Top 50 Blogs Every Man Should Know About

Top 50 Best Blogs For Men

β€œNo matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.”

– Confucius

There are so many awesome blogs and websites geared toward helping us dress better, be healthier, use our manners, and be better men. It seems like every month, a new fashion blog pops up (I'm guilty here).

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I follow a handful of these blogs religiously, but there's simply not enough time in the day to keep up with all of the great stuff being produced. So, I've put together this list for any man who wants resources about:

  • LifestyleReal manliness, self-improvement, personal and professional growth, post-adolescent life, and life's finer things (cigars, spirits, etc.).
  • Fashion – Graduating your style, dressing for specific occasions, looking like a professional and wearing clothes that fit.
  • Gear – Gadgets, cars, technology, games, home decor and other manly things.
  • Fitness – Eating right, working out, losing weight, gaining muscle, getting enough sleep and sexual health.
  • Finance – Getting out of debt, saving money, investing, making more money and getting rich slowly.
  • Grooming – Shaving, skin care, personal hygiene, aging, oral care and hair loss.

Here's what you won't see in this list: Photo blogs of random “stylish” people on the streets of NYC, look books, pictures of runway models from “next spring's hottest designer” and, finally, street gear. It's not that I don't like these sorts of websites. I sometimes find myself on The Satorialist or Street Etiquette, browsing photographs and what not. But I don't really get anything from these blogs.

To be honest, they're a little beyond me.

I don't know the names of any designers, I've never attended a fashion show, and most of the stuff that runway models wear looks absolutely ridiculous to me. I don't care what's trendy. I'm more interested in further developing my personal sense of style and building out a timeless, high quality and versatile wardrobe – without breaking the bank.

With that said, here are my 50 favorite websites for men. Most are blogs, but there are a couple of magazine sites and forums on the list too. You can sort by rank*, name or category (fashion, lifestyle, fitness, gear, grooming and finance).

Top 50 Best Blogs For Men

#NamePrimary Topic
1Mark's Daily AppleFitness
3Zen HabitsLifestyle
5The Art of ManlinessLifestyle
6Get Rich SlowlyFinance
7Style ForumFashion
9Cool HuntingGear
11Money CrashersFinance
12Dumb Little ManLifestyle
13Nerd FitnessFitness
14StrongLifts BlogFitness
15Gear PatrolGear
16Ask Andy About ClothesFashion
17Fashion BeansFashion
18Man Vs. DebtFinance
20Primer MagazineLifestyle
22A Continuous Lean.Fashion
23Real Men Real StyleFashion
24Articles of StyleFashion
25Put This OnFashion
26ITS TacticalGear
2720 Something FinanceFinance
28The Urban GentlemanFashion
29Ape to GentlemanGrooming
30Man Made DIYLifestyle
31Guy Style Guide Fashion
32Gentleman's GazetteLifestyle
33The Effortless GentFashion
341001 Rules For My Unborn SonLifestyle
35Undershirt Guy BlogFashion
36Chad Howse FitnessFitness
37Straight to the BarFitness
39Style GirlfriendFashion
40Off the CuffFashion
41An Affordable WardrobeFashion
42The Aspiring GentlemanLifestyle
43A Headlong Dive.Fashion
45Image GrantedFashion
46Stay ClassicFashion
47George HahnLifestyle
49The Quintessential ManLifestyle
50A True Gentleman.Gear

*After attempting to rank these sites myself, I decided to rank them according to their Alexa popularity score, a trusted metric for internet “rank”. It's really hard comparing an awesome finance blog to an awesome fashion blog, or even trying to decide which blogs in a given category are the “best”. I love all of these websites, so don't pay too much attention to their rank.

That's a Lot of Reading…

I know, I know. It would take about a decade to get through all of this great content, and if you followed even half of these regularly, you probably wouldn't get much done. I recommend sticking to three or four that you really like.

Sign up for their RSS feeds so that new posts are delivered straight to your inbox. Then bookmark this page so you can use it as an reference when you need information on a specific topic (like how to do a squat the right way or good alternatives to Wayfarers).


If I left off any of your favorite blogs, let me know in the comments section!

