Combatant Gentlemen Review: Affordable Style

Combat Gent ReviewDressing well isn't easy, especially for us shorter gents. Most off the rack clothes don't fit, so we have to pay extra for clothing alterations. That's why you should try to buy affordable clothing whenever possible.

One great option for high quality, affordable clothing is Combatant Gentlemen (a.k.a. “Combat Gent”).

Combatant Gentlemen makes men's wardrobe staples like Oxford shirts, charcoal suits and v-neck sweaters. You can get these clothes anywhere, but there are five specific reasons why I'm a fan of Combat Gent:

Reason #1: They own their own sheep

Combatant Gentlemen takes the whole “cutting out the middle man” thing to an extreme. They own every step of their manufacturing process. Even the first one…

Sheep to closet

Founder and CEO, Vishaal Melwani, came from a long line of tailors. His family owns a bunch of designer clothing shops, so he understand how the industry works.

He was tired of seeing triple digit markups on menswear, especially since he knew exactly how much it cost to manufacture. So he started Combat Gent with the goal of producing designer-quality clothing without the ridiculous markups.

Which is why he now owns several flocks of sheep in Italy.

I don't know about you, but I think this is awesome.

Reason #2: Slim means slim

If you're a svelte gent like me – short AND slim – most “slim fit” shirts are still too wide and billowy (looking at you, J. Crew). But when Combatant Gentlemen says slim, they mean slim.

Their Oxford button ups are some of the only button up shirts I've found that don't need to be taken in. That said, like all off the rack shirts, the sleeves need to be shortened a couple of inches.

Combat Gent Oxford Shirt

shirt | pants | shoes

Of course, if slim fit isn't for you, they also have regular fit shirts that are cut quite a bit fuller. If you're not sure which fit is right for you, order one of each and return the one that doesn't fit as well (for free).

Reason #3: Affordability

Combat Gent Casual OutfitShort men who want their clothes to fit properly will always be paying the tailor tax – that extra $10-50 for getting pants hemmed, sleeves shortened, etc. That's why it's so important to buy affordable clothes to begin with.

Problem is, most affordable clothes are crap. They're made from low quality materials, using subpar manufacturing techniques. Many popular stores like H&M and Forever 21 fall into this category. The clothes look okay at first, but they fall apart after a few washes.

Unlike these “fast fashion” brands, Combatant Gentlemen actually makes high quality clothes. In my opinion, they're currently one of the best sources for affordable menswear.

You won't feel bad spending $10 to get your new chinos hemmed because they only cost $40.

Plus, their designs are much less trendy than other affordable brands – like Zara or Urban Outfitters. You won't look silly wearing anything you bought from Combat Gent a few years down the road because it's timeless, basic stuff (like charcoal suits and navy chinos).

Reason #4: Exceptional customer service

For some guys, online shopping is the best invention of all time. For others, it's a total pain. Who wants to deal with shipping and returns? Plus, you can't even try to clothes on before you buy them.

These are all fair points, but it doesn't get much easier than free shipping and returns. Combatant Gentlemen even includes a return label in the box. All you have to do is slap it on and drop it off.

Combat Gent Customer ServiceThis is easier than going to the store.

Plus, if you have questions about sizing (or anything else), you can actually call Combat Gent, and a human being will pick up the phone. They have customer service reps in-house at CG headquarters in California who are available to chat online or over the phone.

In an age of email-only service (or worse, outsourced customer service), Combat Gent makes it easy to get in touch with questions or problems.

Reason #5: Versatile colors

I love the colors of my olive chinos and ash grey cardigan. Not only do they match great with each other, they match so many other pieces that I already own. Same goes for their white Oxford button up. It's a clean, bright white, and it has that thick, substantial feel that an Oxford shirt should have.

Combat Gent Cardigan

t-shirt | cardiganpants | shoes

Popular colors and patterns change from one season to the next, but certain designs will always be in style. A blue or white Oxford cotton button down will never go out of style. Same with a slim fit v-neck sweater or straight leg indigo jeans.

