How To Make Your Shorts Fit Better

This is a simple, free trick that will make you look a little better in those new khaki shorts you just bought in preparation for the best summer of your life. Ready for it?

Roll them up.

That's right. Rolling short isn't just for the ladies. Often times a new pair of shorts will fit great around the waist and in the seat, but they will go just an inch or two past the knees, which only makes you look shorter. You're not in seventh grade anymore, and you need to show some thigh…even if it's pale and hairy like mine.

Just roll them up to desired length. One roll for a slight adjustment, two for the more adventurous among us, and three for that coveted “just stormed a beach like James Bond with some hot chick who's trying to kill and/or sleep with me” look.

James Bond Swim Trunks

Get out of my face, Daniel Craig!

If you are having trouble keeping them rolled, you can use small safety pins (like these) to hold them in place. For a more permanent solution, you can sew a few stitches into either side of your shorts (or ask your dry cleaner to do this for you).

Don't be afraid to show some skin. Roll those shorts up today!


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  1. I cant find shorts anywhere that don’t go past the Knee. Not only do they look ridiculous, they hinder your movement like bending over kneeling. So does anyone know who makes old school Cargo Shorts? I like pockets also..

    • Sorry, I can’t (in good conscience) help you find baggy cargo shorts. I’m sure you won’t have to look that hard, though.

  2. I just wear NRL shorts during summer. No pockets, but they sure dont come past the knee. I also find females running shorts quite comfortable.

  3. I got some new shorts but didn’t see this earlier. They are basketball shorts and they’re a bit too long and wide. How should I fix this?

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