans are from size 24 (I believe) and higher. On Asos its a bit trickier. The XXS is usually the size thay fits me for sweaters, jackets, tees, and pants. Btw i always buy slim pants no matter what because I’m slender. Last but not least Scotch and Soda tees run smaller than the average brand. Their Small fits like an XS and the tees are super high quality. They will run you about $50 for a tee though. I justify the cost with the quality and the fit.

    If you want to shop at J. Crew the only place worth buying is in their Slim Shop. Everything else marked XS outside of this shop are too big for a guy my height/weight or shorter.

    Ive been to Zara, Banana Republic, H&M, and all those name brands you can think of and they do not have anything for small men like us. Unless you go to a place like Tillies but their stuff is usually for the younger crowd. So theres really no point in even shopping at those places because it’s a waste of time.

    I can also recommend boys size Adidas and Nike for track pants as those fit nicely and snug if you like slim fitting joggers. The Adidas ones are usually the same design.

    Good luck to everyone here!

    • Hey Jimmy,

      Thanks for the detailed shopping tips! I do like some ASOS XS and XXS sizes, although they tend to get slimmer but not shorter.

      Will check out boys’ joggers at Nike and Adidas.


  68. Not-so-big Al says:

    Just saw this and have to comment. I’m 5’10 and 162, trim/athletic build. I would, and used to, just consider myself average height, since 1) I’m pretty sure it’s true in the US statistically and 2) that was just my everyday experience. Clothes shopping, especially in the last 5 years, has on its own convinced me that I’m a short or abnormal male.

    The one overall point I would add is that it isn’t just 5’8 and shorter guys as you say. It’s guys who are 5’9 and 5’10, which is really getting right into the meat of the bell curve. Honestly, given the proportions I’ve been seeing at popular retailers recently, I think you would have to push that even higher– maybe as high as 6′ in some places. There is just no other conclusion you can draw: Average-built guys shy of 6′ or 6’1 are considered small. That’s absurd.

    Let me sketch it out further. Size small fits a guy in the 5’9-5’11 range, provided that he is very slim in the chest. Size medium fits a guy 6′-6’2, who is slim or of average build. However, there is, potentially, a secondary group who gets served: husky or heavy-set guys. I would agree that smalls tend to be just slim all around, but many mediums have enough room to accommodate a little bit of bulk or very broad shoulders, and in that case, the sleeves fall pretty well. Now, some of this will depend on whether it’s a classic or slim fit, whether it’s going for European tailoring, etc., but in general, it holds true. The fashion industry really likes you if you’re average height and really skinny. They also like you if you’re taller than average, since most guys in the over-six-foot range have their choice between large and medium based on body type. However, under six feet, with an average/athletic/toned body, which you’d think is the most likely case, it’s almost impossible to find anything with sleeves that are anywhere near the right position. All the common retailers, anything in the $$-$$$ budget, department stores, outdoor wear– size medium sleeves are not tailored to size medium bodies. They are for size 6’2 bodies, or, if you get lucky, a body somewhere along the lines of 5’10 190-200, broad-shouldered and slightly bulky that can fill out the orangutan sleeves.

    My doctor tells me to stay fit and stay healthy. Macy’s tells me to gain 30 pounds.

    I know that the sub-5’8 crowd really suffers the most here, but just checking in from the REAL average crew: sleeve lengths on size mediums make zero sense. 90% or more are totally out of line, falling somewhere along my knuckles. I really think that the problem has gotten worse in the past 5-10 years, since I don’t remember this when I was a teen — it would be interesting to hear from behind the scenes in the industry — but either way, I think most guys have just thrown in the towel and adjusted. I don’t know how to spend $200 on something that is blatantly terribly tailored to me, and so I just don’t buy new clothes much anymore. Final point: it’s awesome that there are dressy options for custom wear. But anything casual or outdoorsy and you’re screwed. You just can’t buy clothes outside the major production lines, and they have all hopped on the same bandwagon.

  69. Thanks for this. I already do most of what you say by shopping online, I worked out that much myself; but what pisses me right off the most, is the fact that brands like Billionaire Boys Club will go down to a size small (36-38) and I’m (32-34) but on the Billionaire GIRLS club link, they sell XS sizes?? Like wtf? Do some brands not even consider or even realise that there are men who can also be a femenin build? Its constantly either a S or M and it’s pissing me off. There’s this superdry 199 leather jacket I bought which is a S and goes down to my crotchh understandably cos I’m XS it’s like I’m being forced to work my build get taller and wider on my own just to fit into some fucking clothes?????

