13 Must Have Secret Weapons In Every Stylish Man’s Arsenal

We talk a lot about clothing, but you need more than just clothes to live the stylish life. You need the right tools to get the most out of your clothing.

I'm talking about the supplies that aren't necessarily used everyday, but that are crucial when you need them.

This is the stuff that no one except you really sees. The stuff that you rely on.

Here are 13 crucial items every well-dressed man needs:

13 Secret Style Weapons

1. Seam Ripper – Ever buy a new jacket or suit and wonder why you can't get your fingers in the pockets? They're not fake pockets, they're just sewn shut. You could use a knife or scissors to cut them open, but a seam ripper is the safest and quickest way to do it.

2. Collar Stays – Even the best collars will start to fly away (or curl up) after extended wear. Keep your collars under control with collar stays. They come in all sorts of varieties, but you can't go wrong with plain old metal stays.

3. Armpit Stain Remover – If you wear deodorant with antiperspirant in it, yellow armpit stains are pretty much unavoidable. These aren't caused by sweat. It's the chemicals in your anti-perspirant that are to blame for the discoloration. Luckily, you can fight chemicals, well, more chemicals.

4. Tide To Go Sticks – These are especially useful when traveling, like if you're out of town for a wedding. Even if you don't need one of these magical stain-fighting wonder sticks, you very well may save the day when a damsel in distress (i.e., that pretty bridesmaid you've been working up the courage to talk to) gets red wine on her dress.

5. Shoe Trees – You don't need shoe trees for every single pair of shoes, but you should be using them for your leather shoes and boots, especially nice ones. Shoe trees will extend the life of your shoes by helping to maintain their shape and absorb moisture.

6. High Quality Hangers – It's time to ditch the small army of mismatched metal wireframe hangers you've accumulated over the past decade (or three). Replace them with wooden hangers. Not only do they look much better, but they're also better for your clothes (especially dress shirts, jackets and knits).


7. Clothes Brush – Sure, you can use one of those disposable sticky rollers to remove lint and debris from your clothes, but a brush is more effective and less damaging. Plus it won't need to be replaced.

8. Shoe Horn – We've all been guilty of mashing our feet into our shoes at one point or another. This might be acceptable when you're rushing out the door to get to the gym, but you should never force your foot into a dress shoe or boot. Use a shoe horn to slide your foot in gently, like the classy, dapper man you really are.

9. An Ironing Board – Because the dry cleaner isn't open. Or you need that shirt ironed right now. Or you don't want to pay the $2.50 fee. Or maybe you find ironing to be a zen like experience on a Sunday afternoon with a cup of coffee and your favorite podcast playing in the background (just me?).

10. An Iron – You know, to go with the board. Ask around first because your mom/girlfriend/roommate might have an extra one stowed away somewhere.

11. Shoe Care Kit – Whether you shine your shoes every week, once a year or only before funerals, every man needs a shoe shine kit. Shining and polishing your shoes is not only good for them (and for your appearance), but it's actually kind of fun.

12. Emergency Sewing Kit – This is another one of those items that you won't use very often. But when you need it, you need it. You'll also want to learn how to sew on a button.

13. Liquid Stitch Adhesive – This is great for making a quick hem without going to the tailor or learning how to sew. It will also come in handy for any quick fix that requires holding fabric in place without thread.


How does your arsenal stack up against this list? If it's looking a little bare, now might be the perfect time to stock up with some new supplies!

What else would you add to the list? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Great info. Practical and inexpensive. I especially will act on the chemical to eliminate arm pit stain. Are some deodorants better than others at minimizing this stain. I have ruined so many expensive shirts.

  2. Try using deodorants without antiperspirant. Aluminum in antiperspirant mixed with sweat is the cause of armpit stains on shirts. If sweating is a problem, try wearing undershirt.

  3. My friend, I love your blog. But for those that find ironing zen-like, they will also find conditioning and polishing their leather shoes to be zen-like as well. If that’s the case, they use Saphir to truly experience the experience 🙂 The Hanger Project has been the best place I have found to get the stuff. I figured if there was anyone that would appreciate the Saphir quality (especially the Renovateur), I imagine it would be you. Enjoy!

  4. Once again Brock, you’ve provided valuable information clearly and just in time.

  5. Brock, probably one of the best blog you posted. You need to be snowed in more. LOL 😀

  6. Oscar López says:

    This is the first time I ever hear about collar stays. Next time my cousin travels to USA I’ll get some of them. Thanks again, Brock! An excelent complement to the book!

  7. I might disagree slightly on point number 6. Wooden hangers are definitely a necessity, especially wide ones for your jackets, but hangers shouldn’t be used for knits. The shoulders will get stretched out by the weight of the sweater or shirt. Fold those knits instead.

  8. Tide to go pens save my life more than I care to admit.. I’m always spilling coffee on myself.

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

  9. Hey Brock,

    The Collar Stays are the definition of a product creation that solves a problem. Never thought about it, and this is how I ended up having shirts with only 1 collar stay. Great list btw


  10. one word on that DEO GO underarm stain remover: please try it on some part of the shirt that can not be seen at all( preferably a really small area). I ruined 2 linen dress shirts with this product. does it work? yes but not all fabrics or colors will work with it. it will discolor the shirt almost bleach-like….

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