Peter Manning Review: Clothing for Short Men

This is a review of Peter Manning, a clothing company that makes classic American sportswear specifically for men 5'8″ and under.

Peter Manning 2014

If you're below average height, you probably struggle with finding clothes that fit. You want to dress well, but it seems like most clothing companies completely ignore your needs.

Pants and sleeves are always too long. Sweaters are too big. Dress shirts are billowy and suits make you feel like a little kid.

Men of average height don't understand this problem. It's easy for them to find clothes that fit. But the truth is, us shorter gents can spend all day shopping just to walk away empty-handed (trust me, I've tried).

There are only a few brands that cater to short men. Peter Manning is one of these. In fact, they focus exclusively on men 5'8″ and under.

I've been following, supporting and wearing Peter Manning for a while. If you're a subscriber, you've probably already seen some of my Peter Manning outfits. Here's a quick look back at some related content:

What I love about this company is that their clothes keep getting better. They've tweaked the fit of their shirts and added some new items to their growing collection, and I'm excited to show off some of my favorites.

I have several Peter Manning shirts, including a couple of sweaters and a polo, but my favorite is this yellow plaid Everyday Button Up. It's the best-fitting off the rack shirt I've ever worn.

Peter Manning Everyday Shirt

shirt | jeans

The shirt is pre-washed, so it feels soft and broken in. It's extremely comfortable, the kind of shirt you will wear every week.

It's warm outside, so I have the sleeves rolled, but they're just the right length. In fact, Peter Manning shirts are the only shirts I own that don't require a trip to the tailor (besides custom shirts).

It's got nice details like these light blue Oxford gussets:

Peter Manning shirt details

The other Peter Manning shirt I've been wearing a lot is this Short Sleever in indigo print. I often have to stay away from short sleeve button up shirts because they don't fit. Either they're too long, the sleeves are too wide or the collar is too big.

But this one fits great. The scale of the pattern is nice and small – perfect for svelte gents – and the floral design will always be in style.

Peter Manning short sleeve button up

shirt | shortssunglasses

Notice the details. The chest pocket and collar are scaled down in size. Most companies don't take these little things into consideration when creating their smaller sizes. It may not seem like a big deal, but trust me, the sum of these details make a huge difference.

When they're off, it just doesn't look right. But when you get the details right, everything looks balanced:

Peter Manning Indigo Short Sleever

I own two pairs of Peter Manning jeans, one dark blue and one medium blue (shown here). They fit great, with a medium rise and slim-straight leg that has just the right amount of taper.

Unlike low-rise pants, these jeans will elongate your figure by making your legs look longer.

Peter Manning medium blue jeans

jeans | cardigan | t-shirt | sunglasses | shoes

My Peter Manning shirts and pants have quickly become wardrobe staples. If you're frustrated with trying to find clothes that fit, or if you're sick of always having to pay for alterations, you need to give Peter Manning NYC a try.

Returns and exchanges are free, so you have nothing to lose. Plus, first time customers get 20% off.

Check out or, if you're in New York City, visit the Peter Manning showroom.

Have you tried Peter Manning yet? Do you want to? Leave a comment below!

Note: This post is sponsored by Peter Manning, which means I was compensated to write it. But fear not! I wouldn't endorse anything I don't love. I've been wearing and promoting Peter Manning clothes without compensation for a long time, and I'm thrilled to have this company as a sponsor.

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  1. Looking good Brock! And you’re so right, the difference is in the details. I particularly like the lengths of these Peter Manning shirts, they are just perfect. For a long time I thought I was doing a decent job by taking my shirts to a tailor, but Peter Manning takes scale and fit to another level.

  2. This is a fantastic post, Brock. Looking good. 🙂

  3. Barrie osborne says:

    G’day Brock,
    I subscribe to your newsletter and find it helpful. Like you I am a “shorty” and those alterations keep getting expensive. Like $AU17 just to take up a too-long polo shirt.
    I was wondering if Peter Manning does international orders and what would be the approximate shipping cost for a shirt and jeans.
    It’the sixth day (D-Day) of winter here and it’s bloody cold.
    Anyway Brock, have a good weekend. (We have a long weekend to honor the Queen’s Birthday).
    Cheers mate,
    Barrie Osborne (Port Melbourne — Australia)

  4. Joe Canada says:

    As like Barrie, I’m also wondering about the “if Peter Manning does international orders and what would be the approximate shipping cost for a shirt and jeans.” Or the about the availability of the product in Canada.

    • Wayne Lilley says:

      A $98 US pair of jeans costs $25 US for delivery, so $159 Cdn plus $29 Cdn in for duty. Grand total is $188.Canadian for jeans. They’re okay, but so are Levis. You can do a lot of tailoring in Canada to a pair of Levi 516s for about half that to alter the inseam.

