How To Get (Practically) Free Tailor’s Tape

CottonWork Starter Kit

CottonWork Starter Kit

Do you know your measurements? Every man should know their basic measurements. This is especially important for short men since we often need to get our clothes tailored. Maybe you've thought about going to a local tailor and paying them to measure your neck, chest, arms, legs, etc. That's not a bad option, but I wanted to tell you how get your own tailor's tape for free (well, for $1).

This is the soft tape that tailor's use to measure our bodies. It's not like the stiff, metal measuring tape we're used to. You can get it in some department or drug stores, but there's an online MTM company that will mail it to you for just $1, along with a sample of their fabric.

The company is CottonWork (I mentioned them in this post). Just go here, scroll down and click “Get Free Starter Kit”. They'll charge you one dollar for shipping.

Pretty cool, huh?


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  1. Indochino used to give them out totally for free, shipping included, along with some videos about how to measure yourself. Not sure if they still do it, however. It’s been a while since I bought a suit from them.

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