My Favorite Outfits: Summer Casual

Comfort + Style = Success

This outfit is great for those days when you're just out and about, running errands, hanging out at your place with friends, grabbing lunch…whatever. It's super comfortable and looks nice (a step above jeans and a t-shirt, for sure).

My Favorite Outfits: Summer CasualHere are a few things I'd like to point out:

Lacoste polos are my favorite polo shirts. I know a lot of guys who prefer Ralph Lauren or some other brand, but I think Lacoste polo shirts are cut in a way that flatters the shorter body type. The one in this photo is a size 3.

On a very hot day, I will wear a tank top under my polo shirt to absorb sweat, but undershirts are not required. Never wear an undershirt that's visible (like a regular t-shirt). Stick with tanks and v-necks.

Notice the rolled shorts. As I've mentioned before, rolling your shorts is a great way to shorten them, reduce flare out and generally make them look better. I've rolled these striped Gap shorts twice and used two small safety pins to hold them in place.

A lot of style gurus will tell you that sandals are almost never appropriate. Personally, I'm not above wearing sandals.

shirt | shorts* | sandals

My brown leather Reef sandals are probably the most comfortable and durable footwear I own, and they slip on and off very quickly. They are my go-to choice on hot summer days. I do, however, try to avoid wearing them with pants.

*These Gap shorts are a couple of years old, and I don't see them anywhere online or in the store. The pair that I linked to above are the closest match (in terms of fit) that I could find.

What do you think about this outfit? Do you have any of these same items? Let me know in the comments section below!


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  1. I definitely can do this garb on a daily bases since I live in Florida. How are the size measured with the polo shirts from Lacoste? Is size 3 like a small?

  2. J Crew and other sites have shorter shorts available in 5 and 6 inch inseams versus the typical 9-11 inch shorts you find most places. Same with Swim trunks. No more baggies hanging below the knees for me!

    • Hey Len,

      Great point. You also have to watch how big the leg opening is. Just like pants, slim fit works better for most smaller guys (unless you have big thighs). I’ve noticed that J. Crew doesn’t have very slim shorts right now. Two stores that do are H&M and American Apparel.


  3. Hi Brock. Do you tuck your polo inside the shorts or you leave them tucked out? Polos generally have uneven hems (Longer tail).

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