Strength Training and Weight Lifting for Short Men

Strength training for short men

As I’ve said before, my passion is helping modest men upgrade every part of their lives. I focus on style, but improving your fitness is another great way to enhance how you look and feel. Plus, having a lean, muscular build can actually make your clothes […]

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What are Bold Shoes, and Should You Wear Them?

Bold shoes

Bold shoes can be a great way to add some flair and individuality to your style. But what exactly are bold shoes? What makes a shoe bold? How do you shop for them, and more importantly, should you really wear them?

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2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Modest Men

Maybe, like me, you celebrate Christmas each year on December 25th. Or perhaps you enjoy eight crazy nights of Hanukkah. You might even party it up for a whole a whole week during Kwanzaa, or maybe you test your strength on Festivus (for the rest of us).

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How to Wear a Flannel Shirt | Tailor Store Review

How to wear a flannel shirt

The flannel button up shirt is a wardrobe staple that every man should have in his arsenal. Read on to learn how a flannel shirt should fit and what makes it casual. Plus, see three example outfits from my own wardrobe.

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How to Wear the Versatile Suede Chukka Boot

How to wear suede chukkas

Chukka boots (also called chukkas) are some of the most versatile shoes a man will ever own, and they’re one of my personal favorite types of boots. This post will show you three ways to wear suede chukkas.

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How to Wear a Green Donegal Tweed Suit

How to wear a green tweed suit

Compared to worsted wool, tweed is thick, durable and warm. Which makes it perfect for winter. Do you own a tweed suit? Here’s how I wear my olive green Donegal tweed suit from Oliver Wicks.

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5 Style Principles That Will Help You Look Tall and Lean

5 Ways to Look Tall and Lean

The right clothing and accessories can literally make you appear taller and leaner. But the wrong style choices will have the exact opposite effect. These five techniques will help you maximize your stature, no matter how tall you are. Use them wisely!

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5 Body Language Tips to Boost Confidence Instantly (Regardless of Your Height)

Body language tips for short men

You understand how important appearances are, and you know just how powerful clothing can be (for better or worse). But the way you’re perceived isn’t just determined by what you wear. Your body language is equally powerful and, therefore, equally important.

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