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  1. Hey man,
    This is awesome. I like how you categorized it on the right side so I can choose which ones apply to me. I have chosen about 5 of the blogs from here to start following. Not all of them apply to what I want but some of them do.

    Do you follow all of these blogs? That is no joke man.

    • I wish I could say that I follow all of these, but who has time for that? If I read all of these blogs every day, there would be no time for C.A.E.S. (you know what I’m talking about).

      But yeah, they’re all great resources. Glad you found some new ones you like!


    • john lichman says:

      Real men don’t read blogs

      • Real men have display pictures.

      • Walk Like A Man, accessed at has been launched. It is a new blog devoted to issues concerning men and masculinity. Recent Blogs – Is too much attention to the “heroism” of the single mom diminishing the importance of dads? and Does the gender gap in education predict the diminishing role of men in our economy? – are intended to promote the conversation about re-defining masculinity in light of the confusing roles and expectations for men of all ages in our post-feminist society. Blogger, Dr. Richard Horowitz, is a life coach and author of a soon to be published memoir about his journey in defining masculinity. Richard has been involved in the men’s movement for 20 years as a past president and group facilitator for a non-profit organization “Men Mentoring Men.”

      • Then what is a “REAL MAN” doing here on this blog. and not only is he on the blog he actually has the time to write a negative comment. you are not a real man… you are a “nasty woman”

        • Excellent reply! He is either a “nasty woman” trying to disempower men who come to this site as a real resource or, he is just a spoiled little guy who doesn’t want to grow up and be a Real Man. He’s a scardy cat!

  2. Thanks for suggesting my blog!

    -Tim (stayclassic)

  3. hey brock, thanks for including my site on your top 50 list! that was super nice of you buddy. i’ll share the news with my readers and hopefully raise some awareness about your site as well (:

    i’ll also let my buds over at askandy and realmenrealstyle know they’re on your list.

    thanks again and many thanks!

  4. Brock,
    Thanks so much for including OTC in your Top 50 list. It means a lot to me that you find real value in what Off The Cuff has to offer.


    • Chris – thanks for dropping by! I’m a big fan of OTC (and not just because I’m a fellow DC guy…). Keep up the great work!


  5. Aww yeahhh I made the top 50! Nice. Thanks for the shout-out.

  6. Thanks for the shout-out! Great list with some more fantastic blogs to add to my bookmarks.

  7. Thanks for mentioning us Brock. I will take a look at your articles in the coming days.

  8. Hey Brock, great list! Check out if you get a chance would like to get your opinion/ review on our site thanks bro!

  9. Hi Brock,
    Thank you so much for mentioning the site. I will be linking in an upcoming post!

  10. When ‘Art of Manliness’ was not #1, I stopped reading the list πŸ˜› Seriously, thanks for putting this list together.

  11. You missed a few… I like Dudepins and Gentlemint

  12. Really nice review. I will like to add my own website to the list. Is that possible. is Online Magazine for Men, Men’s Style & Lifestyle, Technology

    Thanks in advance

  13. I will be checking out the blogs for inspiration- thank you!

    I am a woman designer of handmade paper goods and have been searching the web to find out what men want when it comes to thank you cards, picture frames, et al.

    Thank you cards are standard after a job interview, but what about sending them to restaurants, or hotels that provide exceptional service. Maybe send one to a former mentor???
    Are guys interested in unique, handmade paper goods designed especially for them? If yes, what are you looking for? I have been thinking about designing a line of passport and checkbook covers……..

  14. You’re sexist. These blogs are sexist. They’re based on a female ideal of what constitutes a man. I don’t like you. By the way, some men are gay <3

  15. Solid list! I’ve added to my daily blog checks, they focus on made in USA stuff.

  16. Solid list. There’s quite a few on here I’ve never heard of. Thanks for sharing, man.

  17. Happy Movember gents and you left out your favorite man blog…
    you are forgiven…no grow and make us proud.

  18. John Thomas says:

    Nice article. Some of these websites are great, but some of these sites suck. I don’t how is not on the list. It gives quality advice for men in all areas of life.

  19. Jake Anderson says:

    I have at least 10 of those in my Feedly reader. Personally I frequent these sites more first than any listed above. But still a great collection!