  5. bARRIE OSBORNE says:

    Hey Brock,
    Any chance of checking out Peter Manning for international online shopping.
    Joe Canada is also waiting for your action on this.

    • Hey Barrie,

      I did ask but don’t have an answer yet. I’d recommend sending them an email:


      Let me know if you figure it out!


    • Wayne Lilley says:

      Manning does ship to Canada, but the cost to Toronto for a $98 US pair of jeans is $25 US. That’s currently a total of $157 Cdn. Then there is $29 Cdn in duty that bumps the price to $186 Cdn. They’re good jeans, but expensive for Canadians. A pair of Levi 516 jeans, costs about $65 Cdn in Canada. A seamstress or tailor can alter the inseam for a lot less than $120 Cdn.

  6. Thanks for this blog! I am married to a 5’7″ man and finding clothing, and jeans in particular, is such a nightmare. He’s not one to shop so it’s all on me to prevent him from walking around in badly fitting pants but it seems like they are ALL designed for super tall guys.
    I had seen an article about Manning online but was skeptical so it’s really great to have a reviewof the jeans AND the shirts. I’m going to order him some today and see how it goes.

    • Glad to hear the review was helpful, and thanks for looking out for your man! Let me know how the Peter Manning clothes fit.


  7. I bought chinos and a jumper from Peter Manning. I live in Europe and shipping was very expensive. To be honest it made the exercise uneconomic. The clothes do seem tailored for small guys. I’m 6 ft 6 in and slim. I also felt they cut was not very fashionable so it is a conservative look, useful for business casual.

    • Hey Ciaran,

      Sorry to hear the shipping was so expensive. They’re a small company, so hopefully when they grow (with our support) they’ll be able to offer better rates to overseas customers.

      Thanks for leaving your feedback…much appreciated!


  8. I love Peter Manning clothes. I can’t express how happy I am to be able to order for a clothing company and know the items I receive will not only fit but also attract positive feedback from the people around me. I’ve had a few people ask where I got my green chino’s from – They are easily the best fitting pants I have ever worn.

    The only down side? Living in Australia it costs ~$125 to ship the clothes. It means that I need to order more than I would like to at a time to justify the shipping cost. It would be great if Peter Manning could work out a way to provide cheaper shipping for single items, then I would truly be in short guy heaven! That said, I am very grateful that the company does provide international shipping because I would be lost without them!

  9. Any suggestions for suits? We’re running into a stone wall of jackets built for 6′ tall men in all the stores.

  10. I would definitely try those on. It’s really hard for me (5plot) to look for some stuff that will fit for my body. It’s also kinda embarrassing for me to look in kids section for my size:D and I am 23 y’old already.

  11. Hi Brock – I just received a pair of shorts and a pair of chinos from Peter Manning – over $250 but I thought it would be worth it. They both have a rise of 11 inches, are baggy in the leg (despite claiming to be slim fit) and are far too big in the waist. Did I use a different Peter Manning? Help!

  12. Hi Brock,

    Thanks for the review. Personally, I have great trouble finding the right clothes to fit me. I am 5 feet 4 inches and of a heavy built.

    Over the last few years I have found the perfect online stores for shirts. I prefer custom shirts now – I frequent the websites of and Both these websites offer great shirts at great prices. Frankly, I would prefer them to off the rack.

    However, I am still on the lookout for well fitting trousers. Somehow the sites i have tried have not worked for me. Will give Peter Manning a shot. Thanks for the tip!

  13. Maurice Gowans says:

    I’m five foot and weigh a 173 lbs and find it very difficult to find clothes that fit properly and I also have an athletic build

  14. Brock,

    What size shirts are you wearing in these pictures?

  15. Dyno-Mite says:

    So are you actually wearing a size down from their recommended size?

    Their fit chart told me I was a 2, and I just tried on an “Everyday” shirt, and it’s a bit baggy. :/ Think I’ll return and try a size 1. For the record, I’m 5′ 4″, 135lbs

    Thanks for the site Brock!

    • Yeah but keep in mind, I prefer a close, slim fit (I’m about 125 lbs). Size 1 should fit you well.

      • Dyno-Mite says:

        Dang, 5′ 6″ 125lb?! Maybe I need to be buying running shoes instead of shirts. :p Jk. yeah I like a closer fit too. Gonna try the 1. Thanks a lot!

        • Dyno-Mite says:

          For the record, I exchanged the shirt for a size 1, and it is about as perfect as I could possibly hope for. Best fitting button up I’ve ever owned. Thanks again!

  16. I live on Long Island.
    Where is your brick and mortar, physical store located?

  17. These prices are pretty high…

  18. Benny R. says:

    I’m a 2x and have been on the site for months and it still says they are sold out. Please speed up production. Frustrated!

  19. I always struggle buying long sleeve shirts. The sleeves and torso length are always too long. Hopefully Peter Manning will be a good option to purchase better fitted shirts as I am switching to the corporate workforce.

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