Aziz Ansari’s Style In Master of None (Top 12 Outfits)

In his original Netflix series Master of None, Aziz Ansari plays an incredibly stylish, true to life character named Dev Shah.

Here are Dev's top 12 outfits from the seasons one and two.

Master of none Dev style

One of many great outfits from Master of None

First off, if you haven't watched Master of None yet, I highly recommend it. It's about a young New York City actor trying to build his career while figuring out what he ultimately wants to do with his life.

If you're in your 20s or 30s, you'll notice that the cultural commentary is spot on. From wasting an afternoon trying to find the best lunch spot on Yelp to the nuances of texting a potential romantic partner you just met, it's just so…accurate.

The show's writers and directors, Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang, really have their fingers on the pop culture pulse, and they're incredibly adept at putting viewers in these everyday situations that feel so familiar.

Moreover, since Dev's fictional life is loosely based on Aziz Ansari's real-life experience and preferences, he's borderline obsessed with fashion and food.

The show is beautifully shot and directed – everything from the camera angles to the lighting and music. And every episode is laced with a healthy dose of #FoodPorn and outfit inspiration.

Actually, most of the main characters in the show dress really well, including Dev's hilarious, mammoth best friend, Arnold Baumheiser (played by Eric Wareheim).

Arnold and Dev

Arnold and Dev eating lunch in Italy (from season 2)

I could write a whole post about Arnold's unique sense of style, but that might be better suited for a “big and tall” blog.

Here at The Modest Man, we're going to focus on 5'6″ Dev (a.k.a., Aziz).

Master of None employs a stylist named Dana Covarrubias to help put together each character's outfits. According to Dana, Dev's style is heavily influenced by Aziz's actual real-life style:

…Aziz is into fashion, he loves fashion…he came in and told me the five or six brands he really loved and was like, let's start from there. We even incorporated some of his personal closet in the show…

In fact, they even use pieces from his personal wardrobe in the show, which is very cool!

From what I could find, Aziz's (or Dev's) favorite brands are:

For season two (much of which was shot in Italy) Dev wears lots of Italian designer brands, according to his stylist Dana:

…his blazers were Caruso, all of his pants were Isaia. We did a lot of Brunello Cucinelli and Zegna and Boglioli.

You might have noticed that many of these brands are pretty high end. Apparently, Dev has expensive taste and can afford nice things – much like real world Ansari.

In the outfits below, I'll try to link to everything Dev is wearing, but it won't be 100% accurate. In many cases, I'll just link to something similar (and probably cheaper).

Dev's Top 12 Outfits

In no particular order…

Winter outfit

#1: This Saint Laurent faux-shearling lined plaid coat appears several times throughout season two.

It appears to be sold out at places like Barney's and Farfetch, but then again, most of us aren't about to drop thousands of dollars on a new coat.

A budget alternative would be the Levi's Sherpa Trucker Jacket, although it's not quite the same thing.

It looks like Aziz wearing suede Chelsea boots in a taupe color, like these ones from Reiss. He's been seen wearing this Penfield beanie throughout the show and on the streets of NYC.

Waves t-shirt

#2: This outfit is right up my alley. Any guy could pull off this color palette, but it's especially great for shorter men, due to the fact that it's relatively low contrast.

Aziz loves lightweight jackets like this navy bomber by A.P.C. (most likely).

I'd probably go with a solid grey t-shirt, but this wave print tee is consistent with Aziz's style. He loves to add something unique – like an interesting graphic tee – to his outfits.

Knowing Aziz, these greyed out, perforated sneakers are probably by Vince, but these Puma Classics would get the job done for half the price!

Tee and trousers

#3: I'm a big fan of Dev's laid back, sockless t-shirt-and-trousers look.

The loafers are from J.M. Weston, and the slacks are from Isaia. The t-shirt looks a lot like this one by Sunspel (probably in XS).

Shearling leather jacket and burgundy shirt

#4: Here's another $5k jacket from YSL…

It's an older leather flight jacket that's sold out everywhere, so you'd have to find it secondhand on Grailed or eBay.

Shearling jacket

#5: This is one expensive getup…

Dev's beanie is from Loro Piana, and it'll run you about $315. The coat is that same YSL one from the first outfit (above).

The black leather gloves are probably Prada or something similar, but these would work too.

Saint Laurent leather jacket

#6: This black leather jacket might be the coolest individual garment Dev wears on the second season of Master of None.

It's the Saint Laurent Leather Biker Jacket, and it's available on Mr. Porter now. You could also buy it secondhand on eBay.

You could also save about $4,700 and buy this similar jacket from Zara. The black jeans are from A.P.C., available on Mr. Porter.

Olive jacket and tan chinos

#7: Here's another versatile, basic and kind of “safe” outfit that anyone could pull off without breaking the bank.

Dev has swapped his much-loved CP Achilles for the Nike Killshots, a more affordable (but equally cool) sneaker.

Note: Can't find any Killshots in stock? Check out these 10 alternatives.

He's wearing Unis chinos, but you could go with the Banana Republic Fulton in acorn. The olive bomber is probably from Asepsi, but the Uniqlo version would work just as well.