  20. A blog all males should consult would be:

  21. Henry Blake says:

    Great List! I probably follow at least 10 of these. My favorites might have to be coolmaterial, uncrate, and gear patrol or which I think you might be missing.

  22. Thanks for sharing your impressive list of information.

  23. A great list thanks for creating it, I have recently started using a website called for my fashion fix and news. Was just wondering what other people think about the site?

  24. Wow, this is quite an impressive list Brock!

    Here are two other sites I frequent that your readers might like:

  25. Hey Brock, Quite an interesting list you got there. I am relatively new to blogging. Can you check out my blog about men and tell me what you think about it.

  26. Beware of Art of Manliness. I encountered an online bully almost immediately after I started posting there.

  27. Ryan Edwards says:

    Love this list! Big fan of the Art of Manliness. Also found this little known blog called Mr. I Do that I find really funny.

  28. Andreas says:

    Great article! Really nice review! I will definitely have a look at these blogs, they sound pretty good. A few I actually already know but I’ve not been very active lately. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Hey ! This is a great post by the way. is a new guide for men blog with less than a year of existence. Would love to hear what you think about it and your feedback on it. Maybe we can be in your list as well. πŸ™‚ Hoping to hear back from you

  30. I really like Not only do I waste all my time at work on it, I manage to spend most of my minimal salary on products through the site.

  31. Great list! I would like to introduce my spanish fashion blog

    I hope you like it!

  32. jeff shore says:

    I like this blog for men. Totally different. It’s 52 tasks to accomplish–one a week–to make you a better man. Weird but good.

  33. There are definitely a couple of Lifestyle sites on your list that I haven’t heard of before, so I’ll definitely have to go check them out.

    In the meantime, make sure you check out as well!

  34. Thanks for the great list!

    Check out the blog I just started and tell me what you think πŸ™‚

    Have a Great day!

  35. John Robertson says:

    be sure to check out my men’s lifestyle site too πŸ™‚

  36. Terry Adams says:

    Real men grow beards. Real men get beard oil at

  37. How did I just find this list? Thanks for compiling and sharing. Linking to my blog as this group may find it a good read:

  38. Brennan W. says:

    I have started a new blog. I was curious if you had any pointers. I’m looking to get more traffic. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  39. Thanks man. Just landed on your Blog. Great content. Keep it up. I have a similar blog of my own. You’re inspiring us rookies !

  40. The Rethinker is a great blog as well.

  41. Got to know about a fashion blog for men lately , it got live a couple of weeks ago . Though it has only 2 posts right now , tthey are highly recommendable . Totally worth a look . I highly suggest to have a look at it .

  42. Harry Rawlins says:

    Try ‘5 Bad Surfers’

  43. I’m surprised that these almost all revolve around fashion. Even most of the “Lifestyle” blogs, like Valet, are fashion blogs. What about blogs that talk about culture, adventure, politics, religion, or any other topics that men are interested in?

  44. Great list – we definitely respect a lot of these guys. We also have our own men’s lifestyle blog at:

    Would be great to know what you think.

  45. Thanks for sharing. There are a few gems in there, and like you said earlier you cant read all of them but the ones you do (Y)

  46. Hey Guys,
    Great Article. What about We’re an excellent men’s lifestyle blog.

  47. Great list, if you are looking for more information about beard grooming for the modern Gentleman I like

  48. ok just curious….. for the fitness section, why isn’t not on the list? It is the #1 fitness site on the interent that includes articles on food, supplements and workouts…. it even has full fitness plans with meal plans built in and a ton more information about a ton of health related things…. Heck it even has stuff for what sugar type is bad for you haha like they go that in depth. I am just super curious about this.

    • Turns out there are way more than just 50 sites every man should know about. Thanks for adding to the list!

    • As big as it is, is still a niche website within the fitness world because not everyone wants to get massively ripped! There’s crossfit, yoga, running… hard to cover everything under one roof.

      I’ve recently started my own mens fitness blog at – perhaps one day it’ll be added in at spot number 51!



      • but that’s the thing they have crossfit and yoga as well as nutrition and links to other sites aswell, I wouldn’t say its a niche site because it really isn’t.

  49. daverazor says:

    What a great list of the best 50 sites for men, I will bookmark this article.