  70. At 5’6″ I have been enduring this issue for years, but because I’m also naturally stocky and a big lifter, you can add that issue to the problem of shopping for clothes (you can forget shopping for kids clothes with my build). GAP seem to have some good fitting polos, in size small (especially the “lived in” range, and LL Bean sometimes too).

    Shorts are one of the most difficult thing to find to get the right above the knee length (IMO 7″ inseam) and also the right size to accommodate my thighs. I’ve found that athletic jersey type shorts work best (in size small) for me, but even they are a compromise and obviously no good for anything other than lounging around, casual wear or the gym. Wanted some Chino shorts – LL Bean looked promising, but too tight on the thigh (for me). Trying Abercrombie with some of their shorts, but it’s annoying that there isn’t a store that lets you choose clothes by height and body type (Peter Manning is great, but stock is limited).

    Jeans… ugh… don’t even get me started!

  71. It is quite rare to see men especially young men today who are well dressed. Perhaps their fathers either failed to teach them or set the example of proper attire themselves. Many wear pants that are not fitted, too long and bunched up like an accordion. Now in my late 60’s, I grew up in an era when men and boys wore custom tailored clothes even in high school and some in Jr. High and this was among lower income boys. Tailor shops were replete in a section of the city of New Orleans called Rampart Street. Unlike today, a pair of custom tailored slacks in the 50’s-60’s cost around $15-$18, which today would cost $150-$250, not particularly cost effective for the average contemporary man’s budget. One way to have the best of both worlds if you possess a height/size challenge is to take classes (if offered at a local community college) in Men’s Custom Tailoring and make your own, such as I did. I’ve made my own slacks since the 70’s or selectively purchased high quality slacks from thrift stores and altering to fit.
    Young men today should comb through vintage men’s clothing magazines to identify proper style and fit of clothing rather than be subject to the whims of lackluster agenda driven fashion designers who’s creativity or lack thereof is like unto the style of “The Little Rascals”.

  72. Brock/All,

    I am not too early to post a comment right? I mean this was blogged 2 years ago and with fresh comments is seems not much has been done to help the less than average hight guy. I am about as frustrated as y’all, and yes I’m southern, so y’all!

    I’m gonna plug Jos. A Bank. Really, you’ll have to be patient because the clothing can be tailored, and suit/dress pants are meant to be tailored. Oh, I’m 5’5″ and 170, dropping weight a little, but built short and sporty. The plug is due to my working at a Jos A Bank. I know for a fact that this store stocks from 14″ neck 32 ” sleeve slim fit shirts, and up to big and tall sizes. Suits start at size 36 slim fit coat and on up. So for fitting options there are some. We short folks still need to be fitted/measured and custom tailored, but at least there are options. And with sales like buy 1 get 2 free, you can have 3 custom suits for under 1000 dollars any day of the week, including tailor fees. Pair a nice lite grey or strong navy suit with a slim fit shirt and a smooth pair of leather shoes like wingtips, or split toe oxford to get long straight lines and you’ll look taller instantly.

    Not the most cost effective option, but dressing in this manner will create a slimmer longer look to boost confidence and make you seem a little taller.

    If your near Myrtle Beach, sc I can help out at my store, but if not just drop in your local Jos A Bank and see the options, try on the options and look at a long slim fit to feel a bit better fit. As for the s,m,l,xl,xxl,xxxl sizes, s = 14 1/2 neck 34 sleeve, m = 15 1/2 neck 35 sleeve, and so on, so we sort of have to avoid s,m,l shirts and go with fitted slim shirts. I hope this helps some guys, I know I help folks dress daily and it helps when you see it. Also, a colorful skinny tie and some fun socks peeking out from your loafers or oxford make a bright pop from a distance apart, this makes the outfit look longer and more form fitting.

    Hope y’all try Jos A Bank and get fotted, you’ll like it.

  73. 5.7″ 1/2 + stocky build = ?

    T shirts medium that dont fit around the waist but squeeze your arms (and sweat up your armpits in summer). Large trousers that barely accomodate your legs, but dont fit around the hip.
    Coats and jackets? Dont get me started on sleeve length to shoulder width ratios.

    Result: nothing ever fits quite nice, and you either look like you re dressed one size under or that you stole your older brother’s clothes.

