Jax Everett Review – Clothes for Men 5’9″ and Under

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It's always exciting to hear about a new company who makes clothes specifically for shorter men. There are only a handful of brands focusing on men who are below average height, which is why I'm so excited to introduce Jax Everett.

Co-founded by Charles Luu, a man with many years of experience in the fashion industry, Jax Everett caters to men 5'9″ and under.

Jax Everett is based out of Texas, but they sell exclusively online (at least for now). I have to say, their website is beautiful and easy to navigate.

Right now, Jax offers button up shirts, t-shirts and sweaters. The clothes aren't just shorter than normal off the rack garments. Every detail is crafted to look great on men under 5'9″.

These aren't the cheapest clothes you can buy (although they sometimes go on sale). But you'll be saving money on the “tailor tax” and the quality is great. This is one of those situations where you get what you pay for.

Jax Everett fit

The colors and patterns are sleek and modern. If you're not into the classic American (or preppy) aesthetic, you'll probably be into the Jax Everett look. You can expect the designs to be “on trend” without being trendy.

This is good because you don't want clothes that are so trendy that they won't last. I asked Charles about this. Here's what he said:

Our collections will reflect current trends, but they'll be interpreted in a way that won't look dated six months from now.

Of course, fit trumps everything, so I wanted to see how these clothes fit. Charles sent me a premium dress shirt and a t-shirt.

I'm going to be totally honest with you – the button up isn't slim enough for me. I'm just under 5'6″ and 130 lbs soaking wet. This means that even “slim fit” shirts are often too baggy for me and need to be taken in at the sides.

So I can't fault Jax Everett for this. After all, the torso and sleeve length are fine, and the shirt has a bunch of cool details like the contrast collar and hidden buttons.

Jax Everett Review

Charles is aware of how these shirts fit. They're also aware of how many slim fit shirts are available, which is why they chose not to make their shirts super fitted, at least for now.

Also, it's pretty easy and cheap to slim up a shirt by adding back darts. I've done this with a bunch of shirts in the past, and it works great.

That said, I look forward to the day that Jax creates a slimmer version of their dress shirt. There current shirts will work better for men who don't need a super slim fit. If you are broad, muscular or a bit hefty, you should give this brand a shot.

The t-shirt fits great. It's kind of like a shorter version of American Apparel extra small t-shirts.

Jax Everett T-shirt

shirt | jeans | shoes

I'm not a huge fan of graphic tees, so I was glad to hear that Jax also sells plain (blank) solid color tees.

Speaking of t-shirts, you can get a free one by using the code modestman at checkout:

JAX Coupon

You'll have to spend $150 or more, but this will also get you free shipping. Not a bad deal!

Jax also makes sweaters (v-neck and half zip pullovers). I haven't tried these on, so I can't tell you how they fit. If you buy one, you should leave a review in the comments section below to let everyone know what you think!

Bottom Line

I support any clothing company that focuses on short men. We're an underserved group, and we need multiple options. After all, shorter guys come in all shapes and sizes, and we all have different style preferences.

If you're sick of sleeves that are too long and shirts that just don't fit, you should give Jax Everett a try. Be sure to use the code modestman to get a free t-shirt with your order.

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  1. It’s a struggle being a thin built guy, whether tall or short. They seem to think you can’t be one without being the other, sigh. But it’s always great when you find brands that fit in one way or another.

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

  2. Nice to have another option, but their prices for dress shirts are ~50% higher than MTM shirts. I don’t see the value prop.

  3. Thank you for letting your readers know about this great company. I agree completely that man under 5’9″ are terribly underserved market.

    Alas, I won’t be shopping at Jax Everett anytime in the near future. The line is too limited. I am too hot in a sweater and I wear T-shirts either as undergarments or for working out.

    The shirts look great. But I think they’re too expensive. Now, I have spent $700 on a pair of boots, and lately I’ve been on an Alden buying spree. I am very disappointed that some of the most interesting shoes are rarely available in my size.

    I suppose everybody has different values, but while I can spend on on a pair of shoes, I just can’t part with that much money for a shirt.

    But I’m sure the enterprise has a solid business plan, and I’m very glad that man under 5’9″ who want shirts of that type outlast have a place where they can shop.

