Men of Modest Height: Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul Height - 5'8"

Aaron Paul – 5'8″

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Aaron Paul, 5'8″, was just featured on the cover of Esquire magazine (one of the few men's magazines I read). If you couldn't put a name to the face, it's understandable. Paul has had a somewhat random Hollywood career.

From Korn music videos to Funny or Die skits to major TV series, he's slowly and steadily built an impressive acting career (especially considering his first job in Cali was ushering people to their seats in a Universal Studios movie theater).

Most people these days know Aaron Paul from his role in AMC's Breaking Bad, one of my personal favorites. It's an epic show. If you don't watch it, check it out on Netflix. Trust me.

Aaron is not a huge guy, but he's a great actor and actually got his start after being selected as runner up in a modeling competition right out of high school. Oh, and did I mention that his girlfriend is pretty hot?


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  1. Aaron Paul may only be 5’8″ but he is the bomb!! His character (Jesse Pinkman) from Breaking Bad wasn’t much of a style icon because it didn’t fit his persona but it’s always great to see pictures of Aaron and the great Bryan Cranston looking GQ in real life. Perfect style plus such personal intensity has to be the killer combination that got him fame and fortune and such a lovely wife. Good stuff.

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