Men of Modest Height: Miguel Jontel Pimentel

Miguel Height - 5'7"

Miguel Jontel Pimentel – 5'7″

California-native Miguel Jontel Pimentel reached pop star status after releasing his 2012 album Kaleidoscope Dream (which, by the way, is awesome). He's got an amazing voice, plus he plays guitar and does a lot of his own production work. Oh, and he won a Grammy.

MiguelAt five foot seven, Miguel is someone who likes to stand out. His outfits are typically very fashion-forward, consisting of leather and plenty of bling. He utilizes accessories regularly and often sports an edgy hairstyle.

His clothes fit well, and his accessories are in proportion with his size. You will often see him streamlining his look with one solid color.

Miguel gets a lot his outfits from stores with names I can't pronounce and clothes I can't afford, but he's also wears Levi's, Ray-Bans and Calvin Klein. If you want to imitate Miguel's edgy-but-tailored look, check out stores like Zara, Urban Outfitters and H&M.

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