Men of Modest Height: Scott Schuman

Scott Schuman Height

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coat | jeans | shirt | shoes | camera

Scott Schuman, the man behind The Sartorialist, is a man of modest height. His keen eye for fashion, however, translates into more than just great photos. He has developed a very classic, respectable sense of personal style. The first thing you notice about Schuman is not his height…it's how well he is dressed.

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  1. That is someone you should interview. Schuman has an amazing site, been following it for a few years now. Find out where he does his shopping, especially coats and jackets which are the toughest to get fitting right. Since his celebrity isn’t up there with actors he might have some tips on where he found some of his clothing.

    • I would love to interview Schuman. Even though he’s not a celebrity, he’s definitely a big shot in the fashion/blogging/photography world. Who knows, though, maybe he would show some love for his fellow short man? Couldn’t hurt to ask…


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