5 Early Fall Favorites Under Fifty Bucks

Is it late summer or early fall? It's hard to tell, but either way I'm pumped for the cool weather. I'm sick of wearing one layer (and still sweating) everyday, and I'm ready for jackets, sweaters and scarves.

Here are five of my favorite early fall buys under $50 (handpicked, of course, for men of modest height):

5 Early Fall Faves

1. Express V-Neck Sweater

These go for $69 a piece, but if you buy one, you get one for 50% off. You should have a few of these sweaters anyway since they can be worn over a button up shirts or alone, so pick up two or four in different colors. Make sure to go here to find a discount code to use at checkout (there's always at least one that works).

2. Beltcraft.com Custom Belt

Handmade belts from Brooklyn starting at $50. If you go with leather, it will be full-grain Italian leather. For something different, try a cotton belt with a silver D-ring buckle. During the ordering process, you're given the choice between 1.5″ and 1.25″ wide belts, but the guys who run Beltcraft told me they will go down to 1″, so be sure to request that. Anything wider looks bad on short men.

3. Andrew Marc Jersey Stripe Scarf

Marked down from $50 to $11-22 (depending on color), this is a great deal. I just picked one up for myself, and it's high quality, soft and warm. It's not too thick or extra long, so it wraps nicely.

4. Timex Weekender from Amazon.com

These are the best affordable watches for small wrists. They're cheap and come in all different colors and styles, so you can grab a couple without breaking the bank. Most of them have 38mm faces, which is a good size. If you have really thin wrists and/or small hands, look for the smaller models (like this one).

5. ASOS Polo Neck Sweater

Slim fit and available down to XXS, this sweater is great for smaller guys. It can be worn casually with jeans and chinos or even with wool trousers and a jacket.

Bonus: Zara Jackets

Zara is my new favorite store. They're clothes tend to fit smaller men really well, and they always have small and extra small sizes in stock (unlike so many other stores). They have an awesome selection of coats and jackets. I just bought this quilted jacket, and it fits perfectly.

Got any fall favorites? Share the knowledge in the comments section below.


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  1. Awesome suggestion. Getting the Timex and will looking into the Zara store. Thanks Brock!!!

  2. Hi Brock,

    Can you recommend any zipper tote bags that would be ideal for guys below 5′ 5″? Most of the bags that are available are too big. Ideally 12.5″ x 13.5 x 4″? Do you know of any? Thanks!

    • Hey Eric,

      Great question. My favorite everyday bag when I’m not carrying a laptop is this one from Tumi. I got it on sale for around $70. Otherwise, it’s pretty pricey.

      If it’s too small, you could check out this Fossil bag (about 10″ by 9″).

      Also, Maxton has some messenger bags (flaps, not zip ups) that are small-ish and reasonably priced.


  3. Thinking about getting a scarf. What length would be ideal for us and where to find them?

  4. I’ve just brought a quilted jacket from Zara can I send you a few pics so you can inform me about how well it fits. I would be very grateful.

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