Father’s Day Gift Ideas (Updated for 2016)

Update: This Father's Day gift guide has been updated to include new gift ideas for dad that are handpicked for this year (2016).

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Buying a Father's Day present seems easy. Men aren't that complicated, right? Just get him a new tie or some black socks and call it a day.

On second thought…most dads don't really need another necktie, especially those who are below average height (because it will definitely be too long).

Note: Huge thanks to Anson Belt & Buckle for helping make this gift guide possible. You can find more info about them in the “Top 10” list below (under the Top 50 table).

The truth is, many fathers don't really need anything. But what do they want?

The perfect gift for any dad is something he would absolutely love but would never buy for himself.

In my modest opinion, these 50 Father's Day gift ideas fit the bill wonderfully.

Top 50 Best Gifts for Dad

You can sort these gift ideas by category and price. Here's a quick legend:


  • Gadgets – tech, electronics, etc.
  • Clothes & Accessories – apparel, shoes, watches, etc.
  • Grooming – shaving supplies, etc.
  • Subscription – monthly clubs or boxes
  • Home & Outdoor – household items, outdoor and sporting gear
  • DIY – stuff you can make yourself
  • Games – board games for two or more players
  • Experience – trips, adventures and vacations


  • $………….Less than $50
  • $$………..From $50-100
  • $$$………From $100-250
  • $$$$…….From $250-500
  • $$$$$…..Over $500
Anson Belt & Buckle Gift BoxClothes & Accessories$$
Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth SpeakerGadgets$$$
Amazon Echo Bluetooth SpeakerGadgets$$$
Gold Medal Wine Club (6 Months)Subscription$$$
Fitbit Alta Fitness TrackerGadgets$$$
Peter Manning Pajama PantsClothes & Accessories$$
Saddleback Front Pocket ID WalletClothes & Accessories$
Glass Top Cigar HumidorHome & Outdoor$
Helix Cuffs BraceletClothes & Accessories$$$
Anson Calder 1/8" Calfskin WalletClothes & Accessories$$$
Grooming Lounge Gift CardGrooming$$
Cigar of the Month Club (6 Months)Subscription$$$
Merkur Wet Shaving KitGrooming$$
Birkenstock Leather SandalsClothes & Accessories$$
Sperry Top-Sider Boat ShoesClothes & Accessories$$
Amazon Kindle E-ReaderGadgets$$$
Peter Manning SweatpantsClothes & Accessories$$
Craft Beer Club (6 Months)Subscription$$$
Fort Belvedere 56" NecktieClothes & Accessories$$$
Timex Gold Tone Easy Reader WatchClothes & Accessories$
1 Year of Amazon PrimeSubscription$$
ExOfficio Boxer BriefsClothes & Accessories$
Philips Hue Lights Starter PackGadgets$$$
Wireless Outdoor Grill LightHome & Outdoor$
Handmade Shoe Shine BoxDIY$
Braun Series 9 Electric ShaverGrooming$$$$
Dark Knot Silk Pocket SquareClothes & Accessories$
Barebones LED Forest LanternHome & Outdoor$
Oral-B Pro 7000 Electric ToothbrushGrooming$$$
BÖHM Wireless Noise Cancelling HeadphonesGadgets$$
Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling HeadphonesGadgets$$$$
Crystal Whiskey DecanterHome & Outdoor$$
Soludos Smoking SlippersClothes & Accessories$$
Homemade Beef JerkyDIY$
Growlerwerks 64oz UKEGHome & Outdoor$$$
Harry's Father's Day Shaving KitGrooming$
Big Sur Weatherproof HammockHome & Outdoor$$$
Smithsonian National Park TripExperience$$$$$
Stovetop Pizza OvenHome & Outdoor$$$
Handmade Wooden Bottle OpenerDIY$
Horween Leather WeekenderClothes & Accessories$$
White Water Rafting TripExperience$$$$
Citizen Eco-Drive Stainless Steel WatchClothes & Accessories$$$
Grilling Plank SamplerHome & Outdoor$
Custom Aluminum Collar StaysClothes & Accessories$
Custom Metal Golf MarkerHome & Outdoor$
Settlers of CatanGames$
Race Car Driving ExperienceExperience$$$$
Risk (Vintage 1959 Version)Games$

If that list is a little overwhelming, check my top 10 gifts for this year:

Top 10 Best Gifts for Dad

In no particular order…

1. His New Favorite Belt

You know what dads love? Comfort. Maybe more than anyone else in the world. You know what isn't comfortable? Belts that are too tight or too loose.

Canvas camo Anson slide belt

Me wearing the canvas Anson belt in camo

The answer, my friends, is hole-less belts (a.k.a., slide belts). And the best slide belts are made by Anson Belt & Buckle.

