2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Modest Men

Maybe, like me, you celebrate Christmas each year on December 25th. Or perhaps you enjoy eight crazy nights of Hanukkah.

You might even party it up for a whole a whole week during Kwanzaa, or maybe you test your strength on Festivus (for the rest of us).

Either way, gifts are a major component of the holiday season. Everyone wants to buy that perfect present for the special someone(s) in their lives.

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Buying someone the perfect gift isn't easy. When it comes to gift ideas, we have more options to choose from than ever before.

But don't stress! This guide is a curated list of ten hand-picked gift ideas that are sure to please even the most discerning man in your life.

Quick Note: I want to say thanks to the brands who made this guide possible.

  • KK&Jay (#1 below) – Helping men keep their shirts tucked in with style since 2014.
  • People's Choice Beef Jerky (#2 below) – Hyperbole aside, this is the best beef jerky I've every tasted, hands down.
  • MonthlyClubs.com (#3 below) – The most reputable and established subscription box brand (since 1994).

These are great companies who are supporting TMM's mission to help shorter men live their best lives. You can show your support by doing business with these sponsors this holiday season.

Like all of the content on this site, this gift guide geared toward shorter gents. So, while many suggestions in this gift guide would be great for any man, some of them (especially the clothing) are perfect for the modest man in your life.

And if you're a modest man yourself, I recommend the following:

  1. “Accidentally” leave this browser window open after you're done reading.
  2. Email this post guide to your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/mom/dad/boss/friends.
  3. Print it out and pin in to the fridge.
  4. Make this page your screensaver.
  5. Ignore these suggestions and just buy yourself something nice this year!

Got it? Good. Now get yourself an adult hot chocolate, light a fire, put some slippers on, and get ready to shop!

Top 10 Gift Ideas for the 2015 Holiday Season

In no particular order…

#1: The Perfect Tuck

KK and Jay shirt stays

KK and Jay shirt stays

I said tuck. Let me explain: every man has experienced the frustration of a dress shirt coming untucked throughout the day.

There's a solution, and it's called shirttail garters (or “shirt stays”). Most men don't own a pair of shirt stays and might not even know about them.

Which makes them the perfect gift for any man who tucks his shirt in, especially those who are tucking everyday.

Check out this video for a visual demonstration of how shirt stays work, then go buy a pair for every man in your life from KK&Jay, the only shirt garter maker I tuck with.

#2: People's Choice Jerky Box

I didn't think I was a beef jerky lover until I tried People's Choice. I mean, I always liked beef jerky, but I didn't seek it out or crave it – until now.

Garlic ginger beef jerky

My favorite from the jerky box

People's Choice is a family owned company that's been making beef jerky for four generations, since 1929. They do it the old fashioned way – by hand, no preservatives.

I'm no connoisseur, but every single variety of beef jerky from one my People's Choice Jerky Box was amazing. Definitely the best jerky I've ever tasted.

My favorites were the garlic ginger and orange honey teriyaki, but I recommend going for one of the boxes.

Speaking of which: use the code MODESTMAN29 for 15% off all jerky boxes.

#3: Monthly Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are literally the gift that keeps on giving. But honestly, most of them leave something to be desired.

That's why I'm recommending one of these boxes from MonthlyClubs.com, one of the most reputable and established subscription services in the world (founded in 1994):

  1. Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club
  2. International Wine of the Month Club
  3. Premium Cigar of the Month Club

Even better, you can combine items from all three for totally custom monthly box. I don't know many men who wouldn't enjoy something like this!

#4: His New Favorite Shirt

Textural winter outfit 1

Me wearing a Silas Jackson button up shirt

Fact: every short man has been gifted a shirt that's way to big, baggy and long. Trust me on this one. And you know what? It's not fun receiving a gift you don't like and can't actually wear.

Giving someone any sort of clothing is tricky. It's such a personal thing. What if they don't like the color? What if it doesn't fit?

If you're buying for a shorter man, chances are it won't fit. But if you choose from the following options, the chances of your gift being his favorite gift increase by about 973% (I just did the math):

  • Peter Manning Polo Shirt – A polo shirt that's not too long for a man under 5'9″ (finally)
  • Silas Jackson – Affordable button ups for shorter men, available in many different sizes (use MMHOLIDAY15 for 15% off)
  • Jax Everett Triblend T-Shirt – Classic, high quality t-shirt, sized down for shorter men (also the best fitting tee I own)

Anything you buy from these brands is going to fit your modest man much better than anything you'll find at the mall. I promise!

#5: His New Favorite Bag

Most men want or need a new bag. What kind of bag, you ask? Probably either a weekend bag or a laptop bag.

Herschel Supply duffel bag

The “Novel” duffel bag

The laptop bag is an everyday bag, and that's a risky purchase for any discerning gentleman.

