Silas Jackson Review

Silas Jackson makes affordable shirts for short men. In this review, I'll share my thoughts about the brand and show you two ways to wear a blue check shirt.

Silas Jackson Review

Silas Jackson carries button up shirts and polo shirts in 10 different sizes, including classic and slim fit, and they sent me an XS slim fit button up to try on.

Silas Jackson logoThis post was made possible by Silas Jackson, who helps men 5'8″ and under look good in clothes that fit. Use the code modestman for 10% off orders before 3/1/16.

Before we talk about the shirts, let's take a closer look at the brand.

About Silas Jackson

Back in February 2013 I got a PayPal notification that said a guy named Benjamin Robbins bought my ebook.

I emailed Ben to thank him for his purchase, and he tells me about his idea to start a clothing company for shorter men.

Ben RobbinsWe ended up connecting over Skype (he had recently moved from NYC to Hong Kong) and talking shop for a couple of hours.

He said he'd keep me updated on his progress, and to be honest, I wasn't sure if I'd ever hear from him again.

After all, many people have great ideas, but few bring them to life. It's not exactly easy to start a clothing line!

Well, Ben did it. He kept at it for a couple of years and worked through lots of trial and error (I tried on several prototype shirts while Ben was honing in on sizing).

And he ended up launching Silas Jackson on December 21, 2014 (which just so happens to be the shortest day of the year).

How Do They Fit?

When it comes to clothing made specifically for shorter men, fit is the most important factor. I'm happy to report that this shirt fits really well.

Silas Jackson shirt fit

I'm wearing an XS slim fit, and it fits like a glove. If it were any smaller, it would be too tight.

The shoulders and sleeves are perfect. It's just a tiny bit tight across the chest and upper back, but hey, I do lots of pull ups.

Silas Jackson sizesUnlike many other brands, Silas Jackson has multiple fit options (classic and slim) in each size. So if you're short and slim like me, you can get a slim XS.

On the other hand, if you're 5'4″ and built like a pit bull, you could opt for a classic M. They even carry the elusive XXS size.

For this reason, I think most modest men could find a SJ shirt that fits well.

How's the Quality?

The button up shirts are made from 100% single-ply Chinese cotton. For the most part, they're “easy care”, which means you don't have to get them dry cleaned (but you should let them hang dry after washing).

Beyond that, I don't know much about the fabric that my shirt was made from. Unfortunately, the product pages don't have any additional info about materials.

Silas Jackson shirt pattern close up

So I'm not sure about the weave (dobby, plain, twill, etc.). I could probably get this info from Ben, especially since he actually visits his factories, but I sure would like to see more data on the SJ website.

The shirt feels thick and durable like Oxford cotton. It's not overly soft, and there's no sheen to it. It feels like it could take a beating without falling apart.

Two Ways to Wear It

This blue shirt has a mini check pattern, which is perfect for shorter guys. Small scale patterns work much better than large ones because they don't dwarf the smaller build.

For this review, I put together two outfits. Let's start with the “smarter” one.

SJ smart outfit 3 SJ smart outfit 4

coat | shirt | trousers

Other than the shirt, this outfit is pretty neutral, so the blue shirt is definitely the center of attention.

Blue and brown is a classic color combination, so the shirt, trousers and scarf work well together.

SJ smart outfit 1 SJ smart outfit 2 Gloves in pocket

coat | gloves

You've got to love the textural variation of a winter getup – soft worsted flannel trousers, thick wool topcoats and smooth suede boots. Love it!

Winter outfit textures Chocolate suede Chelsea boots Flannel suede and wool

boots | socks | long underwear

When it's really cold outside, I wear long underwear as a base layer. Long underwear + flannel trousers = maximum comfort and warmth.

Look #2: Cold Weather Casual

Sometimes you just have to wear all blue everything, and that's exactly what I did for this casual winter getup.

SJ casual outfit 2 SJ casual outfit 3 SJ casual outfit 1

shirt | jeans | boots | shades

Silas Jackson shirts are designed to be worn tucked or untucked. For this getup, I chose to tuck it in.

I'm not a huge fan of tucking shirts into jeans, especially with low rise jeans. But these jeans have a normal rise, and this fitted shirt stays neatly tucked in all day.

My Recommendation

I'm impressed with the way my Silas Jackson shirt fits, and I appreciate the story and people behind this brand. Plus the prices are great.

I'd love to see more info on the SJ website about their fabrics and craftsmanship, but that's definitely not a deal breaker.

If you've had trouble finding button up shirts that fit from other speciality brands, or if you're looking for something affordable, you should give Silas Jackson a try (use modestman for 10% off until 3/1/16).

What do you about my outfits? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Why the heck do they size them S, M, L for button-down shirts? I used the “fit engine,” but it’s irrelevant. I usually buy a 15″ 32″ slim fit shirt… the “fit engine” let’s me choose from the silly Silas Jackson S, M, L sizes only. And, after asking my weight, height and age is says nothing about whether I’d be happier in a classic or slim. I’m not going to risk $60 (or even $54 after your 10% discount) on a shirt from half-way around the world that, as far as I can tell I can’t return. There’s barely any info on their site that’s about the products (but paragraph after paragraph and photo after photo of them and their grand adventure). I’m sure your free shirt was worth every penny, but my advice to them would be to focus on the products and the customers and not so much on themselves.

    • From what I’ve seen across different brands, casual button ups are usually sold in set sizes (s/m/l), while dress shirts are sold by sleeve and neck measurements.

      For example, with my shirts, I chose to go with set sizes (35, 37, 39, etc.) instead of neck/sleeve.

      Not saying it’s a better system, but you kind of have to pick one or the other.

      SJ should definitely include actual garment measurements on their site, though!

    • Daniel Pallay says:

      I agree. I want to know the neck and sleeve size in a dress shirt.What good is the shirt if the sleeves hang on your arms or you can’t wear a tie because the neck size doesn’t fit.

  2. I would like to see their sizing chart. I used their custom sizing tool, but I’d still like to get a picture of the actual measurements.

  3. MIke Hogue says:

    I only used the describe yourself part of the fit engine, It suggested a Large. I ordered a large classic because the website recommended the classic fit for for those of us who are stout.( I don”t think they worded it that way but you get the point), I am 5″7″ tall and weigh 195 pounds. The shirt fit perfect. Its even find shirts to fit if your short and stout and I think Silas Jackson is on to something, although I don’t think they need the describe a brand and size that fits you well part of the fit engine.

  4. Yup..I saw it too tight across the chest and upper back..

  5. Where did you find that jacket?? can you please pass on the website 🙂 thank you

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