Dress Tall Rule #2: Get Your Clothes Tailored

Unless you have a completely average body type (around 5'9″ and slightly overweight), your clothes probably don't fit properly.

If you're a shorter man, the vast majority of pants you find in stores and online are too long. Most shirt and jacket sleeves are also too long.

And if you're slim, most button up shirts will be too baggy. They will billow out at the sides like some sort of puffy shirt.

On the other hand, if you're a heavy or muscular guy, it's hard to find clothes that fit well everywhere. If something fits your neck, it's too baggy around your waist. If it fits your waist, it's too tight in the chest.

There are only two ways around these fit problems:

  1. Buy custom made clothes
  2. Get your clothes tailored

Do yourself and your wallet a favor by focusing on number two for now. It will make a HUGE difference:

Get clothes tailored

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As you can see, getting your clothes tailored makes you look taller, more mature and put together. Believe it or not, wearing clothes that fit makes you more comfortable and more confident.

Need more proof? Go read this post to see photos of how I used to dress before I started getting my clothes tailored.

If you're already getting your clothes altered, good job! If not, you should start small. Here's how to get started:

  1. Use Yelp.com to find a local tailor (if you can't find any, your dry cleaner can handle simple alterations).
  2. Bring them a pair of pants that are too long and ask to have them hemmed (this will cost $10-20 dollars).
  3. If it goes well, bring in a shirt that's too baggy and ask to have it “taken in”. If it doesn't, find a different tailor.
  4. Repeat with everything in your closet that doesn't fit well.

Going to the tailor for the first time can be intimidating, but it's so worth it. I promise. Just try it once, and you'll be convinced.

In fact, you'll be more than convinced. You'll be hooked! Once you start wearing clothes that fit, nothing else will suffice, and you'll want all of your clothes altered for the best possible fit.

This can get expensive, but don't worry. I wrote a whole post about finding affordable clothes without sacrificing proper fit. Check it out.

You can get all 11 “dress taller” rules (along with illustrations) in one place by downloading the free guide:

How to Dress Taller: 11 Crucial Style Tips for Short Men 

Do you get your clothes tailored? Let me know in the comments section.

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