Where to Buy Jeans with Shorter Inseams

Wondering where to buy shorter length jeans? You're in the right place. Here's a list of places to buy jeans with shorter inseams.

Shorter length jeans

Jeans have been a men's wardrobe staple for many decades, and they're not going out of style anytime soon.

And why should they? They can easily be dressed up or down and are basically one of the most versatile and comfortable pieces of clothing a man can wear.

Leather Jacket and Jeans

What's cooler than a pair of fitted, dark wash jeans? A pair that you don't have to hem or cuff!

This is why almost every major clothing brand on the planet sells jeans. But, as with all clothing items for short men, most brands do not cater to our needs (in fact, they ignore men under 5'8″).

Though getting jeans hemmed is fairly simple, it isn’t always an option. Maybe you don't have a tailor you can trust, can’t afford one or are just really busy.

Sometimes it's better if jeans just fit properly, right off the rack, which is why I've compiled for you a list of brands that make shorter jeans.

Specifically, the brands listed below sell jeans with inseams shorter than 30 inches.

Disclaimer: Some of the mentioned sizes may be exclusive to certain areas and/or stores. Always check online or call to double check!

  1. Peter Manning

  • Shortest Inseam: 26 inches
  • Price: $98

When it comes to clothing brands for shorter men, Peter Manning is the real MVP. Not only are all the clothes by Peter Manning designed for men under 5’8″, but the quality is right up there with similarly priced brands.

PMNYC jeans

They offer a few different colors/washes, and all of their pants are “made with 26-30 inch inseams, a modest rise and proper ankle opening” to fit right out of the box.

You can see me wearing these jeans in my full Peter Manning review.

  2. Levi’s

  • Shortest Inseam: 29 inches
  • Price: $50-130

Levi’s is known throughout the world as the largest supplier of jeans, so it makes sense that their jeans are available in many different sizes.

Levi's jeans

They also offer a wide variety of styles, fits and washes to choose from. My personal favorite cut is the 510 (which they call “skinny”), but many men prefer the classic 511 slim jeans.

Note: In some countries, Levi's offers jeans with inseams down to 27 inches.

 3. Gap

  • Shortest Inseam: 28 inches
  • Price: $60-108

Gap is known for their low-mid quality, affordable clothing. They provide a large variety of denim, including cuts and styles that will work for most body types.

Gap jeans

I actually love their Stretch Skinny jeans, which were the underdog favorite in my best jeans post.

Just don't expect their jeans to last forever. They're not very high quality and will definitely wear out (and stretch out) more quickly than more premium denim.

4. Banana Republic

  • Shortest Inseam: 28 inches
  • Price: $89-198

Banana Republic is one step up from Gap in terms of quality, but it's still pretty affordable. They also have a wide variety of denim available with shorter inseams.

BR jeans

BR isn't exactly known for their denim, but they're worth checking out. Many of their jeans are made with comfort in mind, so they have plenty of stretch built in (which is crucial for those of us who prefer a slim fit).

5. American Eagle

  • Shortest Inseam: 28 inches
  • Price: $50-80

American Eagle is definitely geared toward younger men, but that doesn't mean their jeans can't work for guys in their 20s and 30s too.

AEO jeans

Just be sure to avoid jeans with too much fading or distressing. It's hard not to look like a teenager when your jeans look used right off the rack.

Note: In some areas, AE offers jeans with 26 and 27 inch inseams.

6. Wrangler

  • Shortest Inseam: 28 inches
  • Price: $25-125

Wrangler makes classic jeans for working men. Traditionally, they've focused more on utility and durability than style or trends.

Wrangler jeans

These days, they offer a variety of cuts and washes, but don't expect their “slim fit” jeans to fit like, say, Uniqlo's slim fit jeans.

7. Land’s End

  • Shortest Inseam: 28 inches
  • Price: $60-150

Land’s End specializes in casual clothing, and they're not exactly known for their jeans. But, believe it or not, they do sell a good-looking pair of slim fit, dark wash jeans (available down to 28×28).

LEC jeans

Just keep in mind, their version of “slim” will not be as slim as a more modern brand like Uniqlo or Nudie.

8. Lee

  • Shortest Inseam: 28 inches
  • Price: $36-170

Like Wrangler, Lee is an old brand that is trying to keep up with the times by offering slim fit jeans with stretch.

Lee jeans

They sell jeans down to 28×28, which is pretty small, and they offer a variety of fits (including straight and tapered leg).