Don't get me wrong, I experiment with trends every now and then. But if you're trying to build a complete, versatile wardrobe, most of it will be “staple” pieces. Basic, timeless garments that are highly interchangeable.

This is the kind of stuff that Combatant Gentlemen sells.

Bonus Reason #1: They carry small sizes

Combat Gent Suit SizesIt's not easy to find XS sizes in stock. It's even harder to find 34s suits. Combatant Gentlemen carries suit jackets down to 34s and 36s.

They also stock suit pants in size 26 (all the way up to 40). Their shirts and pants are also available in smaller sizes. Like most other stores, they only make pants as short as 30″ (inseam), so you'll have to roll them up or get them hemmed.

Bonus Reason #2: Special deal just for you

Combat Gent has generously offered to give The Modest Man readers a free tie with any purchase. Just use the code themodestman after adding a tie to your shopping cart, and the tie will be free.

On top of that, students (anyone with a .edu email address) can get 15% off their entire order. If you're a student, go here:

Then sign up for the newsletter to get your coupon code.


Combatant Gentlemen makes high quality, affordable menswear staples. They offer free shipping and returns, so you can try them out risk-free.

What do you think about my Combat Gent outfits? Let me know in the comments.

Note: This post is sponsored by Combatant Gentlemen, which means I was compensated to write it. But fear not! I wouldn't endorse anything I wouldn't actually wear. You can be sure that this sponsored post is 100% honest and objective.

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  1. That first look is money. Perfect olive-brown combo!

  2. Combat Gent are definitely have lower prices as compared to other websites that have clothes for shorter men.

  3. That oxford looks great on you! What size did you end up getting? I always have problems buying based on collar size, because I think my neck is “thick-ish”, but I’m not 100% sure I’m measuring it right. I was told to wrap it around my neck tightly, then put my pointer finger in between to create some slack, which leaves me around 14.5 – 15 inches, although I’m most likely the latter. I’m eager to see more posts concerning Fall fits/colors and outerwear 🙂

    • Hey Shawn,

      I got a 14.5″. I don’t wear a tie very often, so I usually opt for a little too snug vs. a little too loose around the neck.

      Stay tuned for fall/outerwear posts coming up soon…


  4. Great review – thanks. So far the tailored slim fit shirts size S from Banana Republic are best for me. Can you compare the Oxford from Combat Gent with BR?

    • Similar fit. I’d have to lay one on top of the other to really compare, but I’d say the Combat Gent shirts are definitely slimmer. I usually get BR shirts taken in (even the slim fit ones).

  5. They rock Brock! Hey by the way I really tried and tested this online TSHIRT store “VASTRM”. The process begun my sending me 3 samples of closest fit t-shirts based on the measurement guides and coming up with something called FITID. The quality of T-shirt is durable and color selection is huge. For a 5.6″ guy like me, I felt comfortable with the process where I get to choose the fit !

  6. Really enjoyed this article, Brock. A comprehensive breakdown and the clothes themselves look great. Will definitely check Combat Gent out.

  7. Well put together outfit specially the first one. What size do you wear on those olive chinos?

  8. Judging by the size charts, the waist on the shirts looks awfully big? Do you think there are some misprints there?

    Also, what would you compare the leg opening on the chinos to? The Aiden or Emerson?

  9. Tried the promo code for the tie…no luck. Darn.

    • Hey Gordon,

      Fez from Combatant Gentlemen here. In order to use the free tie promo code, you need to add at least two products to your cart: the tie you want, as well as one other product (can be anything). Then you apply the code, and the price of the code will be deducted from the total. If you’re still having issues, please contact us at info AT combatgent DOT com.

  10. tommyberts says:

    Hey Brock, I am definitely a fan of Combat Gent. I own their grey cardigan and a pair of khaki chinos. When I had a shipping issue, I talked with Sandra there and they got it all straightened out for me. The packaging / display is top-notch and my stuff is holding up really well after 4 months. I cant wait to place my next order (ASAP since now I have a coupon code for a free tie!). Thanks again for all that you do to help us svelte gents. Cheers!

