Men of Modest Height: Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee Height - 5'8"

Bruce Lee - 5'8"

Everyone knows who Bruce Lee is – martial arts master, fight choreographer, film director, teacher and game-changing actor. Most people, however, probably don't know that he was just 5'8″ tall. This is because the first thing you always notice about Bruce Lee is his amazing physique. The man was in perfect shape.

He trained rigorously and treated his body as a temple. He founded and popularized the hybrid martial arts system of Jeet Kune Do. His approach to martial arts was one of a philosopher. He often referred to his fighting system as “style without style” and “the art of fighting without fighting”.

Check him out waging epic, unarmed battle against Chuck Norris:

Unfortunately, Lee died all too young at the age of 32. He will forever live on in his many hit movies and in the hearts and minds of both Chinese and American martial arts fans and film buffs.

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