Stantt Review: Better Fitting Ready to Wear Dress Shirts

Update (April 2017): Since this review, Stantt has refined their sizing system to better fit the shorter man. One of their new sizes fits me very well.

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Stantt Review

You know that the way your clothing fits is crucial, and you know how hard it is for a shorter man to find clothes that fit properly off the rack.

This is especially true for dress shirts. The torso and sleeves are usually several inches too long. For example, look at this photo (selfie?) of me trying on a “small” button down made by Calvin Klein. It's way too long!

Calvin Klein small shirt

Plus, for thin guys, even “slim fit” dress shirts are often too baggy.

One way to find better fitting dress shirts is to buy custom shirts. While this can be a great solution, it's typically more expensive and time consuming than buying ready to wear clothing.

And if you aren't careful, you can waste lots of time and money. This is especially true when buying made-to-measure shirts online. Most MTM companies require you to submit your own measurements, which is easy to screw up (even if you know what you're doing).

Then after you place your order, it takes 3-4 weeks to actually get the shirt. And half the time it doesn't even fit properly.

For this reason, many men will never try MTM clothing, and I can't really blame them. It's not for everyone, and it really can be a hassle.

(Although, for the record, made-to-measure can be a wonderful option if you have the time and patience.)

This is why I wanted to review Stantt, a new menswear company that's sort of a cross between made-to-measure and off the rack. Supposedly, they're the best of both worlds.

In their own words:

Stantt is NOT another custom-shirting company. What makes Stantt different is that we offer premium button-ups in 75 ready-to-wear sizes.

With only 3 easy measurements (in less than 2 minutes), our DataFit algorithm finds his perfect size. Most of our sizes ship within 24 hours.

The sizes are all named after New York City streets. I used the sizing tool – which did, in fact, take less than two minutes – and got this:

Stantt size

So how do these shirts fit? Well, it depends on your build. I tried on two different sizes. One had perfect sleeves but wasn't quite slim enough. The other was slim enough, but the sleeves were a bit too long.

That said, my Stantt shirt definitely fits better than most off-the-rack dress shirts that I've tried on.

Stantt dress shirt fit front

Keep in mind, this is a dress shirt, so I wouldn't wear it untucked. It fits well tucked in, although it would look better if I had a tailor take it in at the sides (a $15 alteration).

Stantt dress shirt fit side

The sleeve length is perfect, which is extremely rare for off-the-rack shirts.

Stantt dress shirt fit back

It looks good from the back, but like I said, it could definitely be taken in a bit.

If you compare this shirt to the Calvin Klein shirt above, it's no contest. Stantt fits way better.

In terms of quality, Stantt shirts are excellent. They're 100% cotton (imported from Europe) and made in New York. I've tried on a lot of dress shirts, and I know what quality feels like. These shirts are soft, durable and comfortable to wear.

Bottom Line

I can't guarantee that Stantt shirts will fit you perfectly because everyone is different. For example, the shirt I'm wearing in these photos would fit really well if you had my build plus fifteen pounds (I'm just under 5'6″ and 130 lbs soaking wet).

Since they have free shipping and returns, I think Stantt is worth trying out for yourself. You might find that one of their 75 sizes fits you perfectly. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Matt and KirkIt's also worth mentioning that the men who started this company – Matt and Kirk – are really committed to making shirts that fit well. The name Stantt means “constant improvement”, and I think they take this very seriously.

Before Matt and Kirk decided to sponsor this review, I gave them detailed feedback about how their shirts fit the shorter body type, and I could tell that they were really listening.

Many clothing companies ignore shorter men, but I don't think Stantt does. So if you try one of their shirts, make sure to give them honest feedback.

Thanks to Stantt for supporting The Modest Man by sponsoring this post!

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  1. A big reason why I never wear dress shirts is because to get them long enough for a guy my height they balloon out on the side, and I look 15 pounds heavier than I actually am. #thestruggleisreal

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

  2. I applaud the effort – but I have to say $98 seems high to me – especially when J. Hilburn shirts are 100% custom starting at just $99. A good step in the right direction though.

    • Hey Annie! Thanks for the feedback. We spent a good deal of time thinking through our price point, and the reason we ended up at $98 is because we believe our shirts fit like they are custom, use materials found in $200+ shirts at department stores, and most sizes ship within 24 hours (where Hillburn takes a couple weeks). And hopefully the 15% off offer for The Modest Man readership makes the price point a bit more digestible 🙂

  3. I would like to see how this company does neck sizes. My size for a shirt is medium, however I have a large neck. So I typically have to get extra large shirts just so I don’t feel choked. Any insight on this?

    • Hi Chad! To answer you question, we analyzed millions of body measurements from 3D body scans of guys. Our algorithm correlates chest size (one of the three measurements we require) to neck size, as we determined that chest and neck are highly correlated in men. So to make a long story short, our algorithm doesn’t need your neck size to determine which of our 75 sizes is your perfect fit. I hope this answers your question, but please email me at if I can help clarify it more.

  4. Fit is a must.. I agree with you Brock. The most expensive attire will not look great if does not fit with the body. I have wrote about how to get fit.

  5. My stantt shirt says made in Honduras 🙁

  6. Kitty Hallis says:

    What about for larger men that need the tail extra long? For example, someone 6’4″? Kitty (from Lex Ky)

  7. nice review, but that shirt fits very poorly – i’m sure you’d get better results buying off the rack and having a tailor adjust the sleeves.

    • I prefer going full made-to-measure these days. I think companies like Stantt are great for many people, but for my build, I need custom shirts.

  8. Hey Brock,

    What measurements did you input to get the Aaron fit? I’m a similar build to you but I keep getting the Sullivan fit.

  9. Chip Garner says:

    Ugh. Sponsored “reviews.”

    • When a company gives you anything (even just a free shirt) you have to disclose it. You’d be surprised how much content is sponsored without disclosure!

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