    *sigh* at least finding shoes is no problem…

  74. I remember when I got out of college my dad (who is 6’3″) wanted to buy me a suit (I’m 5’8″). So we went to the local mall and into a somewhat fancy retailer whose name I don’t remember. We were looking for a suit with 38 Short jacket.

    We looked all over the store. They had Regular and Long jackets but no Shorts. So we asked the sales guy and he said, in a very snooty voice, “We don’t carry Shorts.”

  75. Hi, I just want to add my voice to this. I completely agree that it’s very difficult to find clothes to fit if you’re under 5ft 8 and slim. What’s more annoying than not finding anything ‘off the peg’ at all, is the fact that companies such as Gap are making their xs clothing bigger than they used to. So there are even fewer places to buy clothes from.
    I’ve had to get my shirts and suits made for me now (very pleased with them and better than anything off the peg, but very expensive).
    Have you got any suggestions for outdoor clothing brands that fit slim, shorter guys? North Face xs is massive and Berghaus have made their XS bigger. Thanks.

  76. I was just online trying to find someone to alter my suit that was bought off the rack. I am 5’5″ and have been ill dressed all my life. I am muscular so smalls fit snugly but everything is too long. Peter Manning is too expensive so I get things altered and it always shows. You can’t just chop suit jackets, sweaters and button ups. It is not a laughing matter when a sales snob points you to the boys section. Glad I live in Florida where hardly any clothing is needed but us shorter men still must attend formal functions occasionally.

  77. Not to barge in, but as a 6’2″ man that is quite a bit on the skinny range, often times mediums are simply too short for me, and medium talls are too long.

    Rest easy knowing that outside of the magical range of 5’9 – 5’11 it’s hard to find perfectly fitting stuff off the rack.

    Buying online and returning is your best bet. Often times I’ll order multiple sizes return any that don’t fit, or all of them if none do.

    Good luck! I know how frustrating it is to find clothing that does not fit!

  78. Are there any good stores that aren’t really expensive? I’m a 5″0 adult male and not able to grow anymore which frustrates me to no end because even if I do end up finding a shirt that is xtra small (and a small looks like a medium or large on me) I tend to not like the shirts at all and sometimes I can’t find the correct pant length for me either I wish stores would consider smaller males more often.

    • Stanley says:

      Did you find any stores that fit you because I’m 5″0 and I’m only 16… I’m near the age where I don’t grow and always struggle where to buy any clothes!!!

  79. I stumbled on this article while searching for good athletic clothing (like under armor) and casual clothing (like, say a henley) for my height, 5’-5”. Any recommendations for a store/site for casual or athletic clothing will be appreciated. However, if you are looking for good quality dress shirts and jackets at very reasonable prices, Hugh&Crye is hands down THE place. H&C has fantastic sizing options for different heights and body types. Check out their website, you won’t be disappointed. I do not work for them, but enjoy wearing a dress shirt that actually fits the way it supposed to fit.

    • Thanks for the recommendation. I actually haven’t had luck with H+C. Their smallest shirt/jacket fits me like a J. Crew XS (or 34s). It’s slim enough, but still too long in the torso and sleeves.

      Plus the small things – collar point, pocket placement, etc. – are still proportionately too big.

  80. Hi,

    I’m an FTM guy pre-transition. I’m 5’3″ – speaking generously. Though I do still have the potential for growth, I don’t yet know if I even want to start testosterone – meaning that I will likely remain at this height for the rest of my life.
    Long story short – this article has given me a lot of ideas on new places to look, as I’ve already tried all the Aeropostals, JCPennys, and Targets I could find.

    So thanks!


  81. You’ve summed up my frustrations perfectly. Thanks for the site

  82. I started sticking to European companies, particularly when it comes to shirts. It’s unfortunate but American made tshirts are usually pieces of shit, manufactured in some Burmese sweat shop at five cents a pop, and they stick to some arbitrary default size, that might only fit Gumbee properly. It sucks because the shirts I like the most are always the ones that fit the worst. I stick to H&M, Asos, and Top Shop for most of my clothing.

    • I have found to be useful. At least the shirts are shorter and designed to worn untucked. Which means they fit us shorties a little better in length. They are a bit expensive. But I have been enjoying my blue button down oxford. It upsets me that Target seems to have discontinued their Mossimo “athletic cut” shirts which (polos and t-shirts) which fit me rather well.

