Neckties for Short Men from Fort Belvedere

Most neckties are too long for men under 5'8″. No matter what kind of knot you use or how well you tie them, they end up going way past your belt line. Sure, there are a few tricks you can use to hide the excess length, but wouldn't it be nice to wear a tie made specifically for shorter gents?

Fort Belvedere is doing just that with their new line of neckties for short men. Raphael, founder of Gentlemen's Gazette and one of the most knowledgeable and stylish men I know (seriously, he's like a men's fashion encyclopedia), created the brand Fort Belvedere to offer high quality, timeless wardrobe staples. He sent me a couple of ties to try on, and I'm very happy with them.

Fort Belvedere Box

The ties arrived in a beautiful green gift box — the kind of box you don't throw away.  They were packaged with care, free of wrinkles and ready to be worn.

Fort Belvedere Ties

These Fort Belvedere ties are handmade in Germany (where Raphael is from). You can find high quality ties everywhere, but these are shorter and more narrow than most ties you'll find in the department stores.

They're perfectly proportioned for smaller men. Look how much smaller these ties are compared to a standard off-the-rack necktie.

Short Neckties

Plus, they're beautiful. The materials and construction are top notch. From a pretty large selection, I chose one three fold and one knit tie.

The burgundy one is a Wool Challis three fold tie that is roughly 56″ long and 2.75″ wide at its widest point. The design was screen printed by hand, and the ends are untipped (or soft) which makes it easier to tie.

I never thought I'd like a tie covered in pheasants so much. It's especially perfect for autumn and the holiday season.

Gentlemens Gazette Silk Pheasant Tie

The other one is a knit tie. It's a two-tone with light blue and brown, made from heavy silk yarn. It's extremely soft to the touch, but it still feels substantial and sturdy. It it 57″ long about 2.4″ wide.

Gentlemens Gazette Knit Tie

So, how do they fit? Using a four-in-hand knot, the knit tie just barely crosses the bottom of my belt. Keep in mind, I'm wearing trousers that sit right below the belly button (which is relatively high on the waist by today's standards).

Knit Knot Close Up

Knit Tie Length

The three fold tie is one inch shorter. When tied with a half windsor knot, it reaches my belt buckle.

Gentlemens Gazette Tie

[Note: This suit is from a company called Dragon Inside. Detailed review over here.]

I really like these Fort Belvedere ties from the Gentlemen's Gazette Shop. Wouldn't it be nice to have a couple of ties in your closet that actually fit? It's one less thing to worry about when you're suiting up.

If you are looking for high quality neck ties that are made for men with smaller-than-average builds, you should check out Fort Belvedere.

What do you think about these ties? Speak up in the comments section below!


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  1. How about more portly men. Most regular length ties don’t hang right on me.

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