Men of Modest Height – Robert Downey, Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. Height - 5'8"

Robert Downey Jr. – 5'8″

Actor, writer, musician and Academy Award nominee, Robert Downey, Jr., is best known for his recent roles as Tony Stark (a.k.a., Iron Man) and Sherlock Holmes, but his rise to Hollywood stardom began when he started acting in his father's films as a child.

Unfortunately, he also started using drugs with his father at a very young age, which explains his widely-publicized battles with substance abuse and addiction. These days, however, RDJ is on top of his game.

Robert Downey Jr SuitDowney carries himself well. He has excellent posture and keeps himself fit. He also dresses well – be it in a three piece suit or sneakers and shades.

His confidence is legendary, and it definitely spills over onto the screen. You can feel his personality coming through all of his characters, no matter how sensational they are.

A true comeback story, Downey's life has been anything but boring, and it only seems to be getting better with each year.

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  1. You would never know he was 5’8″ in his movies. I wonder if movie producers have to “enhance” his height for specific roles.

    • They definitely use certain angles, heightening footwear, short co-actors, etc. to trick the eye. Lots of famous actors (even tough guys like Stallone) are way shorter than most people think!


  2. I was at the beach with him, I’m standing tall at 5f6 and he was definately no taller than me! We were the same height!
    He’s been ashamed of his height that’s why he’s wearing those crazy footwear with lifts. What a shame. I’m 5f6 and actually don’t give a fuck just because I’m short!

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