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About Your Teacher

Brock McGoff

Founder of The Modest Man

Brock is THE expert when it comes to style for shorter men. He runs The Modest Man, a style resource for short gents that has been visited over 1 million times.

He also wrote the Dress Taller and Short Man Style ebooks, which have been downloaded by over 15,000 men just like you.

Brock will be your hands-on guide throughout the entire program, and you will have exclusive access to him via live webinars, email and a private Facebook group.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What if I'm not short?
A. This training is designed specifically for men who are below average height. If you're over 5'9", this probably isn't the best program for you. Feel free to contact us for recomendations about other great courses that aren't geared specifically toward short men.

Q. What if I'm short AND fat/skinny/muscular?
A. Short men come in all shapes and sizes, and when it comes to style, you're individual body type is just as important as your height. That's why one entire lesson is dedicated to dressing in a way that flatters your specific body type, whether it's heft, athletic, skinny, etc.

Q. I'm on a budget. Is this worth the money?
A. This program is an investment, and yes, you could find a lot of good information online for free. That said, there's tremendous value in this sort of hands-on, personalized training.

Most personal image consultants charge thousands of dollars per month for individual clients. This course costs a fraction of that. If you break it down, this course costs about $26 per week.

What would you pay to be the best dressed guy in the room? To make it so your height isn't the first thing people notice about you? To get your dream job/promotion/relationship?

Q. What if I miss a lesson?
A. You will have lifetime access to all course material, including video recordings of every webinar training.

Q. What time will the classes be held?
A. Each class will be held at 8p EST. Recordings will be posted the following day.

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