Style Advice for Shorter Gents from Alpha M

The Modest Man is the only style blog that focuses specifically on men who are below average height, but there are plenty of blogs that are run by shorter gents. One of my favorites is I Am Alpha M. It was created by Aaron Marino, a style consultant, fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur who happens to be 5'6″.

Alpha M LogoAaron used to own a gym. After selling it, he worked as a personal image consultant in Atlanta, GA before starting his website and YouTube channel.

These days, he spends most of his time making videos about style, grooming, dating and fitness. He covers all sorts of topics, from workout routines to hair removal.

Apparently, this doesn't keep him busy enough, because he also developed a line of hair products (Pete & Pedro) and clothing (M. Apparel). Both of these are available in the I Am Alpha M online store.

The cool thing is, Aaron wears his M. Apparel clothes in many of his videos, so you can get an idea of how they fit. If you're around 5'6″ and have an athletic build, these clothes will probably fit you very well, so go check them out!

I sent Aaron a copy of my Short Man Style guide, and he liked it so much that he created a video about it on his popular YouTube channel:

You could spend all day going through the rest of the I Am Alpha M video library, so here's a list of my favorites:

Men's Swim Suits – This video is all about how to pick the right swim trunks. What's the best length for guys with shorter legs? What colors work well? Where can you find good swim trunks that aren't too expensive? Aaron's answers take the guesswork out of swimsuit shopping.

The Perfect Fitting Men's Suit – This is an older video, so the production quality isn't as high as Aaron's more recent work. But he talks about how a suit should fit, and his detailed tips are definitely geared toward men of modest height. He also compared an off-the-rack suit to a made-to-measure suit. The difference is pretty compelling!

Perfect Posture: Importance and How to Obtain – Posture is often overlooked in the style community. Proper posture is good for your body and helps prevent all sorts of back problems. It also adds a little height to your stance and makes clothes drape your body correctly. Fixing your posture is extremely important, especially for those of us who sit all day.

Face Shape and Sunglasses – This is one of the best sunglasses guides I've seen on the Web. It simplifies the process of figuring out what shape face you have and what sunglasses look good on you.

Facial Hair Based on Face Type – Aaron talks a lot about grooming, a topic I rarely cover here on The Modest Man. Probably because he's always got some sort of facial hair going on, while I'm always clean shaven. If you like facial hair but aren't sure what looks good on your face, this video is for you.

What's your favorite Alpha M video? Leave a comment below!

P.S. If you haven't picked up a copy of Short Man Style, get it right here.

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  1. That video literally changed my life and I am no longer insecurity about my height.

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