DB blazer with loafers

#8: This is one of my favorite outfits from the second season of Master of None.

People always say that short men shouldn't wear double-breasted suits, but Aziz is looking sharp in this DB jacket from Brunello Cucinelli!

Regarding this episode, Stylist Dana Covarrubias told GQ:

It was just fun to play with the idea of Italian tailoring. We made their inseams a bit shorter than they’re used to and had them rock the no-sock and loafer look. We played [with] pocket squares and had them unbutton their shirts a little more than they normally would. It was a lot of fun.

Pretty cool, huh?

Colorful hoodie

#9: This is a classic, super casual Aziz Ansari look.

His clothes pretty much always fit properly, but they're never tight or restrictive. He seems to appreciate comfort.

Also, the splash of color in his hoodie is a hallmark of of Aziz's style, both in real life and on the show. I think warm tones like orange and yellow look especially good with his skin tone.

Bomber with chinos

#10: Again, Dev is wearing blue, brown and white.

The navy bomber, acorn chinos and white sneakers are a classic combo that won't go out of style anytime soon.

The sneakers are classic Common Projects Achilles, but you could go with the less expensive New Balance 791s or Vans Old Skool by J. Crew.

Baseball jacket and chinos

#11: Dev loves his light jackets, like this black wool varsity jacket.

I couldn't find this exact jacket, but it's most likely from a high end designer brand.

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the varsity jacket look, but it's definitely somewhat of a statement piece.

Airport outfit with duffle

#12: This man knows how to travel in comfort and style!

Once again, Dev is rocking Common Projects sneakers, a Band of Outsiders jacket (sold out), Unis chinos and an AMI slim fit Oxford cotton shirt.

I'm not totally sure who makes the duffle bag, but this one from Filson is almost the same color.

Do you like Dev's style?

I'd love to hear your thoughts about Dev's style in Master of None, or any thoughts about the actual show.

Do you like his style? Would you wear any (or all) of these outfits? Do you watch this show?

Leave your answers in the comments below!

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  1. Brock, wow. Do you work in the fashion industry? I am amazed you could find all of this, unless it was referenced somewhere else?

    I agree, he has good style. I especially love, both on himself and for me, the light jacket look. Love it. Chinos are also a great option.

    I haven’t watched the show, but I will. One thing I didn’t notice here and am always looking for myself is warm-weather style. Something other than a generic polo or a generic t-shirt.

  2. gentlemanwithin says:

    Aziz got dope style. I see why you choose his name for one of your limited edition TMM shirts!

  3. I love Aziz’s style. I recently started watching the show and all I could notice was how well the outfits were put together.

  4. #10 has wrong link for Van’s Old Skool

    Also #12 the duffel is the Herschel’s Novel Duffel.

  5. Great post! Big fan of those suede loafers. Can anyone recommend anything similar that’s a little more affordable?

  6. Kartikeya Jha says:

    Wow, great work Brock putting all this together. Have been following Aziz’s style since you introduced him on your color combination webinar. Thanks for giving a compiled run down of all these. One stylish man there is! Ohh, two right? 😉

  7. I love Aziz’s show “Master of None” — which he writes himself and even directs most episodes. I think it’s one of the best shows on tv right now. The guy is amazingly talented, like a young Woody Allen who tells stories about people who are not all white and living on NYC’s Upper West Side.
    However, having said all that, I will disagree with Brock’s basic point of this well-researched post. I don’t think Aziz looks that great in his clothes, no matter what he is wearing, for the simple reason that he is not in good shape at all. When you are standing 5’5″ and there are plenty of 13-year old boys already taller than you, it helps to be built like a man, and Aziz has the build of a pudgy little boy. He’s got narrow shoulders and a sizable gut, which keeps him from looking good in his clothes. Spending $5,000 on a jacket or $400 on a pair of sneakers does not change that basic fact. (And by the way, in the tv show, he plays a struggling actor who is often out of work. So why is his character dressing in clothes that only the 1% could afford?)
    I started working out in college and when my body started to change, I realized that once you’re in shape you can put on almost anything and look pretty damn good. It can be a pair of Levis and a cheap-o polo shirt from the Gap, and you’ll still get plenty of attention. And miraculously, no one cares that you’re short any more.
    In my opinion, the lesson for the shorter gents who are trying to look good is that you’ll get way more benefit from a sensible fitness program (which you can easily do at home for free) than shelling out a fortune for a designer wardrobe.
    A perfect example of what I’m talking about is Brock himself, who is lean and athletic-looking, and looks great in all the outfits he posts here — and he looks like an adult man, not a little boy.

  8. Great post! I’d love it if you reviewed more outfits from tv or movies.

  9. Whitney Lillquist says:

    Maybe you could help me! I want to buy my husband the pajamas that Arnold is wearing from Season 2 episode 9, I have searched every corner of the internet and can’t seem to find them.

    Much appreciated, loved reading your article, Aziz can do no wrong omg 🙂

  10. Frederick Scott- Fields says:

    Thank you for this post, It has helped me a lot in beginning to look into a Fall wardrobe. Also can you do a post on a Classic Man’s Guide to Fashion for short men?

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