  50. Mr. Money Mustache should be the top financial blog on the list, hands down, no contest.

  51. Matthew Stone says:

    Thanks TMM, sadly when making a list using only the Alexa popularity score, you can miss some blogs that offer some solid substance that perhaps haven’t got the substantial following thus far. comes to mind. They’re a fairly new blog and self proclaimed ‘human Optimisation website’ that seems to be moving away from the typical ‘lad’ narrative. Certainly worth a bookmark.

    • Thanks for sharing, although I didn’t use Alexa to make this list. I only used Alexa score to decide the order of this list, which isn’t actually very important.

    • I absolutely love as well. It’s such a refreshing approach to your ordinary superficial men’s lifestyle editorials. I’ve already learnt loads and been referred to such great content because of these guys. It definitely should be included in an updated version of this list!

  52. Thanks dude! You have saved me a ton of time searching men’s blogs such as these. I have bookmarked your list, as I will frequent these every so often.
    Your blog is not so bad as well – keep up the good work!

  53. This list is great. Awesome inspiration as I put together posts on my new lifestyle site for guys called I post a lot of tips and tricks, but I’m still finding my footing. All feedback welcome

  54. Thank you soooo much!! This helped me find more and more information and outfit ideas than I ever would have found poking around on google searches. Once again Brock, I really appreciate all the work you do, especially because I understand the struggle (being 5’6″) πŸ˜›

  55. I just recently started blogging. It is great to be able to refer to websites like yours. My blog is a little bit of this and that but please if you have 5 mins read my opinion. “Think like a man, act like a lady”. Excuse some language. NachoAvgOpinion can be found at…

  56. Thanks for making this list!

  57. Hi there… could you have a look at my modest little blog, which tries to do something different, and see if it can make your next list? Many thanks

  58. Hey guys and gals, I know this list if from 2012, when it gets updated, make sure to add definitely a blog every man should know about.

    Have an awesome day!

  59. I think there is no good blog about men’s hairstyles listed here. One of my favourite blogs is
    check it out and let me know.


  60. strawbosscombs says:

    Killer list!

  61. mardistas says:

    Hi Brock, that was a great list, I specially like the categorization of each blogs. Though you have missed this awesome blogs. May be you can add and in your upcoming lists.


  62. Wow… This article was written 4 years ago and is still getting recognition? That’s awesome… A newish site you may have missed is This site helps men find cologne!

    Otherwise, I’ve been going through the list and it looks good! Towards the bottom it looks like the site quality gets a little lower but otherwise nice job

  63. Hi, nice choice πŸ™‚

    In parallel with my job, I also have a small inspirational blog.
    Hope it’ll inspire you!
    Thanks you all πŸ™‚

  64. Would be interested to see a more updated list. is one that offers more value than most on that list.

  65. When you update your list, please consider – – Challenging men to become the Husband, Dad and/or Leader they were always meant to be.

  66. beatsweating says:

    great list! I’ll give a few of these a read now!

  67. Hey Brock great list, I can’t believe how relevant it still is all these years later! If you do an updated version it would be great to get a nod πŸ™‚

  68. Such a great resource for finding new blogs to follow this year, gonna take some time to get through them all! Would love to get a mention in any revised versions you may pull together.

  69. Great list Brock! Adding to that, my blog/e-zine specialised in men’s underwear:

  70. menselfnet says:

    Awesome list. Thank you Brock

  71. Joe Faturos says:

    Why no bold&determined? Why no Danger&Play? Two excellent blogs on being a better man, making more money and dealing with life’s fickle things.

  72. This is a great list, will take some time to get through it! And yes, you left out my fav blog for men over 50 which is This is a fitness blog for men over 50. It is inspiring to know that even after 50, it is still possible to get back into shape. There are tools, tips & training information to help a guy, not only lose weight, but get fitter and healthier, for example to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as getting stronger with weight training like deadlifts and squats. Thanks! Rich

  73. Great List! Hope to be a part of the list someday πŸ™‚

    Best regards from Berlin
    MoKoWo blog

  74. I often follow some of the blogs listed above. Mantelligence and get rich slowly are two blogs which i follow regularly. All these blogs have a different style which make them so popular. will try to pay a visit soon. For hindi language readers i would like to recommend a great blog which touches the every aspect of life. Jivansutra for Life

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