How Elevator Shoes Work

Ever wonder how height increasing shoes actually work? In this post, you'll learn how elevator shoes make you taller and how it feels to wear them.

How do elevator shoes work?

We're not going to discuss whether or not you should wear height increasing shoes. If you're wondering about that, read this post:

Should Short Men Wear Elevator Shoes?

And remember, this is a personal decision. Do what makes you happy!

Ok, let's talk about how these things work. Here's a video explanation featuring an Oxford style dress shoe made by GuidoMaggi:

The shoe I'm holding in the video is the Verona in black. As you saw, is comes with heightening inserts that can be removed or swapped out.

To make sure your heel doesn't pop out of the shoe, the back of the shoe is raised up a bit, so you can't really wear these shoes without an insert.

Guidomaggi Construction

I like having the ability to swap out different inserts, but elevator shoe manufacturers fasten their inserts into the shoe. The extra insole is “built in” and can't be removed or changed.

Other elevator shoes just have higher heels or really thick insoles (like platform shoes).

If you're going to wear height increasing shoes, you should figure out which kind is feels comfortable for you. I can say that GuidoMaggi shoes are pretty comfy, even with the extra height in the heel.

Would you be comfortable in elevator shoes? Leave a comment below!

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  1. I’m tall enough , but there are lots of men who could use this sneaky idea.Read it because I love shoes.

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