  11. Brock,

    Your review helped me pull the trigger. I ordered a business dress shirt to try and hopefully I’ll love it so much that I’ll buy a few suits from Combat Gent.

    The concept is great! Owning the production from start to finish. The prices look GREAT on their business suits and if the quality is as high as you’re saying, then it’s ovviosuly a huge score!

    I’ve bought from Jos. A Banks (only around a year and they’re getting that shiny look even though I take care of my suits) and am definitely not a happy camper for around the same money Combat Gent is charging…

    Looking forward to it!


  12. Any idea how modern fit compares to slim fit, particularly with pants? I have an athletic build, but I prefer a slim silhouette with my clothing. An ongoing issue I have is that slimmer pants fit my waist but tend to be tight on buttocks, thighs and calves. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

  13. I had a HORRBILE experience with this company, ordered several items as a christmas present weeks in advance (approximately 4 weeks ago) still didn’t receive them until Christmas Eve. I called and the explanation I SERIOUSLY got was..”uhh, ohh I don’t know why it didn’t send but we’ll ship it today”. What a joke. Once I did get my order… It was missing 3 items!

    You guys might make good clothes maybe even the best around but your customer service sucks and so does your follow up with shipping.

    For a company that is always sold out of their suits, you would think they would have their shipping game together..

  14. I ordered a shirt from Combatant Gentlemen to try it out. The product was high quality and a wonderful fit. The sleeves are tailored and there isn’t a lot of extra fabric but it isn’t restrictive at all. Even the way the shirt was shipped was high quality packaging. The price was also very reasonable. I think I have a new favorite shirt in my wardrobe. Thanks for introducing me to them Brock.

  15. P. Rutten says:

    I ordered 2 shirts; 161/2″ – 34/35, Large, *regular”….what I buy in any other brand of shirt. I’m broad in the shouders and a Combat Gents regular “fits” but it was snug, almost uncomfortable for all day wear. I gave both shirts to my son but am not sure I’ll buy again.

  16. I have made at least 10 orders from Combat Gent. I have to admit they make products that fit well with little to no tailoring for me (a rarity to say the least). I have been very pleased with the suits, shirts and chinos I have ordered. That being said, their shipping is horrible. Out of the 10 orderes I have placed, one has arrived on time (they state 3-5 buisness days) the other nine required me to contact them to figure out why my order had not shipped in the time quoted. I got the usual, we will look into it and get it out to you. This time I have been waiting over two weeks for two pairs of their dress pants. I inquired if they were on backorder or had sold out. I was told that their fulfillment department “was having growing pains with just having relocated, and to please be patient with them while they sort things out” No further explanation, nothing. The worst part for me is that I have finally found a company that I really like, trust and know that what I order will fit. I’m not certain if I want to order a summer suit just to have it show it mid to late fall.

    • My first order I placed online and got a confirmation. I thought I was all set but had a question so I called about my order, no and behold I found at the style I picked was on backorder for 6-8 weeks and if I hadn’t called I don’t think anyone would have contacted me.

      Like you mentioned they are always out of stock of items because they do short runs on on items. While there clothes absolutely don’t fit me I would gladly snag their weekender bag, ties, belts, and now shoes but they are ALWAYS out of stock

  17. Not sure about the Wool blend dress pants?? ?

  18. I have not tried their shirts since I know they will not fit, why 33″ arm length for a 14.5-15 is way too long! Either way I have tried the suits $160 basic ones and the dress pants $25-30.

