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Guys are always on the lookout for affordable clothing options, especially for staple wardrobe pieces like chinos, jeans and button down shirts. But many of the lower priced stores are awful for short men. Take Target, for example. They have some decent stuff, but it comes with serious fit problems for smaller gents. is a relatively new online-only retailer that sells pants, tees, button downs, hoodies and other casual wear for men. Founded by Cory Epstein in September 2012 to “boldly take a stand against overpriced me's apparel”.

They sent me a pair of jeans, chinos and a button down shirt. This is my review:

LA-Made Chambray Button Down

20Jeans Slim Button Down ShirtDespite being “super slim fit”, the smallest size (S) was too big for me. It had all of the classic fit problems that men of modest height are all too familiar with: baggy arms, oversized collar, wide torso, etc.

This didn't come as a shock. Most retailers make dress shirts that are too baggy and long for men who are below average height. Unfortunately, 20Jeans isn't an exception.

After trying on this shirt, I was a little nervous about how the pants would fit, but I was pleasantly surprised…

Torino Skinny-Slim Chino

20Jeans Torino Slim ChinosThese pants (which I mentioned before in this post) were a pleasant surprise. Sort of a jean/chino hybrid, they are very soft and comfortable, and they fit astonishingly well. They're definitely more casual than kakis, but you can still wear them with a tucked in button down for a smart casual situation.

The fit is definitely slim but far from skinny. There's a slight taper to the legs, so the bottoms don't flare out at all. This is perfect for the rolled up look, which is great because the shortest inseam they offer is 30″. Rather than getting these chinos hemmed, I've been rolling them extra high over casual oxfords or boat shoes.

For you thin gents, the pants do go down to a 28″ waist.

My only problem with these pants is the construction quality. I've worn them quite a bit over the past few weeks (because they look a fit great), and they are already showing signs of wear. A non-functional button fell off, and threads are sticking out in a couple of places.

That said, for $30 these are a great pair of seasonal pants (i.e., pants you wear the hell out of all summer and then give away). It's also nice not to worry about dirtying them up. (Go ahead, pitch that tent and light up a cigar.)

Avalon Slim Jeans

I couldn't find these on the website, so they might be sold out. They fit almost exactly like the chinos, and they also look good rolled up at the ankle. These jeans are slim and straight, like a pair of Levi's 513s. They definitely don't look like designer denim, but for $20 they're a steal.

I haven't worn these as much as the chinos, so I can't speak to the construction quality, but they will probably hold up about the same.

The Verdict is a great place for short men to get a cheap pair of jeans or chinos, especially if you like pants that are slim but not skinny. As with most clothing retailers, their dress shirts will likely be too big.

Again, you shouldn't expect 20Jeans pants to last more than a few months of heavy wear, but the price can't be beaten.

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  1. It is refreshing to see honesty and being unbiased in a review! I would really like to know some stores that you can buy polos and casual button down shirts

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