The weekend bag, on the other hand, is a great gift idea. It's small enough to carry on a plane, but it's bigger and way more stylish than a backpack.

Since he won't use it nearly as much as a laptop bag, it's safer choice for gifting, especially if you stick with these options:

As with many gifts, it's probably a good idea to include a gift receipt with this one, just in case your special someone prefers a different color.

#6: The “Can't Go Wrong” Watch

Fair warning: If he's a watch guy, don't get him a watch. Chances are he already has a decent collection, and he probably knows exactly which watch he wants next.

The Fifth Watches Tribeca

The Fifth Watches Tribeca

For most men, though, you can't go wrong with these classic watches (all great sizes for average or smaller wrists):

Try to pick one that he would wear regularly, or a style that he doesn't yet have.

#7: Upgraded Underwear

I know what you're thinking: “Underwear? Really??” But hear me out! I'm not suggesting you go to Target and get him a 3-pack of Jockey briefs.

I'm suggesting that you buy him a pair of underwear that's so comfortable he won't want to take them off, and so stylish that you won't want him to either.

Tani Trunks

Tani Silkcut Underwear = life changing

Here are your options (least expensive to most expensive):

You might think $20 is a lot for a pair of underwear, and that $45 is downright ridiculous. But it's the one piece of clothing that you literally wear all the time. Doesn't it make sense to invest in comfort?

Most men won't spend this much on themselves, which is why high quality underwear is the perfect gift.

For the record, Tani Silkcut Boxer Briefs are the most comfortable underwear I own.

#8: Philips Hue Lights

If you're shopping for a man who likes technology and gadgets, look no further. Hue lights are guaranteed to please.

I've been using Philips Hue bulbs in my apartment for months, and let me tell you: they're worth every penny.

Here are a couple of cool things my Hue lights do for me:

  • Turn the lights on when I arrive and off when I leave (light switches are so last year!)
  • Blink when I get an important email
  • Fade on slowly each morning a couple of minutes before my alarm goes off
Me with Hue lights

Me after getting Hue lights…

Plus you can change the colors and dimness of each individual light from your phone.

Necessary? Probably not. Amazing? Absolutely.

I expect Hue lights to become even cooler as new functionality is added, but they're already freakin' sweet.

If you're intrigued, go check out Philips Hue on Amazon.

9. Upgraded Wallet

Many men are still carrying around bulky billfolds, complete with old receipts and family photos.

Save your man some space and back pain by upgrading him to a more modern, slim wallet.

There are plenty of great minimal wallets to choose from, including money clips and card cases. Here are three great options:

You can't go wrong with any of these, so just pick the one that best fits your pop's personality.

#10. Bose SoundLink Speaker

There's a slim chance that your modest man doesn't already have a high quality Bluetooth speaker. If that's the case, it's pretty much your duty to get him one this year.

My go-to is the Bose SoundLink Mini. It's super portable and sounds great. Plus, it's priced very reasonably for the quality.

I promise, this will get plenty of use throughout the year!

#11. House Slippers

Almost every man could use a fresh pair of slippers or house shoes. They tend to get grimy pretty quickly, long before they become uncomfortable.

That's why house shoes are a great gift idea for pretty much anyone. Here are your options:

You really can't go wrong with any of these slippers. Use the code HBMODESTMAN15 for 15% off!

#12. Gift Card

I know, I know…kind of lame. But sometimes a gift card is the best option, especially if you don't have much time left.

The key is to choose the right gift card. For any modest man who wants to look good and feel great, these are your best options for gift cards:

  • Amazon (Needs no explanation…)
  • Nordstrom (Offers an extensive range of shoes, jeans, suiting and more.)
  • Huckberry (This is one of the coolest online shops for men, guaranteed to have something he'll love.
  • Mr. Porter (help him buy that wardrobe staple, that investment piece he's had his eye on…)

BONUS: Stocking Stuffers (Under $30)

Dark Knot pocket square

Dark Knot silk pocket square w/ hand rolled edges

Here's a quick, rapid-fire list of stocking stuffer ideas. Go nuts!

*Use code HBMODESTMAN15 for 15% off

As always, thanks for reading. Your support has been a gift to me this year. Happy holidays!

Got more gift ideas? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Hey Brock — What size are you in the Peter Manning cotton sweater?

  2. Hi Brock, Your vision for short man is pure attainable. ” We ” no longer create a guessing when we go shopping for stuff.. thanks for the infos. It helps a lot … Glad to be modest..

  3. Went to order from Silas Jackson and shipping was $15 for a couple of shirts, seems kind of excessive.

  4. Standard shipping to Philadelphia, PA.

  5. Agreed, will do thanks for the quick response and great posts!

  6. Update: Silas stated they have “shipping brackets” though didn’t detail specifics. They did offer a one-time free shipping promo code which was really great of them. I will be trying out a few shirts.

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