    So right away the price is fantastic and simply can’t be beat for the type of quality and materials CG is providing. Super 140s wool, nice durable lining, and half canvassed for a 2 piece suit starting at $160, so what’s the catch? Well for one CG seems to be always out of stock and two fit of the suits are really off for me. I am 5’5″, narrow shoulders, 135-140 lbs give or take the time of year. JCrew 34s 30″ pants Ludlow/Thompson fit me 90% off the rack with basic alterations. My first order was for a basic 2 piece suit 34s jacket 30″ jacket and I ordered a 32″ pant as well just in case. The 34s jacket is a bit chopped borderline too short. The arm length for me was spot on and the taper on the arm was perfect. The shoulders fit well but have a tad too much padding in them and tend flare a tad. The real problem is in the waist. I know this jacket is slim but the tapering is way to linear for one and is too tight when buttoned. Speaking of button, the top button is placed way too high on the jacket. I kept the 34s and wear it as my skinny day jacket but never button it. I did eventually try a 36s but found the shoulders to be way too floaty and arms too long. Now the 30″ pants on the waist fit a tad tight where I was almost sucking in, but around the crotch and backside were way worse, I felt like I would split the pants. The 32″ obviously was too big so I got them taken in, but the pants have way too much extra fabric. So I have a suit that was too small in the jacket and too big in the pants. Maybe others will be able to fit into these odd suits, but my body couldn’t .

    The dress pants again are terrific values at $25-30 when most pants start at $60 and go up to $180. At CG’s price point most of their competitors pants are 100% rayon/poly or synthetic material, not CG’s since there pants have a nice 60/40 blend of (wool/polyester). I needed a pair of black dress pants for a wedding this summer so got one $25 endurance pair and one $30 workhorse pair, both 30″ waists since the size bellow this was 28″ and the size above was 32″. I was hesitant to get a size 30″ since my experience with a 30″ size suit pant was off but the CG customer service rep heavily recommended the 30″ based on my height and weight and since my most common pants were J-Crew Ludlow/Thompson and Gap/Banana Slim 30″ pants. I got the pants in 4-5 days and I tried them on and the waist was huge! I read the tag and the pants said 30″x 30″ but the waist had 2″ of extra unneeded fabric. Secondly CG markets these as slim, but the fit was baggy. Extra fabric on the thigh, leg, and ankle. Just a hot mess fit wise. The quality was nice and the price was even better, too bad they fit like a jump suit.

    My last problem is returns. CG does provide return labels via USPS so returning is easy but getting back your money is not. I returned the pants over two weeks ago, still no refund. Overall style, quality, and price are CG’s strong points but fit, stock, and customer service are not. I do have a semi unique figure so other people might be able to fit into their clothing better.

  19. I forgot, I also have purchased their Chinos, $40 for slim fit 100% Italian cotton. Again, the CG service rep recommend a 30″. I believe I got peached khaki color hoping for a more darker traditional khaki look. First $40 again is terrific deal, I usually get Gap Slim Khakis at $60 a piece. The fabric itself is very very soft. With this being said the pants don’t have the rigidity that gives a more dressed up look. So if you are looking for a khaki that can swing from casual to dress, look elsewhere. Additionally since these are so soft they wrinkle like crazy, so again these aren’t alternatives for dress pants. The peached color which I hoped would be like Gap’s creamed caramel looks way more orange than the photos show and actually resemble a peachy color, go figure. Color aside CG’s odd fit continues to haunt me. The pants are defiantly a true slim, maybe a tad too much on the skinny side defiantly on the crotch and waist. I am not sure how CG can continuously have pants that vary so much style to style. I asked a rep why some of there pants are smaller and they replied they found that traditional off the rack clothing was bigger than advertised and they were creating true* sizes.

    Overall CG continues to kill it with style, materials, and price but their fit just doesn’t do it for me. It’s a shame since their clothes are so much cheaper compared to what I normally would buy

  20. Their customer service is the worst – consistently. It takes months for them to process returns, when they finally do they may or may not add it add up correctly. They definitely won’t notify you. I have had more than three times where I had to follow up several times months later for them to say “Oh yea, we received your return. Do you want a refund?”

    Yes I do. That’s why I marked that box on the return form. I used to steer my friends there, I no longer can.

  21. I agree with this write up with the exception of their customer service, its exceptionally bad. Incredibly long wait times to get in touch via phone, no chat option on their website, slow reply (and not helpful) on Twitter, email takes several days. You need to up your customer service game a lot.

  22. Ordered suits for a wedding over 6 months ago and still don’t have them. We did get a few pieces just thrown into a cardboard box but nobody in the wedding party has an outfit and the wedding is less than a month away! Total nightmare of a company!!!

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