My New Custom Blazer

Unboxing and Trying On the Indochino Essential Grey Blazer

If you're on The Modest Man mailing list, you may remember getting an excited email from me about ordering a new made-to-measure blazer from Indochino. I was excited not only to buy a brand new custom piece of formal wear, but also to have gotten a great deal (it was on sale for $179).

Well, it arrived in the mail, and I wanted to “unbox” it in front of you so you could get the full experience – sizing, ordering, shipping and fit. The packaging was very nice, so I snapped a few photos while I was opening the box. Check it out:

Unopened Package

Shipping Label

Indochino Box

Inside the Box

Perfect Fit Promise

The Essential Grey Blazer

Hanging Up

Indochino Label

Custom Embroidery

And here are a few shots of me wearing it so you can get an idea about fit. It's far from perfect. One problem is the sleeves are just a little too long. Luckily, this is a simple alteration that won't cost much to fix. Also, Indochino will reimburse you for minor alterations if you send them your receipt.

The shoulders are a bit wide. You can see the indentations below the shoulder seam.

Buttoning Up

From the Front

The above photo makes it easy to see a couple of other issues. Besides the sleeves being about 3/4 of an inch too long (they're not showing any cuff), I would prefer more waist suppression and slimmer sleeves. All things considered, these alterations could get expensive.

From the Side

From the Back

Hands In Pockets

Online made-to-measure comes with a lot of potential pitfalls, but it can be a great way to get yourself some affordable clothing that fits properly. If you're still not sure about ordering from an online clothier, feel free to contact me with any lingering questions. I'd be happy to talk further about my experiences.

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  1. Duke Nguyen says:

    Hi Brock, I’m relatively new here since I have found your blog recently. I’m 5’5″ and 134lbs. I think the jacket length is a little long, maybe 1-1.5″ shorter would look better for me

    • Hey Duke,

      We are almost the exact same size. I’m about a half inch taller and 5 pounds lighter. A little shorter could work for you. Shorter is generally more modern, while longer is more traditional.

      It also depends on your torso to leg ratio. If you have short legs, shorter jackets will make them look longer. If you have longer legs (in proportion to your torso, not other people) you can get away with longer jackets.

      Thanks for your comment!


  2. Very nice even though this blog is a bit old. Sometimes you can find some beautys for online stores, also can be a bit hit and miss

  3. Eh. That’s disappointing that the fit wasn’t right. I was considering a suit there but this is discouraging. Is this jacket in your regular rotation or was the fit too far off that you don’t wear it that much?

  4. Brock, if you had to pick a MTM site for suits, which would you go with as your #1? Also, what about shirts? I’ve had luck with Proper Cloth, but would like your opinion. Thanks.

    By the way, have you given consideration to the TM Lewin Skinny Fit suit? I was thinking of ordering one since it’s only $265-ish with a coupon code, and also a Slim Fit one, just to compare and see what’s right for my body, then send back the one that doesn’t fit as well.

    • Hi Chris,

      No experience with LM Lewin. About MTM… good question. I’m planning on doing a very thorough comparison of all the companies I’ve tried later this summer, so stay tuned for that.

      Right now, I’d say that it’s ALL about your budget and patience. I guarantee your first suit, no matter which company, will not fit correctly. It will need alterations or a remake. That said:

      On a budget – Modern Tailor

      If you’re in Dallas, Austin, Houston, Chicago or DC – Knot Standard

      If you’re in NYC – Black Lapel

      If none of these cities – Black Lapel

      Dragon Inside is also a great option, but Black Lapel really nailed my fit (just a little better than DI, at least the first time around).

      But it’s really all about your dedication to getting it right, and working with whatever company you choose until it’s perfect. If you can get measured in person, do that (makes a world of difference).


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