    • Try for shirts that are short torso (made to be worn untucked). A bit expensive, but I have been enjoying my button down blue oxford.

  83. Bill Doyle says:

    A big part of the problem is a bunch of metrosexual fashionista’s who have convinced everyone that an untucked shirt should look virtually the same as a tailored shirt that is tucked in and are obsessed with borderline high water pants.

    I am 5″10″ and like my untucked shirts to look really casual (which means about 1 1/2″ longer than the fashion mavens tell me my shirts should look like) and I like jeans that stack, which means a 35″ inseam is just right for me. The consensus among people who advise other people on what to wear seems to be that everyone should look like a 23 year old vegan who lives at Starbucks with their laptop.

    I say to hell with them.

    It might be cheaper for y’all to move to Texas than go through the hassle of shopping for things that look ridiculous on you or paying a fortune for a tailor. Whenever my girlfriend or I see the “images” of what an untucked shirt is supposed to look like we always pick the “wrong” one as looking by far the best.

    If you do want a more tailored look in an untucked shirt and you are not 6’2″ I highly recommend UNTUCKit. Definitely size up, but you will get your shirt that is exactly the right length if you don’t like wearing shirts that come down to the bottom of your pockets and your zipper which is the way people wear their casual clothes down in these parts.

    • Considering that the vast majority of men (at least in America) wear clothes that are way too big, I’m totally okay with the swing toward slim fit clothing. Sure, maybe it went a little too far, but that’s how trends work.

      And it’s cyclical, so even now we’re seeing more relaxed fits make a comeback, which is great for guys who value comfort above all else.

      As far as stacking and shirt length, stacking never looks good on short men, period. And shirts that go past mid-fly make short men look shorter. These principles aren’t subjective, and they apply to men of average height too (although you may not car as much).

  84. Steven Wills says:

    One thing not mentioned (or maybe not in detail) is how you can find that shirt that fits but something silly is ruining it. I’ll find a polo that fits but for some reason the sleeves are super short to the point it might as well not have sleeves. A big usse for me is tucking shrits in. I’m 5’4 with a 30 waist. There is ALWAYS bunched up fabric around my waist. It’s ridiculous. I’ve always wondered why women have clothes for all heights but men don’t. Jeans are realatively easy. I get Levi 505s and can get them hemmed. It is just ridiculous because 30 is the smallest lenght a lot of brands make and it is the smallest stores carry. A 30 is the shortest length they make is adult jeans but it is typically 5 inches too long.

  85. Brock — thank you for this rant!! At a grand 5’2″ with a 30-32 inch waist depending on the company, this is the MOST relatable post I have ever come across. Worse, I’m actually in Japan and because the suits here for men my height are also for men who’d blow away in a strong breeze (and I am a cyclist and rower) I am having a hell of a time finding anything that fits. Gonna have to try buying something for someone taller and getting it tailored so I don’t end up with a weird hourglass shape…So even clothes that are supposed to fix the height issues come with other problems…

  86. Imagine this, mid 40’s, 5′-0″ tall, 16″ neck , 40″ chest, and a 29 inch waist. Now try to find a suit , sport coat and a dress shirt to fit that frame. When I was in my 20’s a fitted shirt was a fitted shirt not a huge sail that almost reaches you knees, nor the other other extreme where you can’t even button the shirt.
    One solution I found that works for me is to be content with the few items of clothing I have.
    It might be an advantage otherwise I might have a closet jam packed with clothing. Less clothes some alterations and more often than not get complimented for dressing nice.
    I actually find it more difficult to find a decent pair of shoes.

  87. Thanks for this ‘rant’. My son is mid-20’s and 5’3″. He’s consistently gotten nice casual shirts at American Eagle in XS. The brand used to have a store near us but it’s closed but you can still buy online. He also buys jeans and shorts in size 28 from them. Wish they carried a dressier line, too.

  88. Not just men under 5’8″. I’m 5 foot 8, and I find it near impossible to find jeans that arent too long, or any trousers for that matter. I like wearing tracksuit bottoms but these too even in size small are always way too long. It drives me mad!! Brands like adidas do trouser sizes small, medium, large etc, but this sizing refers to the waist size only, I’ve compared the lengths of small and medium and its the same, and way too long for me. To fit adidas/nike sports trousers you need to be 5 foot 10 or taller. ARRRRRGH

  89. Yes. I am a fit, muscular, 5’4″ male. I can’t find a dress shirt (one to wear with a tie) anywhere. Now part of my problem is I have an unusual wingspan for my height (72″). Its about impossible to find a dress shirt that fits arm length and doesn’t look like I’m wearing a button-up pillow case. The times I have found one I have to cuff the sleeves which doesn’t allow me to dress formally as the shirt is intended. But overall dress pants, slacks, and dress shirts are not made for short thin individuals. Very frustrating.

