Stantt Shirts Review for 2017

This is my second Stantt review. Read on to learn how this innovative shirt company has changed since 2015.

Stantt shirt label

Note: Thanks to Stantt for supporting The Modest Man and making this review possible! Stantt understands that men come in all shapes and sizes, which is why they carry button up shirts in 70+ sizes. Check out to find your size and use ModestMan20 for 20% off the entire site.

Back in March 2015, I reviewed an interesting new menswear brand called Stantt.

Stantt shirt fitStantt said they were trying to bridge the gap between off the rack and custom, which made a lot of sense to me.

As a guy who is 5'6″ in boots, I'm intimately familiar with the fact that most off the rack button up shirts don't fit very well.

And, while custom (or made-to-measure) can be a great alternative to off the rack, it's difficult and time consuming.

In fact, most guys will never go the made-to-measure route, and I can't really blame them. It's a big undertaking that doesn't always work out.

So, right away, I understood Stantt's mission to help guys find shirts that fit without having to go custom.

They explained that they had developed a proprietary sizing system that includes 75 different sizes, based on your chest, waist and sleeve length.

You enter these three dimensions into their size finder, and they tell you which size you are. Then you can shop their entire collection of shirts.

My 2015 Stantt Review

So I went through this process back in March of 2015, and they sent me the best fitting shirt they made, according to my dimensions.

You can read the full review, but the bottom line was:

It fit better than most off the rack shirts, but it wasn't good enough to sway me from going custom, at least when it comes to dress shirts.

Stantt dress shirt fit side

Original Stantt review from 2015

I shared my thoughts with founders, Matt and Kirk, and I published an honest review, which included this paragraph:

Stantt review excerpt

An excerpt from my original Stantt review (from March 2015)

Reading this now makes me smile because, fast forward to 2017, and Stantt has improved.

2017 Stantt Shirt Review

They've refined their sizes and added new sizes to their inventory that work better for the shorter build.

They sent over a new shirt for me to try on (in the Aaron size), and I was pleasantly surprised by how well it fit.

Stantt shirt review

Stantt's new sizes fit me much better

They even offered to hem the length by a couple of inches so I could wear it untucked – something they'll do for any TMM reader, for free!

The shirt I chose is a grey heather gingham cotton shirt with a button down collar and barrel cuffs (you can customize the collar style and cuffs).

It's sewn in Central America from 100% Egyptian, which Stantt imports from European mills.

Button down shirt collar

The button down collar is a casual detail I like to add to my button ups that will be worn untucked, without a tie or jacket. But it's just a matter of preference.

I love the two button barrel cuff because it allows you to loosen your watch arm cuff (if you wear a watch).

Two button barrel cuff

This shirt is slim fit and comfortable, and it works well with the overall color palette of my wardrobe. I'll wear this with various shades of blue, grey and black.

My Recommendation

I think Stantt is on to something here. If you read the reviews on their website, you'll see that they have a lot satisfied customers (in all different shapes and sizes).

So, if you're not satisfied with off the rack fit, but going custom isn't for you, I recommend giving Stantt a shot (use the code ModestMan20 for 20% off your order).

Worst case scenario, you have to return your shirt and try a different size.

Huge thanks again to Stantt for supporting The Modest Man and for not overlooking men under 5'8″ like most menswear brands do.

Thoughts? Questions? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Brock, great review of Stantt shirts! I’ll be taking my measurements and placing an order! The sizing of the shirt you’re wearing in your review looks awesome, and the fit is exactly what I’m looking for in an untucked button up!

    Can’t wait to try these shirts!

    Mark L.

  2. Hey man, I appreciate the review.

    I know you bought the Aaron (which is my size as well for Stantt), and I’m curious to know what your chest/waist/sleeve measurements were for them – just so I can get a visual comparison of how that shirt may fit me.

  3. Jim Roberts says:

    What is the watch you are wearing in the last picture?

  4. Great review, Brock!

    It’s difficult to tell from your photos but is the placket width, collar height/point size and pocket size/placement proportionally correct for their smaller size shirts?

  5. Brock,

    How do you let Stantt know you are interested in getting the shirt hemmed? Wouldn’t hemming a few inches off the bottom mess with the proportions like doing it on a jacket or blazer?

  6. Have you ever purchased a dress shirt from Stantt (i.e. one that is going to be worn with a tie)? If they don’t take a neck measurement, how one earth can you be sure that it will fit properly? For someone with a given chest size, there can still be significant variability in the size of their neck.

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