My Favorite Outfits: Black and Tan

The tan overcoat is a classic menswear staple. Want to set yourself apart in a sea of black and grey outerwear? Wear a camel wool topcoat.

Tan topcoat

topcoat | shirt | vest | pants

glasses | tiebelt | shoes | gloves

FYI, a bright red and orange sweater vest will also set you apart.

Orange sweater vest

Speaking of which, I'll be honest with you – this is a bold piece for me. I don't usually wear red or orange, and I don't usually wear sweater vests.

This particular vest is from a Scottish company called The Tailor Retailored. It's handmade from 100% Scottish cashmere, and there are only 30 of them…

…in the world.

So when they offered to send me one, I obviously couldn't refuse. And let me tell you, this thing is nice. Seriously nice. It's like wearing a fiery orange baby goat.

Black and tan outfit

The great thing about vests is you don't have to worry about sleeves being too long, which is pretty much always the case for us short dudes. As long as they're the right length (ending right below the belt), you're good to go.

Of course, you do have to worry about your coat sleeves being too long. This camel wool topcoat is from Banana Republic, and I had the sleeves shortened by about two inches.

Otherwise, this XS coat fits great off the rack. It's pretty slim, but roomy enough to wear over a suit jacket.

Black and tan is a timeless color combination. In this outfit, the coat and vest speak pretty loudly, so I keep the accessories low key – black tie, black belt, black gloves and black shoes.

Black gloves and shoes

You could swap the tan coat out for a black or charcoal one. This outfit would still look good, and the darker colors are more versatile than tan.

But if you already own a darker topcoat and want to expand your outerwear collection, consider tan for your next purchase.

What do you think of this outfit? Love/hate it? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Love it. Second picture reminds me of something you might see in “mad men”.

  2. I used to love my camels hair coat that I had when I lived back east. Any resources for a Dark Navy Cashmere Top Coat for the slim guy 5’7

  3. Black and tan is definitely a classic color combo, and I’m so sad that I misplaced (don’t ask, I don’t know what the hell I did) my favorite camel overcoat!

    Josh – The Kentucky Gent

  4. Looking sharp Brock,
    I’d say, ….an excellent choice for a second overcoat.

  5. I love the vest! I love how you showed that black and tan serve to ground a statement piece like that fabulous vest. This is a great way to ease some color into your look. Khaki does the same thing, as does denim. A camel top coat makes a really definitive statement about your personal style – nice job!

  6. Looking fly!
    The vest is great and even if the colors are bold it feels right at home with the black items. The camel coat compliments the vest very well.
    The spectacles are fantastic by the way.

    I actually have a tan coat – it’s not a top coat, but more of a pea coat style (only that it’s single breasted) and maybe just a bit longer than a regular pea coat, but by very little. And the color is lighter than this one, but I’m yet to wear it because it’s new. Now I have an Idea for an outfit ^^.

  7. Ben KARLIN says:

    Hey Brock, that coat is a lot more brown than I think of camel typically being. Isn’t it often a more neutral yellowish tan and far less saturated color?

    I’ve recently been watching Foyle’s War on Netflix. It’s a BBC police procedural set during WWII. Foyle wears what looks to me like a classic camel overcoat. The actor is either 5’6″ or 5’7″ and, as we older guys say, trim but definitely not athletic or lean. His coat, though, is worn quite long. It’s often left unbuttoned and open but even when closed is not form-fitting.

    Here is a link to an online image of him in it:

    I realize this is not a “modern” way of dressing. Clothing now is much more about revealing the shape of the body under it. But, again, I am an older guy and still short, about the height and build of Kitchen but stouter and with darker coloring. Any suggestions or critique about this length or volume of overcoat? Is it completely outdated and hopeless? Having extremely thick hair I can’t get away with wearing any kind of hat besides, I am not looking to be an anachorism or museum piece.

  8. That is an all around solid look Brock, nice work!

  9. I love the coat and the vest.. You look great while wearing it..give me an idea.. 😀

  10. Aha for some reason you remind me a nerdy dad professor from the fifties or something XD

  11. Sorry dude,the sweater sucks! Great coat though. The sweater just does not work.

  12. Eoghan Greene says:

    Hi Brock, nice outfit. I’ve recently got my first single breasted overcoat, however I have a couple of questions about the fit and possible alterations. The overcoat is similar to yours above, with 3 buttons and hip pockets, however it’s length is too long(ending at the top of my knee. I would rather have it half way between top of knee and waist. Also the third button sits below the waist at around my crotch area and my understanding is the final button should be on the waist line. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this? Possibly removing the third button of the jacket altogether and shortening the overall length?

  13. HannibalLec says:

    I love the outfit but not on short men. Long coats aren’t ideal for us.

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