  90. David Griffiths says:

    I read your blog with semi amusement as it is not only you men of smaller stature that have problems.

    I am 6′ 5″, size 19″ collar and 48″ chest, 42″ – 44″ waist and 34″ – 35″ inside leg. i can occasionally find shirts that have long enough sleeves and body length (but not always) but most shirts are too short or sleeves don’t fit. As for suits and trousers off the peg – forget it. even online they are hard to find.

    shops, including those especially for outsize men, have the belief that “high” means tall and thin, and “mighty” means short and fat; you just can’t possibly be tall and fat.

    Gentlemen, you have my sympathy.

  91. excellent. however 5.4 living in Perth Western Australia I am screwed, cant find shoes ( 5 1/2 ) and cant find a tailor to make a decent suit . geoff

  92. I just discovered this blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Not only are men’s clothes made for 5’8″+, they have been getting wider over the years. So even if a store lists XS and S in their sizing chart, they don’t actually sell them!

    The problems with shopping in the boys’ department are: poor quality; ‘square pants’ i.e. 27×27, 28×28; and everything is designed to appeal to a 10-year-old. On the plus side, underwear and socks are cheaper.

    I like Express 1MX extra slim fit dress shirts (although I* do have to shorten the sleeves) and just bought a half-zip sweater from them (again, have to fold up the sleeves).

    While the selection is limited, I have gotten a decent, reasonably priced, 34S wool suit at

    *and I do mean “I”. Knowing how to sew has saved me a fortune in tailoring costs. Thank you, Grandma.

  93. I don’t even bother with the big retailers. Nothing fits. Kohls seems to cater to hogs. Oddly enough, the discount Mexican clothing retailer Milano, which is notorious for supposedly low quality apparel, has the best fits for shorter men. Italian cut dress shirts are a bargain at about $5-10 US. No alterations needed and they are durable. The reputation of poor quality is just not true. Far better than anything I’ve come across in the US. I guess this has to do with the fact that Mexican men tend to be smaller than American men??

  94. Wow, so good to have somewhere to let off the years of anger that have been pent up inside meGood to know that I am not (an odd person) size wise.
    I am 5’2″ tall, chest 34″, waist 28″to 30″ & inside leg 28″
    I challenge anyone to find a place that sells anything already made, to fit me.
    Yet if you actually analise these measurements, you notice that they fit my body, proportionately well.
    So I am so glad that you are all here & that domone came up with this brilliant forum/ help page for the size challenged among us!..
    Thank you for giving me some great advise to follow in my quest to be a well fitted person.

  95. I’m 5′ 6″ and 130. What amuses/frustrates me is that the clothing industry assumes that short men must also be heavy. I need 32×28 pants but 28L is non-existent. I can settle for 32×29 but the only pants I can find in the store in that length have a waist of at least 40. What the hell?

  96. You say under 5″8 but I dunno man – actually I think my neck/ head are disproportionately longer/larger on my slight build so if height went by shoulder height then I may fall under. Great research though just goes to show

    to be honest I think even under 5″10 is considered short now and with each new generation’s seemingly increasing height ever more a focal point of a males stature we have more and more kids looking down on us; quite literally whilst women look beyond us so life is frankly a game I gave up on – as it is is with the clothing I’m tired of being reduced to t-shirts with no long sleeves to worry about and Levi’s jeans particular just because they state 29wx30l. Even then they’re hard to find. I can only begin to imagine what you even shorter guys must be going through but I feel all your pain…. we are being overlooked. To say the least.

  97. The fashion industry tailors their clothing to fit models, not real people. This way they can punish people for not fitting into the mould they want them to fit into. Not everyone can lose weight. Not everyone fits into the 99th percentile (average sizes). The good news is that automation is soon going to sweep the fashion police and associated arseholes out of business.
    In the future, you’ll go to a shop that will literally scan your entire body and generate measurements. You’ll upload the resulting file to a website that will let you pick out shirts and pants, etc. and have them tailored to your exact dimensions – and they will fit properly. You’ll be able to find attractive designs that look good on you, too and you won’t have to settle for wonky colours or designs because, well, that’s all the fashion industry is prepared to offer people they don’t like.

