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Pop quiz: what do Maverick, Tyler Durden and Wolverine have in common?

Badass leather jackets.

Ok, they're all pretty tough and manly too, and sure, all three are highly skilled in hand to hand combat. And yeah, they seem to get lots of women without much effort…

But hear me out! Maybe the jackets have something to do with all that, you know? I mean, I always feel a little cooler in a leather jacket. Don't you?

And yes, short men can rock a leather jacket like the best of them. You just have to make sure it fits correctly.

Leather Jacket Outfit

jacket (similar) | vest | shirt | jeans

It's highly likely that you'll have to get the sleeves shortened if you buy a new leather jacket, regardless of which brand you choose, so try to find something that fits everywhere else (especially the shoulders and chest).

This Marc New York jacket was purchased from Nordstrom several years ago. Their in house tailor shortened the sleeves by about two inches for around $40.

What do you wear a leather jacket with? You really can't go wrong with dark wash jeans and leather work boots. I'm wearing a light grey henley under a darker grey vest, which gives this casual getup some depth.

But everything about this outfit – the shades, the popped collar, the cuffed jeans and fingerless gloves – it's just cool.

Leather Jacket and Jeans

sunglasses | gloves | boots

Speaking of cool, a leather jacket can keep you plenty warm in early spring or late fall, especially if you layer up and add cold weather accessories.

Leather Jacket with Scarf

Of course, there are many different types of leather jackets. Some are insulated, some are thicker than others. Some have fur or faux fur collars. So be sure to choose one that's right for your climate.

And when you buy a leather jacket, wear it a lot. You want to break it in, especially if it's high quality leather, so wear it as often as possible. Here are some excellent activities by which to break in your new leather jacket:

  • Building a campfire
  • Roasting smores around the epic campfire you just built
  • Smoking a cigar
  • Digging a big hole
  • Repairing your antique sports car on the side of the road
  • Rescuing a baby from a burning car
  • Driving your motorcycle down a hot, dusty highway

You get the point. Also, don't be afraid to get a little rain on it. Throw it around a little bit. Don't baby it. It's going to look awesome in a few years!

Want more? Check out my Pinterest board of short men wearing leather jackets.

Do you have a leather jacket? What do you wear it with? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Hi brock..your jacket is nice and great..
    You have a good taste.. And yes I agree with you to get fit size
    Try the smaller leather jacket,, I think it will work too..

  2. I’m with you – I always feel a little cooler when I’m wearing a leather jacket.

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

  3. Dr. Charles Turnbow says:

    Opt for knitted cuffs and waist. You can get a good fit without the cost of shortening. I have done both and the knitted cuffs are not only more comfortable, but looks more proportioned.

  4. I don’t like fashion leathers, the kind you get in a mall or a department store. To get the authentic look and feel I think you have to step up. Schott, Aero Leather Clothing, Vanson Lost Worlds and others make very high quality stuff that will stand out and never be mistaken for a fashion leather. The quality is very visible. I get at least one compliment a month from strangers for jackets.

    They generally go for a high price but you can get a used leather for half price or less sometimes. If they are from a quality manufacturer, it is no worry. My Schott 141 in naked cowhide is 11 years old and looks fabulous still.

  5. Brock, I love the zipped up look with the scarf. The green against the brown is a nice blend. I love how you wear the collar – it rocks. The grey with the white stripes on top of all of this works well and acts as the focal point and compliments and complete the look. Nicely done!

  6. I was expecting this exact topic for a long time as I love to wear leather jackets but I wasn’t sure if I looked ok and I’m so happy to know that we can wear and rock leather jackets, also I’m very ecstatic when I realize I have a jacket almost exactly like the one you’re wearing in the picture, I thought those jackets were out of style.
    Thanks Brock!

  7. I’m gonna agree with Rollo, mall jackets only look good for around 3 months, then they start wearing out in odd ways.
    That jacket you linked to is probably an India/Pakistan jacket, don’t buy that junk. Leather jackets are one item where you can’t “cheap out”! Don’t belive me? Easy experiment, buy one of those Andrew Marc & then buy the Schott equivalent. As soon as you pick up the Schott, you’ll know.
    Also the sleeves seem to be tunneling,bunching up. They still seem to be too long, from the 3rd picture anyway.
    The rest of the outfit is good though & really goes well with the jacket.

  8. This is funny. You should let your funny side out more! As always, you look like a boss. Thanks, Brock.

  9. Hey Brock. Love the jacket and the entire combination of shirt, vest and jeans.
    Out of interest I was just checking out the vest you are wearing. Is it correct you got this from J.Crew ? Which size did you get ? Do I assume from the way its finished you didn’t need to alter it? I would have assumed it would have been much longer?

  10. When I wear a leather jacket, one that fits perfectly, I give the norm a little twist. Instead of dark jeans and combat boots with either a t-shirt or henley, I wear it with a button up shirt and a casual tie. Mixing the badass jacket with a clean cut look just completely shows both style, taste, toughness, and your balance as a person. Also, I think there’s no other way to show off your confidence. This combination is my go-to outfit when I’m not quite sure what to wear.

  11. Hey man. Do you have a blog post about the boots?

  12. Amazing! I really like your styles.

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