Men of Modest Height: Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg Height - 5'7"

Mark Wahlberg 5'7″

shirt | pants | tie | belt

Rapper, underwear model, producer, director and Oscar-nominated actor, Mark Wahlberg has done it all. He rose from a life of crime and violence as the youngest of nine children is a working class Irish family. After spending a few weeks in jail for assault, he turned his life around and began rapping (luckily, his brother Donnie was a member of New Kids On The Block) and body building.

Whether he's golfing with movie execs and famous athletes on Entourage, walking the red carpet with his supermodel wife, or just playing with his kids at the beach, Walhberg always dresses for the occasion. He's always had a unique sense of personal style, even if it's changed over the years (and it has, a lot).

I never realized Wahlberg was only 5'7″ until recently. Did you?

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