My Outfits: Spring Casual

It's warming up outside, and you need to stay cool by shedding some layers. Maybe you want to change up your color palette to reflect the new season.

You definitely don't want to sacrifice style, so what exactly do you wear?

Spring can be tough because it's often cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon, then cool again at night. Not to mention the rain.

Light layers and a few key accessories will get you through day. Here's one of my favorite casual springtime outfits.

Spring casual outfit

sweater (similar) | shirt | pants | shoes

Nothing fancy here, gentlemen. Just a solid, basic, comfortable outfit. The shirt is from Blank Label, one of my favorite made-to-measure brands. It fits like a glove and is made of linen, so it's super breathable. Perfect for spring and summer.

I'm also keeping cool by going sockless in boat shoes. Traditionally, you're not supposed to wear socks with these boat shoes. You don't have to follow that “rule” all the time, but it does feel nice.

Just make sure to follow these three pieces of advice to go sockless like a pro:

  1. Wash your feet daily
  2. Don't wear the same shoes two days in a row
  3. Keep some odor powder handy (just in case)

If you want to dress it up a bit, swap the boat shoes out for some suede loafers.

Spring casual with Jay Butler loafers

shoes | glasses | bag

These dark brown loafers are form Jay Butler, an awesome new brand created by a fellow blogger named Justin Jeffers.

I love Jay Butler for two reasons. First, they use a unisex sizing system, which means they carry small sizes (down to size 4).

Second, these shoes are priced very reasonably for the quality.

Of course, you don't have to wear boat shoes and loafers just because it's warming up outside. This getup looks just fine with chukka style boots.

Spring casual with chukka boots

shoes | watch

I wear these Cole Haan ankle boots all year round. They're the most versatile pair of shoes I own.

When you're leaving the house, especially if you're walking somewhere or going on a date, make sure to grab your umbrella. You never know when a spring shower might come rolling in.

Spring casual with umbrella

Most umbrellas are too big for me. They make me feel like a golf caddy. The small ones are usually flimsy and cheaply made.

But this London Fog umbrella is legit. It's sturdy, portable and inexpensive. What more can you ask for?

And yeah, I'm aware that I got seven years of bad luck coming my way for opening this umbrella up inside, but I did it for you!

So the least you can do is leave a comment below.

Which if the three pairs of shoes do you like best: boat shoes, loafers or boots?

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  1. Annetta says:

    Brock, I just love the black loafers,it compliments the black sweater nicely making the look complete and would go well with the black umbrella also. One concern however – would this swede stand up to the rain – over time? It is for this reason the boat shoes would be my second best. I find that the “no socks” look rocks well – macho if I may. The Cole Hann with the bag is nice too – I guessing its your favourite. I would be interesting to know which one you like especially where comfort to me, is paramount.

    • Hi Annetta,

      Thanks for your comment. It’s hard to tell, but the shoes are actually a very dark brown. Suede and water don’t mix well… I usually avoid them if it’s really raining outside.

      Yeah, I love that bag and the Cole Haan chukkas. They took a while to break in, but now they’re so comfortable. It’ll be a sad day when those things wear out!


  2. What do you recommend for foot powder? How does it affect the shoes? Thanks!

    • I linked to the brand I use above, but any will do. It doesn’t hurt the shoes, just keeps your feet dry for a while and gets rid of odor.

  3. Cool sweater—what are the details? The link here for the sweater is broken and leads to “Missing Page”

  4. My poor chucks are not a fan of me going sock-less, but you win some/lose some, right?

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

  5. As you always note, scaling your accessories is especially important when you’re short(er). I just bought a great auto opening/closing umbrella that’s especially well built and just right size. Here’s the listing from Amazon.
    PLEMO Classic Black Automatic Folding Travel Umbrella
    I’ve no connection with the company. I just love this umbrella!

  6. I have a similar pair of chukka’s that are my go to pair of shoes for when it’s wet or cold outside. I prefer wearing Sperry’s when it’s warmer or I want to be more casual. How do you feel about driving moccasin’s with this outfit?

  7. Hey Brock,
    I have to say, out of the 3, I’ve always been a fan of the boots look. It somehow adds an element of ruggedness to your spring outfit, or more like an outdoor-sy feel.
    Or it may be because I personally don’t like the driving/boat shoes. Maybe a brough, brown Oxford instead?

    • Agreed about the boots. You could notch up the formality with an Oxford, but I think you’d have to tuck in the shirt at that point.

  8. Brock,

    Anther great outfit. Very versatile and well put together.

    I was curious about one thing. What do you think about the shirt tucked in versus out with Jeans/Chinos debate? I personally prefer to wear my button ups out when I am wearing Jeans or Chinos but I’ve read and had several people tell me once you get into 30s its better to tuck in. What are your thoughts?


    • Hi Antonio,

      I think untucked is more comfortable, but most button ups are too long to be worn untucked (or aren’t meant to be worn like that).

      If you have a shirt that’s meant to be worn untucked (straight or slightly curved hem line, and the right length), I say go for it.

      Only exception is when you’re wearing a sport coat. The jacket + untucked shirt look should be avoided.


  9. plz tell me which watch are u wearing,,,,also tell me abt the ideal dial size of a watch for 5;6 guy,,,

  10. donald renollet says:

    “Which of the three pairs of shoes do you like best: boat shoes, loafers or boots?”
    By far—-loafers. (for me) I have a brown pair and a black pair both laceless.

    Thanks Brock for your site/blog/–insight.

    I’ve been considering a pair of flat front slim fit khaki (khaki colour). This helps cinch it. Its so grossly overworn honestly here in the Midwest with the polo shirt (ewww i can’t stand being like everyone else!!!) But i know the rules and they are useful and for a reason. But it seems the tan khakis are are wardrobe flexible, and when worn properly – a great asset.

    And to a few friends with thinner smaller wrists. I feel lucky and found a used Movado museum at an antique / coin shop – for probably 1/8th list price. with a very thin face. It can be worn with a suit, or with a t-shirt – I had my jewler check it for authenticity for free.


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