I haven't tried a pair of Lee jeans on in, well, a long time. So I can't vouch for them. But if you're looking for an affordable pair of jeans that doesn't need to be hemmed, Lee might be worth a try.

BONUS: Uniqlo

  • Shortest Inseam: n/a
  • Price: $40-60

Uniqlo doesn't actually make jeans with inseams shorter than 32 inches, but they do offer free, same day hemming at all of their stores.

Uniqlo jeans

So if you live near a Uniqlo store, I recommend checking out their jeans. They look and fit great, and they're priced very reasonably.

Us men of modest height are used to visiting the tailor and paying the “tailor tax” to make sure our clothes fit properly. So it's nice to find something that fits off the rack, at least every now and then.

For that reason, I salute any brand that makes shorter length jeans, and I hope that this list will be much longer in the future.

Did I miss any brands? Leave a comment below, and I'll add them to the list!

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  1. Thanks for this post. I have been on a hunt for jeans recently. I use the service Bombfell to help me with shopping. Recently they sent me slim fit jeans made by Big Star. I got a short size and the length is perfect on me and I’m 5’4″. They are definitely worth a look.

  2. In the UK & Ireland, M&S usually has 29″ in store and 27″ online.

  3. Thanks for this post – it’s really helpful because jeans are so versatile that a good pair or two can go a long way and is worth the cost.

    Do you think that these larger brands, like Gap or Uniqlo, have good enough back pocket placement? Has that been an issue? Sometimes I wonder if my altered pants have pockets that are too low that make it look like my pants are sagging. My guess is that the Peter Manning items take all of this into consideration, though it is a bit pricier, and so that’s why I ask for your opinion before making a decision.

    • Some are better than others. None will be as good as PMNYC in terms of the details (pocket placement, etc.), although it’s usually not a deal breaker for me (especially with mid rise jeans).

  4. Why are about one half of your models turning the cuff up an inch? If that would become “stylish” then a 28″ inseam would work for a guy who needs 27″, would it not?

  5. Dearborn Denim (www.dearborndenim.us) is worth checking out. Made in Chicago. American-made quality. Only $49. They hem the jeans to your desired length before shipping it out to you.

    • Kristin Dietz says:

      But they won’t go shorter than 28″. My husband needs a 24″ inseam and it’s impossible to find him pants without chopping off 4 to 6 inches. It’s frustrating since we pay $60 and up for a pair of pants, then pay to get them hemmed. (Jeans are tricky to hem yourself.) Why don’t conpanies have a true customizeable inseam? He’s just short! 5’1″

  6. Richie Platte says:

    Eddie Bauer Relaxed Fit (for those of who find this more comfortable) offers short rise and custom inseam length in 1/4 inch increments. The ones I bought fit great, even my wife says so.

  7. Very useful. I will see how many of these I can get in the UK or shipped to the UK? It would be really helpful to find jumpers and tops that are a shorter length. What looks good on a model who is 6ft is not going to look the same as someone who is under 5ft 8.

  8. Thanks for the heads up BUT although I need the shorter inseam, I also need a short rise pant in a size for “mature” short people (5’6″) . Most of these are regular rise not short enough in a 36-38 size. Does anyone make short rise pants and jeans? I have found some made in Germany but they are mega-expensive. In addition, I am shopping in $CD and need to convert then add shipping costs(and return costs when things are not as they were described). Ugh! Any suggestions? Mike

    • You might look at the Levi’s 510 (skinny) or 511 (regular to skinny). They’ve got 9-10″ rise, which works pretty well for those of us under 5’8″. In fact, the 511 in 32X29 are my favorite choice for jeans.

  9. Cool. I don’t have any of these in my country.

  10. Off topic a bit, but I’ve consistently found good button up shirts and flannels at American Eagle that fit a “modest” upper torso. I.e the lengths and sleeves are not too long and actually fit me good (5′-6″, 42″ chest). Most of the stuff is for teenagers and early twenty somethings but I almost always find good fitting casual button downs that fit very well, have small patterns, and are affordable. Jeans are pretty cheap and I’ve had several that have ripped at the crotch but fit well however will require a hem.

  11. Nathaniel says:

    For those reading comments for extra input:

    Wrangler jeans can be found at any Target, I get them for $17.

    Wrangler jeans go up to 29×38 that I’ve seen, which is a godsend for me, because not all short guys are slender.

    I’m 5’2″ and a pair of 29 fits perfect if I’m wearing boots, and need a cuff if I’m wearing converse.

    Wranglers are the only pair of jeans Ive worn for the past five years, no pair has worn out on me yet.

