2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Do you have a special man of modest height in your life? Maybe your boyfriend, husband, brother or friend? I'll tell you what he doesn't want:

  • A shirt that doesn't fit
  • More black socks
  • A tie that's too long for him
  • Baggy lounge pants

Do you see the theme here? It's hard to buy clothing-type gifts for short men because nothing ever fits right. Ties are always too long. Sock are often times too big. And pajama pants? Forget about it.

I can tell you from personal experience that it's not fun to try on clothing that doesn't fit in front of the Christmas morning crowd. Sure, the receipt is in the bag, but no one really wants to return or exchange a gift.

Plus it requires a trip to the mall where you have to fight through crowds of people doing the same thing. Not fun!

So what should you get your modest man for the holidays this year? In no particular order, here are five ideas that are pretty much guaranteed to please:

(If you ARE the modest man in someone's life, now would be a good time to share this post with them. Or just get yourself something nice.)

Without further adieu…

1. Peter Manning Tribeca Field Jacket (olive or tan)

This has quickly become my favorite lightweight jacket. First off, it's made specifically for men under 5'9″, so it fits better than most other jackets.

Plus, it's totally adjustable. The sleeves can be buttoned to taper around thin wrists. The body of the jacket can be pulled tight using the elastic draw cords woven into the fabric.

Sporting the new @peterjmanning field jacket for a walk through Brookside Gardens.

A photo posted by The Modest Man (@modestmanstyle) on

The collar can the flipped up to keep the cold off your neck, or worn down to show off the corduroy lining. It's perfect for spring, fall and (sometimes) winter, and it's somehow classic and trendy at the same time. Seriously, you can't go wrong with this jacket.

2. Fort Belvedere Knit Necktie

Don't buy your modest man any more neckties from the department store. No matter how much you spend, they will be too long, I promise.

Sure, he'll tie a thicker knot and tuck the excess length into his shirt, but wouldn't it be better to get him a tie that actually fits?

Beautiful silk knit tie from #gentlemensgazette

A photo posted by The Modest Man (@modestmanstyle) on

There are only a couple of brands that make short neckties. One of the best is Fort Belvedere. Check out my review:

Neckties for Short Men from Fort Belevedere

These are very nice ties. I'm talking high quality, perfectly-proportioned ties that your man will wear for many years.

I'm partial to the knit ties, but you can check out the whole collection right here.

3. Custom, Personalized Cigars

I'm a svelte gent, and I like svelte things. Compact sedans, small bags, petite women…you get the point. I also like things that were created just for me, like custom suits.

So when I heard about Custom Tobacco, I had to try it out. I mean, who doesn't love sitting around a fire pit or poker table, smoking cigars and drinking whiskey, debating life's mysteries with friends?

Custom Tobacco

Being only an occasional smoker, I don't really know much about cigars. But I sure don't like it when someone hands me a giant Toro Grande that's bigger than my face and sure to make me ill before it's halfway done.

Instead, I prefer – you guessed it – a smaller cigar. Especially a mild one with plenty of flavor that burns nice and slow.

With Custom Tobacco, you can create your perfect cigar – everything from the size and shape to the filler and wrap. You can even personalize the label.

Customized cigars

I used the The Modest Man logo, but you could use your special someone's name or even his family crest. How cool would that be?

If you have a cigar lover in your life, check out Custom Tobacco this holiday season. It might just be that perfect gift you've been looking for, especially if you're trying to find something unique for the man who has it all.

4. Socks (the good kind)

Please, don't take this the wrong way, but no man wants another 3-pack of long black socks. We have too many black socks, and most of them don't even fit.

Ditch the generic one-size-fits-all socks, and go with something better, like these Falke Degrade or Walkie socks (both available in different sizes).

Channeling #autumn with @sockhopny @colehaan @saddlebackbags and @bananarepublic

A photo posted by The Modest Man (@modestmanstyle) on

Or, if your man appreciates American-made goods, check out these cotton ribbed socks from American Trench. They're knit and dyed at a family-owned mill in North Carolina. Doesn't get much more “made in the USA” than that.


Another great made-in-USA brand is Penance Hall. Many of their socks are available in different sizes, and you can get 20% off using the promo code ModestMan during checkout.

5. A Better Wallet

Downsizing to a minimalist wallet is a great move for any man. No one should be carrying around the George Constanza wallet that's so thick it causes back problems. These days, you really only need to carry your driver's license, a couple of cards and a few bills. Help your man ditch the trifold and get into the ID wallet. Here are my two favorites:

  • Dopp Regatta 88 Series – This is similar to the Saddleback wallet, but it's half as expensive and probably won't outlive your children.

Either one of these will make for a great replacement for his old school bi fold (or at least another option for the weekends). Of course, if you're buying for the kind of guy who likes to switch his swag phaser from stun to kill, pick up one of these crocodile card cases from Jay Butler:

Cards this nice deserve a luxurious home, like this crocodile card case from @jaybutlershoes by @fygblog

A photo posted by The Modest Man (@modestmanstyle) on

Jay Butler sent me this one in burgundy, and I've been loving it.

Bonus: One Gift to Rule Them All

If you're stumped, go with an Amazon Prime membership. I've had Prime for a couple of years now, and it's awesome. You get free two-day shipping and returns on most items, plus on demand access bunch of TV shows and movies (I binged on Downton Abbey in a serious way).

It truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Learn more here.

Start Shopping!

You really can't go wrong with any of these gift ideas. Just remember, if you're shopping for a shorter man, keep size and proportion top of mind. He's probably got plenty of clothes that don't fit. Get him something that does, and I guarantee he'll love it (and you).

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  1. Great ideas Brock thanks!

  2. Just curious, but what size of the Field Jacket did you order? I’m about the same height as you, and I’m currently hovering around 135-140 lbs. Thanks!

  3. Great items here, Brock. I particularly like that field jacket.

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