    Fashionistas who think people who are fat, etc. don’t deserve to live and therefore don’t deserve to be affordably and properly clothed really piss me off.

  98. Not a lot of choices for us short guys. I’m 5’4 and 150lbs. XS tops from gap, BR, and AnF fits well in me though. Compared to taller guys, there’s not a lot of choices for us. Hey, where I live there’s just many migrants (like me) from Asia who are also short as I am. Some even shorter. So I think the clothing industry will make more clothing for shorter men.

  99. Try being 5’7 and 210lbs at 6% bodyfat and actually caring about how u dress! I likk wearing some baggy/loose fit stuff in the gym and just messing around but not for going out. Luckily I work in the fitness industry so can wear fleece and hoodies and sweats and jerseys most the time lol. But only thing that makes it harder to find clothes to fit for someone under 5’8 who is of a smaller build, is someone of the same height and bigger in the chest shoulders arms back and legs. I have to wear xl or xxl and xl isn’t bad but may be too snug. Xxl is gonna usually be too long in the sleeves and the waist. And pants lolololol! Yea right! Even worse!

  100. This website is like a godsend. Thank you!

  101. Luis Cuervo says:

    Thanks for this article my man. I personally haven’t been through this ordeal since I have an average height (5’11”) but my brother is shorter than me and has been suffering from this stupidity of retailers that seem to be incapable of offering an option for shorter men. We have had to recur sometimes to buying children’s clothing and, when you get past the supposed “humiliation” of doing this, it actually works sometimes, especially with retailers that tend to be more fashion forward (Zara or Massimo Dutti spring to mind). I understand why this can be difficult to swallow but we’ve gotten great results. Altering all your clothes with a tailor is, frankly, the best option always. But, sometimes, you either can’t or won’t afford this expenses and would prefer having the option of carelessly grabbing something off-the-rack. This is why yous blog post is such a great gift.
    I will try checking these brands you recommend with my brother. Really a godsend for this Christmas what with all the gifts and goodwill 🙂
    Thanks and have a great one. Cheers from Mexico!

  102. i’m 5’9″ 175 pounds with a longer torso so I just make the cut into fitting most clothes. I used to wear banana republic but have found it too baggy at times. .I have found in general you need to go with the more expensive brands to have a good fit- such as john varvatos, burberry, rag and bone, james pearse, hugo boss, ted baker, diesel, etro, vince, paul smith. sometimes I’d say about 25% of the time I need to get them to tailor these clothes for me to get it perfect
    Usually nordstroms will carry all these brands.

  103. Fernando Leon says:

    Hi, I’m 5’4 about 135 pounds. I can’t even find t-shirts anymore brands like express and american eagle (legend style) are now 3 or 4 inches longer. As for dress shirts does a great job. It gets a bit expensive but I rather pay a bit more for a product that will fit perfectly that for one that I always feel dissatisfied about. As for pants gap works for me. Just online of course but you can find pants that are W 30 L 28. So if any of you know where to get some decent t shirts, please let me know….

  104. Mark Taylor says:

    5’2″ here… maybe 5’3″ with my hair spiked. Athletic build, more muscle and less fat than average. It is so, so difficult to find clothes that fit right. Trying to shop in the men’s dept, I look like a boy wearing his dad’s clothes… not cool! It’s a bit embarrassing, but I have found that for shirts if I swallow my pride and move over into the boys section, a boys large (14-16) or XL (16-18) depending on the brand, fits pretty darn good. Some are a bit tight across the shoulders, but I like my shirts snug. Pants are still a struggle though. I wear a 27 inch waist and 29 inch inseam. Sometimes Old Navy or American Eagle will carry them that size, but in a dept store, forget it.

  105. Shop kids. For suits you can just buy kids or mens that fit your shoulder and goto a good tailor and get fitted, suits are usually altered after purchase anyway. You can always get small cotton shirts and throw them in the hot washer and dryer and shrink them. Dress shoes are the problem. Not much selection from the kids section and not much for under size 7 mens.

  106. Stanley says:

    I’m only 5″ and I’m 16. So I’m coming close to the age where I can’t grow anymore…. does anyone know any good clothing stores where they will have clothes that look nice and fit me? Btw I live in Canada

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