    • Hey Alan can you try HE by Mango. They go down to XXS which is their Asian fit. Classic and slim fit are available. You will be happy with their prices too.

      • I’ve made mixed luck with Mango. I bought a sweater that fits great. Only problem is they put this little logo on all of their shirts… kind of tacky. I tried a henley, but it was too big all around.

  4. I also think their prices are very high, and personally I will not wear tee shirts that are not all cotton. 50% polyester is unfortunate.

    • I hear ya. Gotta say, though, the tee is very comfy. I see a lot of companies doing this blend now because it can be more comfortable than 100% cotton. But I think this is only the case if you use specific cotton (pima, I believe).

      Maybe someone else can weigh in here…

  5. Everett L says:

    I purchased a pullover sweater, and the fit, feel, and color are perfect. I would like to purchase more, except for one thing: the very limited selection. By the way, I don’t 100% agree that “Fit trumps everything.” Color is also very important in how you look. The wrong colors for a person’s complexion, eye color, and hair color can be just as unflattering as the wrong fit for a person’s build. Jax Everett, and other retailers for shorter men, need to offer not only a great fit, but a greater variety of patterns and colors from which to choose.

    • Agreed about color, but if I could choose one are to get right, it would be fit, not color. You’re right, though, that companies like JAX should focus on both.

  6. Definitely not overlapping with Peter Manning clothing style that is for sure. I agree, I wouldn’t ever pay that price for a button down when there are plenty of MTM options online now. Shoot I can get Ledbury shirts when on sale for less than those prices even after a sleeves shorten tax. Not sure contrast colors is something to draw attention to modest men either, nor do I see the appeal of the Cam from Modern Family look.

    If I was a online clothing company I would be concentrating on other things than button down shirts. I can find dress/casual shirts that fit or fit close enough, but finding sweaters, cardigans, pants, shorts, t-shirts, and outerwear is a more daunting task.

    Though not my taste, I do endorse Jax Everett in making more modern leaning clothing that might appeal to a different aesthetic than the American/Preppy look like Brock said. The more successful men’s clothing for the under 5′ 9″ crowd the better.

    • Agreed, we need more options for outerwear and cardigans. Also henleys and polos.

      You can definitely get a MTM for less than some of these JAX shirts, although I don’t think most men will ever try MTM. It’s riddled with problems, and the quality can be sketchy at lower prices. Sometimes it’s just better to shell out for something that fits (and doesn’t take 3 weeks to arrive).

      That said, if you’re patient, MTM is a great option. I probably have 10-15 MTM shirts at this point, but it took a long time really nail down my measurements.

      And yes, the more companies focusing on shorter gents, the better!

  7. Really loved graphic tees. Its always looks fresh. Great post. Bookmarked.

  8. Malaquias Alfaro says:

    I really don’t like to follow any trends and very skinny. I’ll have to pass on this one.

  9. can’t get there web site to come up is it not working? I would really like to check out there site.

  10. Went to Jax Everett site. Although the shirts and sweaters are nice, they are overly priced, and very tailored for thin guys. Why can’t men’s clothing companies make shirts and pants for all sizes?

  11. Kenny Harrison says:

    Jax Everett shirts are one of the very best companys to make shirts I order (6) button downs and fit was right on for me I’m 5’6 170 lbs down to detail very well crafted even down to the part of the packages when you open them up you know right then it speaks quality thank you Charles Luu


  12. I’m 5’4″ and just over 100lbs, and I would swim in all of the dress shirts I’d ever owned before my girlfriend introduced me to Peter Manning and Jax Everett last Fall. I wanted some very dressy shirts, so I ordered 2 different XS dressy shirts from Jax Everett and they fit perfectly! I sent one back because I didn’t like the print, and Jax Everett refunded my purchase price without a problem. I ordered 2 more different dressy shirt styles from Jax Everett and I love them! My original baby blue Preston Cornflower shirt is my favorite, and I have the white Preston Snow and black Jagger Ink to round out my collection. I feel like the prices of the shirts are justified by the unique details, like the textured monotone patterns, fun paisley lining under the cuffs, collar and button panel, and the fact that these shirts actually fit my incredibly small frame! Thank you Jax Everett and Peter Manning for catering to the not so tall man!

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