Anson was founded by a guy named David and his father, which is fitting for Father's Day!

I connected with David at StyleCon, and he's a great guy. He sent me a couple of belts to try out, and I kid you not: I've worn them almost every single day.

They're so comfortable, they don't experience the same wear and tear as normal belts (because you don't have to bend them at weird angles), and they look good.

Want a can't-go-wrong gift? Get you dad an Anson belt this year.

2. Monthly Subscription

This is literally the gift that keeps on giving. Sign your dad up for three, six or twelve months of surprises, and he'll think of you every time a new box arrives at his doorstep.

There are so many great subscription boxes to choose from, but here are my top choices for fathers who enjoy the finer things in life:

All three of these services have excellent reputations and would make a great recurring gift for your dad this year.

3. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

If you're younger than 35, your father probably remembers saving up to buy his first record player or CD changer, complete with a receiver, gigantic surround sound speakers and a thousand feet of wiring.

Us youngins are used to getting hi-fi sound from impossibly small portable speakers, but this magical technology amazes Baby Boomer dads to no end.

If your old man doesn't already have one, get him a Bose SoundLink Mini. In my opinion, this is one of the best portable wireless speakers on the market.

4. Upgraded Wallet

Most dads are still carrying around bulky billfolds, complete with hardware store receipts and family photos.

Save your dad some space and back pain by upgrading him to a more modern, slim wallet.

There are plenty of great minimal wallets to choose from, including money clips and card cases. Here are three great options:

You can't go wrong with any of these, so just pick the one that best fits your pop's personality.

5. Grooming Session

It's normal to gift a woman a pedicure or a day at the spa, but us men rarely get pampered like this. Why? I have no idea, because here's the truth: hand, foot and face treatments are delightful.

Put the “man” in manicure by sending your dad to a manly salon like Grooming Lounge or Art of Shaving this year.

If that's a little too much for him – which is totally understandable – at least buy him a haircut and an old school wet shave. He, along with everyone else, will appreciate it.

6. Philips Hue Lights

There are certain things in life that dads just ‘get' (even if mom doesn't). One of those things is the ability to change the color of every lightbulb in the house at will, with the touch of a finger.

Philips Hue

I don't know why women don't understand the inherent value of Philips Hue Lights, but I guarantee your old man will love these things – one hundred percent.

Sure you can do other cool stuff with Hue, like making the lights automatically turn off when you leave the house.

But your dad will probably be more interested in recreating the light show from that one Pink Floyd concert he went to back in the day.

Merkur Shaving Kit

Merkur Shaving Kit

7. Wet Shaving Kit

You can't go to the barber shop every time you need to shave, which is why us men go through so many blades every year.

Your dad may be a plastic Bic kind of guy, or maybe he uses an electronic shaver. Either way, he'll appreciate the slowed, timeless routine of a traditional wet shave.

Get him started with a badger hair brush, safety razor and shave cream. Whether he uses this every day or once a month, it will last a long time.

And who knows, maybe shaving will become less of a hassle and more of an enjoyable experience.

8. Smart Wristband

Who doesn't need a little motivation to stay active and take better care of themselves? Dads work hard, sometimes at the expense of their own health.

Wearing a smart wristband – like the Fitbit or Jawbone – is a cool, modern and effortless way to monitor your sleep, heart rate and activity.

Get one for yourself too so you can go head-to-head with your father to see who can live the healthiest life.

9. His New Favorite Shoes

He's a dad. When it comes to footwear, his priorities include comfort, durability and more comfort. He probably wants “play shoes” not “work shoes”.

You can't go wrong with Birkinstocks or Sperry Top-Siders (if you really love him, make sure to throw in some sockless insoles with these bad boys).

10. Your Time

At the end of the day, your most precious resource is your time. That's why it's so special when you choose to spend it with your dad on Father's Day.

My dad and siblings

My dad with 4 of his 6 kids…can you tell which is me?

Do the cliche stuff – go golfing, grill out, drink some whiskey, have a cigar. Or get active and go hiking together or shoot some hoops.

Maybe just take a walk or find a nice place to sit and talk for a few hours. It doesn't really matter what you do as long as you're together.

So whether or not you buy any of the gifts on this list (or anything else you think your father will like), try to spend some quality time with your dad and remember to enjoy it.

What do you think is the perfect Father's Day gift? Leave a comment below!


  1. #10 is the most important and best gift – glad that you made it part of the list, Brock

  2. Dads are the worst to shop for, but lists like this definitely make it a little easier!

    Josh | The Kentucky Gent

  3. Great, simple list…Number 10 is priceless!

  4. Awesome choices- can’t beat a bit of tech for any man!

  5. Well I found this post too late for Father’s day, but luckily his birthday is coming up this month. I think I’m getting him one of those slim wallets, great tips!

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