Saddleback Leather Satchel Review

Every man wants a big leather bag. The kind of bag that travels with you all over the world and gets all beat up. The kind of bag that ages gracefully and wears its scars proudly.

I'm talking about a bag that smells of musk and adventure, a bag you pass down to your children.

Saddleback medium satchel

Maybe that's just me. I've always loved leather goods. Not the cheap bonded leather stuff, but the real thing. Whether it's a wallet or a sofa, I just love the smell, durability and inherent manliness of cowhide.

So, naturally, when it came time for me to ditch the backpack and start carrying a real working man's bag, I wanted leather.

Choosing the Right Leather Bag

There are plenty of options, from the slim and sleek to the big and bulky.

But most of the bags I liked were too big. I'm a small guy, and at just under 5'6″, most “manly” looking bags make me look anything but.

Saddleback makes some of the toughest, manliest leather goods in existence. How tough are they, you ask? Well, they come with a 100 year guarantee.

Born from necessity, they were created to withstand serious punishment. In fact, they become more handsome over time, no matter what you throw at them.

Needless to say, I fell in love immediately with the saddleback brand and the aesthetic if their products.

Saddleback medium satchel

satchel | shirt | sweater (similar) | pants | shoes

But I was hesitant to buy one because I thought it would too be big for my svelte frame. I work so hard to make sure my clothes fit properly and flatter my body type, so the last thing I need is some oversized bag dwarfing my 130 lbs frame.

However, I was surprised to discover that Saddleback actually carries several bags that are great for shorter men. Bags that are still tough and manly, but scaled down in size so they don't look gigantic on smaller gents.

My favorite is the round satchel in size medium.

This is the bag Indiana Jones should have carried.

It comes in three different sizes – small, medium and large. The medium is 12 inches wide and 10 inches tall, which is big enough to carry most everything you need for daily travel.

It will fit a tablet. But if you wanted to carry a laptop, you'd have to size up or choose a different bag.

It can be worn across the body or as a backpack, and it comes in four gorgeous colors. I'm partial to Chestnut.

Saddleback medium satchel

It's a rich medium brown with just enough red to add character without drawing too much attention. The hardware is a shiny chrome metal that feels very substantial.

This bag isn't appropriate for formal business use. I wouldn't take it to a job interview or carry it while wearing a dark suit. But it can definitely be dressed up a bit, especially if you ditch the strap and carry it like a briefcase.

Of course, it works perfectly with more casual outfits.

Saddleback medium satchel

This bag is great for those days where you're going to be out and about – running errands, relaxing at a coffee shop or on a date around town. It will hold a tablet but not a laptop.

For example, here's what I might be carrying around on any given day:

  • Keys
  • Notepad + pen
  • Travel coffee mug (I love this one)
  • Lunch (sandwich, apple, water)
  • Umbrella
  • Earbuds

The best thing about this satchel is the fact that it satisfies my craving for a tough, manly leather bag, without making me feel like a little kid carrying around his dad's briefcase. It fits me, and when it comes to style, fit is everything.

If you want a bag like this one, check out Saddleback today.

Would you carry this bag? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Great review. Hope I win!

  2. Luis Cruz says:

    Now thats what I call a bag.
    Always loved leather bags but this one just speaks to me haha.
    Bring just under 5’5″ Most bags look like well gym bags on me. So something compact yet practical is just the perfect way to go.
    Plus being a computer technitian I move around a lot and I need to be prepared.
    Something like this would work well with a nice tablet pc I think. Not as big as a laptop but just right.

    Love the bag, love the blog. Keep on doing what your doing, cause for me at least, its helped a lot.

  3. Let’s hope I win!

  4. Michael Weaver says:

    I’ve always been a big fan of saddleback. Glad to see the positive review, since I’ve heard some concerning stuff about a late drop in quality.

  5. What a sexy bag!

  6. The blog is great. Hope I’m lucky or fortunate enough to win.

  7. Great review! My brother owns a bag from saddleback and has been telling me to take the plunge and get one. And I must admit I have been thinking about it. They are great looking bags, and he beats his up and it still looks great!

  8. You need to be a professional model. 😀

    Great article. Going to try for the giveaway. Looks fantastic

  9. Love the blog, ordered multiple times from combat gent and keep forgetting to use the code, but then I bought during the Black Friday sales.

    Looking forward to reading more!

  10. That bag would look great on a short dude like myself.

  11. That bag looks great!

  12. I would take this thing to work every day and on all my travels. It would be hard NOT to take it somewhere!

  13. Great review. Their bags look amazing

  14. dictsonary says:

    Great review and photos! Love the size of this bag. Really hoping to get my hands on a Saddleback product soon.

  15. This bag would be a constant companion at client meetings, for sure!

  16. I got my wallet from Saddleback. At first I didn’t like it but now it is growing on me. I just wasn’t used to the design at first but now I see how brilliant and convenient it is. I will never use anything else.

    I would love to buy a bag from them as well but there are one or two other things a little higher up on my priority list. (gray suit and boots)

    Thanks for the post- good stuff!


  17. I would take it to work, daily, and on business trips requiring less formal attire.

  18. I would take this bag to everywhere. Time to say good bye to my old backpack!

  19. I like it! Count me in.
    And thanks for the blog. It has definitely helped me improve my style decision making

  20. Can’t go wrong with Saddleback!

  21. Good looking bag! Can it hold a lunch box?

  22. “This is the bag Indiana Jones should have carried.” I love this. Makes me feel like I can be high class and adventurous while exploring the outdoors.

  23. I wish they would make an offset strap (one end attaching on top, the other end attach on the side) as this keeps the bag from flopping around as much. Still… nice freakin’ bag!