    As mentioned in the article, these aren’t jeans that can be dressed up, they’re pretty much casual only.

    Thanks so much for mentioning them Brock, I love these jeans, and I would love for others to find their favorite pair too

  12. Not available online, but if you’re ever out in LA, check out Jimmy Au’s for jeans and tailored clothing. http://www.jimmyaus.com

  13. Two places I’ve been very happy with online have been Blue Owl Workshop and Naked and Famous (their retail outlet, technically, Tate & Yoko). They’re more “pricey denim-head” sort of sites, but they both take really good measurement info, and they both do free (!) chain-stitch hemming for your orders. And excellent customer service. Only major caveat I would mention is that some of the really-strongly-tapered denim cuts can fit a bit off if they’ve had a solid 6″ chopped off the bottom, but there’s so much variety of cuts that it’s not difficult to avoid. (And, perhaps as a given, there aren’t returns for hemmed jeans.) Happy hunting to everyone, and a hearty cheers to Brock for all the great content!

  14. Thanks as always. Can you do an article on sweaters for shorter men? I am 5.4 and and never able to find sweaters to layer below coats/ blazers. Either they are baggy, too tight, sleeves too long etc.

  15. I found the best place to look for jeans with shorter inseam is Amazon. Look up Levi’s boys jeans and you’ll find a lot of really good cuts and colors and lengths, and you can get them in slim or husky if your waist is slimmer or wider than average. Returns are free so there’s no risk if you want to try a bunch to dial in which sizes fit you the best and return the rest afterwards. Another bonus is that since they’re “kids” clothes, they are super affordable around the $20 range, even though the quality is still exactly the same.

  16. Mike Spivak says:

    Great blog as usual, Brock. Lots of good information. I still wear some Levi’s, but the jeans that seem to fit me well now are the Old Navy Built-in Flex Skinny Jeans. They have a medium to long rise, sit at the natural waist, and are very tapered at the legs and ankles. They are 99% cotton and 1% spandex, and while not high-end, they look, wear, and feel like more expensive jeans (they’re only about $35, sometimes less when on sale). Available in 3 colors. The fit is much more slim than skinny and is best suited for average-weight-for-height guys (for reference, I’m 5’5″, 145, and a 32 x 30 fits me well). The 30 lengths are a tad long, but because the ankle opening is very narrow, the jeans can be rolled up nicely into a cuff, or can be hemmed to fit perfectly without cuffs (usually around $15 extra for an original hem).

  17. Thanks for sharing this post. really helpful

  18. Having been blessed with a father who was 5’5″ at his tallest, and mother who was 4’11”, I find I need 26″ inseam jeans to work for me. So most of these choices wouldn’t do it for me off the rack without alteration. And then there’s always issues with rise and overall proportional fit.

    I have had some success purchasing used 26″-ish inseam jeans from eBay, and they almost always come from Thailand, where men are typically of modest size. The bottom seams when hemmed usually match the factory look very closely. It carries some risk because you can’t try them on, so you have to develop a sense of what works from looking at pictures. The only three pairs of jeans I have now that look “right” on me all came from eBay sellers in Thailand.

  19. L.L. Bean frequently offers 29″ inseam, and even when they don’t, their 30″ inseam is often shorter than other manufacturers’ 30″ inseam. Also, Brooks Bros. recently started selling their Men’s Advantage Chinos in a 29″ inseam, and being 5’8″, I’ve found them to be perfect.

  20. Add Dickies to your list. They make a durable jean for people who don’t want holes in their knees.

  21. I’m trying to learn to dress better for my height and this helps a little. Let me just point out (as an impoverished Texas public schoolteacher) that if you can’t afford a tailor, you likely can’t afford most of these jeans. Also, the average American man is 5’9.5″. The average online clothing store uses models that wear medium shirts and are 6’2″. Why do manufacturers and retailers purposely sell clothes that are almost guaranteed not to fit the average man? Does that make us buy more clothes in hopes of finally finding something that fits? In my case, it makes me less likely to purchase clothes online.

  22. Totally agree that Peter Manning is the MVP. Frankly, the other options are just token as they don’t even come close to serving the size needs of shorter men. At places like The Gap and Levi’s, it’s like they’ve taken a hatchet to the larger sizes to make the shorter ones. They simply look baggy and disproportional on short men.

    • Yes, Peter Manning for the win. They aren’t cheap but they fit great. They arrive in premium packaging and have an excellent return policy. I’m the guy above who was playing hit and miss with jeans purchased from eBay. Never again. Peter Manning all the way.

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