  24. I would take this to Taiwan with me.

  25. What a great looking bag. It would go great will all 5′ 2.5″ of me!

  26. I’ve been looking for a new work bag!

  27. Sweet bag

  28. I have to agree. It is a great bag. Nice colour!

  29. Stevie Munz says:

    Now that is a bag. A fab bag.

  30. I have always wanted a Saddleback bag, but just never pulled the trigger. With your help I won’t have to. 😉

  31. I’d take it to hell and back again . . . ok, maybe just to work everyday — but it’s pretty much the same thing!

  32. Matthew Ferguson says:

    That looks like a nice casual bag that match nicely with my green road bike and casual university wear.

  33. Yes, please!

  34. +1

  35. I would take this to college classes.

  36. yeonjoonhwang says:

    I love all leather goods (full grain only of course). The way they age and develop character is even better than raw denim. Wish I could afford Saddleback’s bags!

    • If you stashed away $10 or $20 from every paycheck, before long you would have the money, and be able to basically pay cash (i.e., pay off your credit card immediately). I save for almost everything this way and it’s amazing how fast the money adds up when you stash it out of sight. Good luck!

  37. Nice post!

  38. This would absolutely be a work bag for me. I don’t have to wear a suit, so this is perfect. This would definitely go to every client meeting I have. No more simple padfolio.

  39. Looks awesome and I appreciate your style.

  40. I have several Saddleback products and they’re simply unmatched.

  41. Matt Hanshaw says:

    Great looking bag. I have heard so many great things about this company. Hope to get some personal experience with them one day.

  42. I would take this bag with me to law school next August.

  43. Thanks for putting this together!

  44. Immodestly stylish.

  45. Came over from Masculine Style. I would love to win a Saddleback satchel.

  46. Great bag! This would be awesome to take to and from work each day.

  47. Doug Hislop says:

    What a great bag.

  48. Chukwukere Ekeh says:

    This would be perfect for grad school and work.

  49. I’ve been coveting a Saddleback bag for years. Great giveaway Brock!

    I’d take this bag… probably everywhere around town. And then some.

  50. I would take it with me when I travel, anywhere!

  51. This is the kind of bag that begs to be taken on an Indiana Jones style adventure. Awesome.

  52. Looks nice

  53. This bag looks awesome! Hope I win!

  54. Hope I win!!

  55. This would become my go-to bag

  56. I’d take it my next trip to New Orleans.

  57. Mario Figueroa says:

    Excellent article!

  58. Victor Turrado says:

    Really awsome bag. And nice review! Perfect for take it around town.

  59. giovanni Escobedo says:

    Great bag. I will check the rest of the bags out.

  60. I love my SBL and always talk about it’s quality to anyone I meet… If I had this bag it would go from the boardroom to the workroom to the back deck of a fishing boat and hiking too…

  61. This is great! Thanks for the opportunity!

  62. Davidnjee says:

    I’ve been looking at these bags for months. I’d take it with me to maine.

  63. Nice find.

  64. I have been looking for a bag that would fit my stature, for sure taking it to law school.

  65. Andrew An says:

    Saddleback makes the most amazing products! Love their stuff!

  66. As a seminary student, I would take this bag with me everyday to class. Products made with great craftsmanship and care are a joy to use!

  67. Hm …I would take it to the great NW to visit my daughter.

  68. That is a great looking bag.

  69. Davidnjee says:


  70. I would definitely consider gifting it to my son, for use at his job.

  71. That bag is my new best friend. Let it be mine.

  72. KnightOwl73 says:

    Where would I take this bag? To and from work, every day, plus on work trips.

  73. This would definitely be a bag I can bring to work with me daily.

  74. Hiking these bags are awesome.

  75. jaredbonnit says:

    Definitely an amazing daily use bag. It’d be taken pretty much everywhere.

  76. Everywhere. I wouldn’t be ashamed of having to carry things around, just gentlemanly take work with me and so on.

  77. Jonathon Byson says:

    This is a sweet bag, great for my traveling needs!!!!

  78. To Africa

  79. To visit my sister in the deep south.

  80. Man that sweater/jacket is pretty sweet. Looks like a harrington a bit. Dig the tab.

  81. Everywhere. Everyday.

  82. Jonathon Byson says:

    Awesome Bag!!!!!

  83. Love the bag!

  84. I would take it with me everywhere.

  85. To the movies and the grocery store.

  86. I’d be thrilled to own it and would use it constantly.

  87. I can’t think of a place I wouldn’t take this.

  88. Julie Baird says:

    I own a small one of these. This medium would be even more functional. I’d take it to the library.

  89. I would take this bag everywhere.

  90. Jonathon Byson says:

    Seems nice, and I like it

  91. Today, I’d take it bird watching

  92. Exciting. I never win things though. Always wanted one of their bags. SOMEDAY 🙂

  93. I would take it with my pretty much everywhere.

  94. I think I’d take this with me to the library

  95. I would take it to school every day.

  96. I’d take it on a night on the town.

  97. I would carry it when I travel.

  98. Final post. I’ve wanted one of these bags for years. I’d take it with me everywhere everyday. Here’s to good luck!

  99. Chailattezz says:

    Awesome post Brock!

  100. Jonathon Byson says:

    Sweet bag, to walk with class around town. Cheers to TheModestMan!

  101. I’d take it on a road trip to new orleans.

  102. Who won?

  103. What about leather weekend bags? What size (dimensions) would you use for yourself? I’m about the same height and weight as you, Brock.

  104. Great company. I’ve carried their slim wallet for years!

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